Activation of The Masculine Principle

I’m seeing lots of positive involvement from women who are standing proudly in their femininity and that indicates to me the resurgence of these suppressed and dormant energies. The masculine polarity has governed humanity in its unhealthy extreme for too long now. Both men and women have participated in this resulting in a disconnection from the feminine essence. 

However, its not a question of swinging from one extreme to another, but integrating the healthy aspects of both energies to attain balance. We need to reestablish this connection within our own being too, which involves filtering our awareness through the body to establish a holistic connection from where we can experience a stronger connection to our environment. 

When we are governed by the intellect, our awareness is restricted to the masculine pole in the head. This disconnection from our body/being (the feminine) has reflected outward in the systems and structures that also function with top down control, as represented in the hierarchy that people class as the patriarchy. 

Moving toward societal equality through the redistribution of power, however, should not neglect masculine faculties that stimulate a healthy drive to innovate and succeed. It’s more a case of incorporating the wider needs of the collective, so that our actions are more ethically and integrity driven and not based on selfish interests.

Demanding equal rights from a place of retribution for perceived past wrongdoings allows for emotional exploitation (the unhealthy feminine) which simply sees the replacement of one system for another (capitalism to communism). Both these ideologies reflect unhealthy masculine/feminine distortions. 

The premise that human beings should be entitled to exactly the same, irrespective of individual differences, ushers the collective toward globalism built under the guise of progressivism and its liberal tentacles, yet this centralised system still adheres to oversight from global governance that dictates its freedoms and benefits from a weakened society with little to no valuable prospects, giving artificial intelligence the platform to become the dominant force.

We need to be cognizant about what causes we are fighting for and not allow past suppression to trigger unhealthy emotional responses so that we jump on the bandwagon of these emerging movements that claim to celebrate diversity and equality but blur the lines between the biological genders that can each bring strengths to the table through harmony.

As individuals we can learn to integrate the masculine/feminine traits within ourselves, but must not disregard our biology, which brings a unification of its own that can unlock transcendent states of consciousness through healthy sexual union built on high vibrational romantic love (which takes work), and a collaborative partnership in society to master the best of both worlds.

Men need to balls up and step up to their role as protector and provider, not in a strictly material or a superficial sense, but in respect to protecting human rights through challenging corruption, activating the inner warrior to ensure that peace can be gradually restored, whilst culprits are held to account through raising appropriate awareness. In other words, we need to speak our truth fearlessly, and not cower under the fear that we may be disliked or judged. 

On every hero journey, a man will face testing obstacles but have to continue the good fight in the name of doing what is right, wearing their scars with pride. This also means fighting an inner battle, bringing our own character under scrutiny and identifying our own blind spots that lead to egoistic behaviour that seeks to control, dominate and exploit others (toxic masculine), getting embroiled in superficial competition to attain a distorted ‘alpha male’ status. 

Women you can also partake in this active role, though you may feel more drained and need to recharge for longer periods. The masculine force is more penetrative/active, represented as a fire symbol.

Women it’s time to unlock those latent capabilities that have been suppressed for too long now. Your warmth and emotional awareness is a force of immense power in a world that needs to restore its humanity and your intuitive insights and creative spark is magic in a mechanical society imprisoned by the laws of physics and disconnected from a spirituality that can be accessed and embodied when these powers are harnessed effectively. 

Men you have these abilities too, though they may take more development to access. For women, this is more innate. The feminine energy is more receptive/passive. It can channel energies and has more fluidity. This is represented as a water symbol. 

When we overlap these two energies, and appreciate the strengths of both, they have a way to work seamlessly with one another. It fosters healthier relationships, a greater self-awareness through recognition of the interplay of the two forces within ourselves, and it births a new paradigm that honours the sacred in both, eliminating forces that rely on separation and conflict to keep humanity suppressed from its true potential.

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