Activating Self Responsibility

We live in a free will zone where despite interference and manipulation, we alone bear the responsibility to reclaim consciousness. The initial work has to be undertaken by the individual through commitment to reversing the conditioning that has had us following external programs and feeding an inverted landscape that stifles spirit in exchange for automated behaviour. No one can do this for us. Others can plant the seeds of awareness but we must choose to fertilise them through the acquisition of truth discerned from a place of critical thinking, and through self-work to clear blockages and open the channel to allow higher wisdom to flow through.

We have to be willing to step through the fire of purification with a willingness to face our shadow. It is only through confrontation with our pain that we can become more integrated. Nothing can be dealt with unless it is first bought to consciousness, but this is a process we must respect and be patient with. Each of us has a very different process to work through depending on our unique disposition such as soul age, ancestral karma, and trauma in this lifetime, normally stemming from childhood. As Carl Jung said, ‘no tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell’.

Dissolving unhealthy ego isn’t a single encounter. We experience multiple ego deaths on the path of awakening to greater self-awareness. Successively, we learn the ways in which we were projecting personas into the world to mask unresolved pain that has to be felt somatically through the body from a place of greater embodiment. The ego operates from the rulership of the mind, disconnected from being and so trauma remains internalised, trapped in the body. Whatever we repress into the unconscious will manifest as our experience of reality and the people we attract who act as a mirror to reflect what we need to attend to.

If we try to deny or hide from our pain, then parasitic forces will feed off this by playing on our ego and by keeping us in a state of learned helplessness, hopelessly dependent on a system that only seeks to serve its own interest. By demonstrating our incapacity to govern ourselves, something will step in to fill the role, and anyone/anything that wishes to command control over another’s reality will be doing so purely for self-interest. Benevolence respects free will and will help elevate others up, not take advantage of their weak spots to leverage their power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

As we learn to commune with our authentic nature, the ego becomes a subordinate tool in subservience to our higher self and we attract conditions that are in greater congruence with our higher nature. Again this isn’t an overnight process, and the journey of expansion involves shedding away many layers as we traverse through a dark night of the soul on the road to empowerment. This can feel lonely at times, as if the whole world is moving in one direction and we in another, but this is an important transition which can’t be bypassed.

We are never truly alone. God/The Divine wants us to succeed. Divine intervention will aid us if we can align with it through resonance. Those who sincerely ask for guidance with pure intention and an open heart will have their call answered, either through their own higher aspect, or through benevolent forces aiding humanity during this time and assisting with our personal evolution. This guidance can be received in a variety of ways that we may attribute to chance or good luck, but when we follow the trail of fortune, we will see that it was all divinely orchestrated through synchronicity, helping to move us along the correct course with as minimal interference as possible.

In these states, we are aligned with our highest evolutionary potential. Others who are tuned into source will also be powering up, acting like individual nodes in the collective grid, positioned in various places across the globe. This generates more consciousness in the quantum field and sets the foundation for the great shift that is occurring. Whilst things may certainly appear to be falling apart, they are also falling into place. It all depends on where we place our focus. No meaningful change can occur without dissolving the old ways that were no longer serving us. Though this destruction appears to be orchestrated from malevolent forces in a global power grab, they are inadvertently providing an opportunity for us to take the power back.

The outcome for the planet will be determined by the choices of individuals that make up of the collective, about whether they wish to serve their organic nature, or the synthetic machine mimicking natural life in a virtual landscape that strips the spirit. This agenda has been in the works for millennia and its predictive programming has primed us through various channels of popular culture so that we psychologically consent when the next stages of the plan are rolled out. So long as we are living in a state of unconsciousness, these programs will generate into our belief systems which formulate our perception of the world. This collective perception creates our experience of physical reality which is architected by the collective consciousness.

Technologies are purposefully rolled out gradually so that we are desensitised and can intellectually adapt to them, but they have existed long before. Humanity is just reaching the end of this cycle. Time is speeding up and so technological advancements are increasing rapidly. What presents the greatest threat to human freedom is also the greatest opportunity. Consciousness is expanding to encompass a more multidimensional potential, beyond the confines of the physical density.

When we reclaim our internal connection to spirit, we no longer allow our free will to be manipulated to serve external agendas because we recognise our capacity to become conscious creators of our reality. So long as we remain unconscious, our energy will be siphoned to feed the AI machinery which requires our resources for its power because it has split off from source.

This is the great choice point but a global shift would require enough collective energy to generate sufficient momentum to move down a viable alternate timeline. For the foreseeable future, there may likely be contradictory pathways emerging as people divide into camps that reflect which direction they have chosen to pursue. This would necessitate a splitting of reality based on vibrational resonance, as the different sects of population can no longer share the same space due to conflicting ways of life and belief systems.

As this process unfolds, people will increasingly gravitate towards those who are in alignment with their frequency and this is where the formation of conscious communities will be important going forward, connected through resonance and not built on the foundations of the ego which feed group think through unresolved trauma and fear based living which requires governance from an external authority and utilises technology as a substitution for its own consciousness.

Eventually everything will correct itself and return back to source, and this is subject to many variables that can’t be predicted. If we can manoeuvre our reality to be best positioned during the turbulent changes on Earth, then we are the beacon to help guide others back when it is their time.


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