A Message of Hope

It’s a challenging time to be alive. Many of us who see beyond the veil of illusion that shrouds this world can feel the heaviness weighing on them. This can feel like a burden to carry, especially when unable to communciate feelings openly without being misunderstood and judged. This can incite feelings of loneliness, even in such a vast world with so many other souls.

Remember my kindred spirits your insights are a gift. The ability to see clearly where others are blinded and reclaim your mind from those who seek to imprison it unlocks a gateway to new potential that transcends the struggles that plague the world.

There will be moments when none of this seems to make sense and we feel lost and trapped watching the world descend into deeper madness. It’s at these times when we need to remember that there is a greater force guiding us if we surrender and allow it to permeate our being.

This requires trust, even in the most testing of times, accepting that we don’t always have the answers and that’s okay. Those who have experienced those moments of magic and synchronicity will have felt this presence in their lives, even if just in those fleeting moments. You are always loved and protected.

You are not alone. More and more souls are making the transition and undergoing the hero’s journey, awakening from their slumber and battling against the fear to venture on the treacherous journey with all it’s seemingly unattainable obstacles. But we have to heed that call to adventure and cross the threshold of doubt.

When we act on this bravery, we will be provided with the experiences we need to continue to evolve down that path, and support will arrive at the most unexpected times, even when it feels all hope is lost. This is the reminder that we are part of a grander plan and we aren’t little and helpless as we’d like to believe.

Our power has to be unlocked in stages, when we are ready. This is the soul’s initiatory process which cannot be bypassed. We will experience those who seek to derail and devalue us but they too will provide fuel to the fire and strength to our resolve.

There will also be companions that help guide the way and provide tools we need. You will know who these are when they appear in your life. They may not last forever, but cherish them, even if only a few. They are true soul connections who understand you on a level no others can and you have important things to learn from one another.

Part of every journey is the descent into the underworld – the battle against the darkness both outside and within. This will manifest in different ways, as outside world events that seem to make us feel so small and helpless, and confrontation with the shadow of our own psyche that can at times feel too painful to bear. These too are our teachers. They seek integration. From this we can transcend.

The journey is a spiral consisting of many deaths and rebirths, each bringing renewal and clarity before shedding away more layers and starting a new cycle. These have to occur for our continued evolution and the 3rd dimension provides the grounds to learn some hard but valuable lessons and discover the treasure one is seeking.

Don’t lose hope and get swallowed into a black hole. This is just one phase of a continuous journey and so no matter what presents itself to you, remember there is always a force that will help guide you, something that can be learned, a way out, and an opportunity to evolve.

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