This website is a transformational tool to assist in Shifting Timeline from one governed externally through a conditioned ego, and one activated through unlocking our inherent power as spiritual beings through the elevation of consciousness and embodiment of a higher vibrational reality into physical reality to shift external conditions to one aligned with divine will. The four stages are intended to help you journey through this process through the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual layers that work interdependently to bring greater internal equilibrium and which facilitate the individual evolutionary process. They can be viewed independently, though to avoid the pitfalls of spiritual bypassing, it is recommended to work through sequentially. The complexity of each section increases as you go along and familiarising with the terminology early on will make for an easier navigation experience. Key words/terms can be searched using the search bar. Please only take what you feel provides useful application and aligns with your personal experience. You may find some of the material becomes relevant at a later time.


Many people believe they have a correct perception of the world around them, though this perception has been conditioned from an early age. It starts with authority figures such as parents and teachers and is reinforced through the governance of the establishment and their tentacles. If individuals are not encouraged to think for themselves, they will grow up reliant upon external sources to gain their information, which dictates their perception and subsequently their behaviours.


Through reevaluation of previously held beliefs and confrontation with the shadow, we initiate a transformational ‘dark night of the soul’ transition, entailing lifestyle changes that activate our personal potential and expand our awareness beyond the restrictive material paradigm, that has limited human potential through a lack of understanding of consciousness as the building block of matter and governing force of reality.


Our awareness is primarily restricted to the brain, governed by the intellect and shut off from the intelligence of the body. The body is the vessel through which frequencies are channelled, registered as electrical energy by the nervous system. As we raise our vibratory state through regulation of the chakras and integration of the masculine/feminine polarities, we come into greater internal alignment, granting more ability to take charge over our external reality.



Our evolutionary fate will be determined by how we utilise our free will and whether we are serving divine will through the organic evolution of consciousness, or externalising our power through submitting to a technological singularity governed by artificial intelligence. As these choice polarities intensify, this could lead to a schism, or ‘splitting of timelines’ where individuals organise according to their resonance, constituting different vibrational landscapes on earth.


The Choice is Ours

The choice polarities are intensifying. At an increasing rate we are seeing a reflection of our choices in manifest reality. From one vantage point, when

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Birthing a New Reality

On the physical plane we are moving into an unprecedented medical apartheid as we witness the partition between those of diverging perceptions. Those fixed on

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Adapting To Change

We can gain vital clues about the controllers intentions by analysing the mainstream news stories which are being pushed to prime the population through perception

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Individual Choice

Many will be feeling the increasing disconnect to those still caught in the hypnosis of matrix programming. It may feel as though we aren’t participating

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Internal Inquiry

Part of the enslavement agenda is to disconnect humans from their spirituality by keeping them preoccupied externally. This is achieved through mind control and distraction.

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