The content of Shifting Timelime reflects Sami’s own evolution of consciousness, and so you may see similar themes explored through varying lens of perception, depending on the circumstances and level of activated awareness at that particular time. All stages of the process are relevant and interesting to explore, and you may find you relate to some of these phases on your own journey.

The most prominent theme of evolution is toward increasing self-responsibility, in order to activate more conscious capacity to drive our own destiny through healthier application of free will. This means constantly revisiting and integrating layers of the shadow as we cycle through dark night of the soul initiations and their corresponding ego deaths.

This is continuous process of spiralling to higher consciousness, equipped with deeper embodied wisdom attained through gnosis, which means we have been able to alchemise knowledge into wisdom through our own direct experience, traversing through the spectrum of duality to harmonise the energetics that had kept us in states of internal imbalance and polarisation.

This way we invite the soul back into the body so we become instruments of the divine will, as expressed through our unique soul blueprint.


Graduating Through Soul Lessons

Certain karmic contracts are now reaching completion as we transition into neutral by resolving the inner conflicts governed by polarity identification. This means embodying the knowing that we have always held the key to our own salvation and that external reality serves as

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Rearranging Our Quantum Field

Every being is equal in the eyes of God, because we are all expressions of the one source, just at different phases in the evolutionary journey. Therefore we are all where we need to be now for our highest growth. As we come

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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows where attention goes. Physical reality is an expression of the energetic signature beneath. If we are succumbing to the belief that our fate is already sealed and that we are destined for dystopia, then we are in effect energising that future

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Divine Intervention

The history of suffering on this planet can trigger fear and doubt on the path. This is understandable given the immense trials humanity has endured, particularly during this dark age. How did this infiltration occur and why was there no direct divine intervention.

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Surrendering the Personal Will

The personal will seeks to satisfy the egos need for validation, which largely stems from unresolved internal conflicts seeking resolution on the outside. Surrendering the personal will entails establishing greater trust in our innate intuitive intelligence. We all have a deeper calling to

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Self-organising Soul Collectives

The formation of new soul collectives will be self-organising as a byproduct of the self transformation of its individuals. When we bypass the internal process and seek premature community living based on shared ideals alone, the environment becomes a dumping ground for the

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Ascent and Descent

There can be no ascent without a corresponding descent. It’s often in the moments where we are experiencing a breakthrough into deeper presence and connection that a darkness seems to permeate the mind, injecting seeds of doubt. It can feel like a sudden

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I command that all shadow reveal itself to the light of consciousness for transmutation and healing. I honour these parts of myself with non-judgement, ready to release all that does not serve truth and my highest evolutionary potential along the organic ascension pathway.

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Awakening is a Personal Process

Awakening is a personal process that manifests differently according to each individuals unique learning requirements and level of soul embodiment. Trying to establish a uniform perception of the world, without respecting the individual process, will only feed the hive mind and there will

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Organic Metamorphosis

It is a long road back to individuation through soul integration, and many of us still carry lifetimes of trauma that we are suppressing in fear of confrontation with the pain. But no pain will go away until it is dealt with. It

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Respecting Evolutionary Differences

We are witnessing an unprecedented incongruence between perceptions of reality, and when these non-resonant fields overlap, tension can ensue. It’s like a rope being tugged in opposing directions, each side trying to force the other to their side of the fence. Force only

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Finding Power in The Pain

When we enable ourselves to feel into the depths of pain, both our personal pain and that of the collective, we experience reality as it is, rather than putting up an emotional wall and repressing any discomfort as a means to numb ourselves.

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