A Message to The Wayshowers

The world is a self-fulfilling prophecy architected by our collective consciousness, which is an accumulation of each individuals unconscious psyche reflected. At this stage in the evolutionary process, due to our insufficiency in integrating this shadow, humanity is seeing it play out externally at a vibration that corresponds with the unresolved trauma.

This is why the Earth is in a period of darkness and why controlling forces thrive and are able to latch onto our blind spots to manipulate consciousness and free will to rule and reinforce our own fears. Only by bringing this hidden unconscious reality to the light of our awareness can the process of transmutation occur.

This is both an individual and collective process. We have to acknowledge what lingers both in our own unconscious, which contains memory of our souls journey and incarnations, and in the collective unconscious, which contains the history of our species. Our pain is our teacher and healer. This is the paradoxical nature of reality. It is within the darkness itself that we find the light.

Because it often takes suffering to shake people up, humanity is allowing itself to sink further into turmoil. What we’re now experiencing is an awakening and tyranny coinciding, cosmically entangled. As we continue to see the pain of our psyche being reflected back to us, we are given the opportunity to reconnect back to our nature and remember who we are. Every individual has that choice.

This is a gradual process and the timing of these awakenings will vary depending on each individuals personal make up, which consists of various factors such as their soul age, ancestral history/genetics and environmental conditioning. For those whose eyes have already opened, we have to trust that the wheels are set in motion.

When every individual is ready they will seek the answers and we can assist by being the wayshowers. We can also focus on building vibrational communities and strengthening our field. These communities can be of a quantum nature and don’t need to be in the same physical space. These connections will naturally anchor more light onto the Earth, which helps to heal the planet whilst triggering new waves of individuals who are ready to make the transition.

But there will be more turmoil and confusion first. There is no other way. The alternative is that people willingly continue to live in ignorance, entranced by materialism and ego and remaining in servitude to a system they feel is meeting their needs. They would likely never stop to question the deeper nature of reality and recognise that underlying the ego is an almighty spirit that can direct its own fate and experience a life where stress and suffering isn’t a necessity for survival, a life where synchronicity manifests divine connections, where creativity thrives and love rules. Naturally then all our needs would be met.

What we do have control over is our state of being. How to stay in good health. How to forge strong relationships. How to raise awareness without letting our triggers cloud our judgement. The way we choose to respond to situations. The way we treat others. These are testing times but don’t let the weight of the world pull you down. If you feel anger or fear sometimes, that’s okay. Facing these emotions is what enables us to grow. Just don’t let it consume you. It will pass.

Above all, remember you are a divine being with an important mission and people will need your strength. If you read and can relate to this message, then likely your soul chose to be here because you knew you were resilient enough to assist humanity in its transition. The journey will go on.

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