Adapting To Change

We can gain vital clues about the controllers intentions by analysing the mainstream news stories which are being pushed to prime the population through perception control and subliminal programming. Many people are absorbing this information subconsciously which is why they have a short memory when it comes to all the constant contradictions, such as the assurance there would be no requirement for health passports to gain access to services, which are now being welcomed for continued participation in a completely dysfunctional and inverted society that capitalises on fear and insecurities to keep people reliant upon the state for a sense of security and stability, even if that means disclosing private medical information and forfeiting other personal freedoms and independence.

The predictive programming works best on those who lack the self-awareness to take command of their personal reality, believing their fate is governed by something on the outside. The minority who still have a mind of their own are consequently facing increasing scrutiny from the mob who see non-conformists as a threat to their illusion of safety, projecting virtues of collective social responsibility to mask their internal disconnection. This seems to justify labelling ordinary members of society as dangerous extremists, courtesy of the technocrats pernicious labelling and censorship tactics.

As agenda 21/30 continues to play out we will see those entrenched in fear and confusion clinging desperately to a broken system, leading them into declining health and deeper oppression, whilst playing the role of Agent Smiths to uphold the Matrix, which will instigate more false flag events to keep the global population in a state of hopeless dependence, wilfully tracked, tagged and monitored in every way possible.

The path of least resistance is no longer the safest. Whilst the hive mind is distracted by the technological mind control, this is the window of opportunity to grasp life and make preparations. These times call for adaptability. Things are moving very quickly and we want to ride the waves of change before they submerge us. We have all the tools we need but action is required.

This may entail taking appropriate risks to change aspects of our lives that are keeping us in a state of stagnancy and stifling our evolutionary growth, which often requires destabilisation periods to correct course and settle along the most beneficial trajectory. On the surface this may appear negative and induce anxiety, but change entails confrontation with challenges as an initiation to move into an expanded state of awareness.

Our external experience is mirroring our internal state and if our environment or lifestyle is creating consistent discomfort then this is a signal to take the appropriate action to change. We may feel a growing disconnect in some of our relationships as the timelines split, or an urge to change environment or occupation to align more with our authenticity. The matrix will be sowing strong seeds of doubt and so these times call for greater connection and trust in a higher power that will guide us through synchronicity to navigate the turbulence.

By strengthening our inner connection, we will feel more confident to take bold action to untether disempowering attachments. As always, introspection, reflection and shadow work should be integrated into our lifestyle, as well as learning to relate to the natural world free from technological reliance, through learning practical skills and building healthy and reliable connections to share knowledge, skills and resources, and to build camaraderie. Attending protests shows our support and solidarity for the cause and is a good way to meet new people. This boosts collective resonance and group morale.

Sharing knowledge on platforms is also useful to help initiate a ripple effect. The more people that wake up the more collective energy we have to counter the dark forces that requires our soul energy for its survival. Power comes in numbers but first we must reestablish connection to the authentic self beneath the layers of conditioned ego that seeks external gratification and validation to form its identity.

We all have our own soul calling ready to be activated if we make that choice, but we have to be willing to step through the fires of purification and let go of what is no longer serving us. As we find more inner peace we open the channel to embody our highest potential and the fear starts to dissipate.

Don’t envisage a future of chaos and civil disorder. Picture a future of greater connection and more love. Allow that vibration to permeate your being so that you give it more permission to manifest, at least along your timeline, whilst being aware of other timelines through compassionate observation.


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