A Multidimensional Perspective

Let’s zoom out for a minute and observe unfolding reality from a less compartmentalised perspective. Humanity is currently transitioning through a collective dark night of the soul phase, in which it is being faced with some uncomfortable truths about the nature of existence and the dark polarity that currently reigns the Earthly domain. At some point humanity fell into polarity consciousness in which it was going to have to go through cycle(s) of free will to attain re-integration. 

This split, from the vantage point of the infinite creator, could be seen as part of the grand divine experiment to learn more about itself. The multidimensional expressions of free will could not be predicted, but allowed to play out unchecked so not to violate the imbued gift to determine the reality we experience through our own creation. Inevitably an aspect of itself would split off and assume the role of God in its own right, exploiting esoteric principles to subdue those at a lower density so that they serve the false God(s). 

Many would fall under the spell of perverted religious conditioning that demanded allegiance and covenant through ritual sacrifice, like we have witnessed throughout the ages with human and animal sacrifice and blood rituals such as circumcision as an Abrahamic covenant, in submission to Yahweh.

This notion of sacrifice and suffering has been deeply instilled into the collective consciousness through years of manipulation and incarnations into bloodthirsty empires who pit its populations off against each other, sending them into endless wars to strengthen their own kingdoms, using feudalism as a way to tax people for their existence, so they are stuck in perpetual slave labour and left with little energy to exercise their spiritual capacity for personal and co-creative evolution. This has taken various forms throughout history, and still exists today, just under a more clever disguise. 

Any genuine resistance to religious indoctrination and servitude would be strictly outlawed and classed as heresy, to justify their condemnation and removal. This ‘witch hunt’ stifled spirituality from the Earth, as intensified and peddled by the Roman Catholic Church, who’s denial of Christ (in whatever form resonates with you), testified to this. 

Consequently, humanity forgot its roots, and was led into subservience of the intellect. Philosophers were replaced by scientists, hailed as the modern day shamans and pioneers of the future, bound by the rigid laws of physics, confined within religious dogma and in denial of anything ‘unproven, yet dismissing any anecdotal phenomena and removing ancient history from the written records, whilst proceeding to wipe out the indigenous cultures who retained the keys to our past and multidimensional nature. 

Make no mistake it, this was all part of one master plan, driven by a disconnected force seeking to usher humanity into an AI singularity, of which the technology has long existed but had to be rolled out gradually so that the plan could be properly executed.

And this is where we find ourselves today, at the apex of this cycle. As third dimensional beings with the first inklings of self-awareness and free will, we have the choice which direction to align with. Many souls are awakening to the reality that something is amiss and activating their critical capabilities that were brainwashed out of them through educational programming. This igniting of consciousness is a process that can’t be stopped, though both polarities will intensify as the archetypal war on consciousness reaches a head. 

This is both a battle within and without, though both states are inextricably intertwined from a quantum perspective. All our choices, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant, reverberate through the multidimensional field in infinite butterfly effects that all influence one another, determining our experience of reality. 

On a personal level, many individuals have been initiated through their own dark night of the soul process already, facing their own shadow aspects and the potential to descend into them. This facilitates the healing process if we choose to face our own darkness and trauma with radical self-honesty, so the components can be integrated, allowing us to move into greater internal harmony and congruence with our higher nature, from which we can then influence the external, to the extent which we have mastered the process.

There are few individuals in the past who were able to traverse the evolutionary scale to the point of attaining enlightenment, with the power to amass such a huge following to birth religions alone, though these have been lost in translation and the essence can only be retrieved by those who can see beneath the deceptions. This is what these great seers of humanity tried to teach us. They desired not to be worshipped or followed, but to activate our own power to move along the evolutionary path. 

Whilst we can draw knowledge and inspiration from the great teachers of the past, ultimately it is an individual process, at least at this stage in our development, and the third dimension provides the best opportunity for this as we reignite our individual power through gnosis. There are many paths to this, and many deceptions/‘traps of consciousness’ along the way. 

We can be led into false light masquerading as benevolence, sucked down skewed rabbit holes of research and addicted to knowledge, yet if we maintain trust in the divine and never stop on our investigative quest toward deeper understanding, we can overcome these. This is all part fo the awakening process. There is not one, but many awakenings as reality moves in spirals, bringing us back to previous held understandings, that once felt like an ultimate truth, but hold a different meaning in light of new insight. That does not make them wrong, but a necessary transitory phase. 

The collective is undergoing this same awakening, and right now it learns of corrupted forces, in much greater number, through the lens of a global establishment who have wielded their influence to suppress humanity into its subservience through a centralised technocracy. This is an important stage to go through, despite the pain, confusion and anger it brings to the surface. 

Though there may be errors in judgement, no one should be denied this part of the process, and may appear to attach to politics and saviour figures for solutions. Should we continue to journey to deeper understandings together, we can learn how to self-regulate without the interference of any institutions or government, but we aren’t there just yet. Even still, more lessons await. 

Evolution is continuous. Should we activate the spark of our forgotten spiritual nature, we still risk being lured into a false light with its own agenda, who manipulate spiritual principles that appeal to us on a foundational level, but lead us astray through twisted teachings, ultimately still to serve external power.  

The New Age movement has developed huge momentum, responding to a resurgence in spiritual values, yet many of its leaders have ties to darker agendas, whilst others exploit their knowledge to siphon others energy and resources, lacking true integrity and authentic connection. When humanity is ready, they will have to learn how to access their power wisely, in service to others, to align with the true evolutionary path and not follow others version of reality. 

What we are experiencing now may seem bleak and helpless, but there will be salvation. First we must find this within ourselves by acknowledging that we are sparks of the divine whose light is always there to be accessed and shone to light up ourselves and others.

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