I command that all shadow reveal itself to the light of consciousness for transmutation and healing. I honour these parts of myself with non-judgement, ready to release all that does not serve truth and my highest evolutionary potential along the organic ascension pathway. I forgive my parents and those whose choices left the inner child feeling unloved, rejected and abandoned. I let go of anger, resentment, jealousy, and any shadow projection and judgement deriving from this pain.

Violet Flame
I restore energetic integrity to the genitals and other body parts used for the purpose of energy harvesting and for any other purpose outside of love. I honour my sexual energy as a sacred expression of love and connection. I command that all accumulated sexual debris and energy imprints that are not congruent with my souls blueprint to leave my vessel and that any satanic Moloch bindings hooked into the sacral are relinquished.
I call fragmented parts of the soul back into unity within my spiritual avatar. I render any contracts with demonic entities null and void and retrieve all creative life force siphoned without consent. I command all frequencies misaligned with source to leave my light body and all entry points to be sealed.
I bring energetic synthesis to polarity consciousness through inner union of the masculine/feminine principle. I invite the holy mother and father to parent the inner child for alchemical union and transcendence beyond victim-victimiser programming. I clear ancestral wounds and all guilt/shame imprints acquired through genetics, social engineering and the collective unconscious.

I bring the base self into synthesis through lower chakra merging and invite my lifeforce to vitalise and open my heart to receive divine blessings and embody empathy and compassion for the suffering of others. I hold emotional neutrality in zero point stillness, as a compassionate witness with respect to where others are in their evolutionary process.
I forfeit any hero/saviour complex through temptation or obligation to fix others karma. I let my transformation act as an inspiration for those ready to heed the call and return back to god. I offer service to those that wish for facilitation through this process without attachment or dependency.

I am an instrument for divine will to promote peace and harmony through the restoration of spiritual values in alignment with natural law during this time of transition. I take accountability for how my choices affect the wider balance of creation, knowing we are all entangled as unique threads of universal consciousness. I know that when I hurt another, I hurt myself and recognise the law of cause and effect (karma) as a self-corrective teaching function.
I take ownership of my mistakes with recognition of the lessons learned and forgive myself for past transgressions made in ignorance and under the governance of false identities serving the inverted reality matrix. In light of new awareness, I invite in the Law of Grace through intention to serve truth and embody deeper love and compassion. I intend to serve others under the guidance of divine will only and not karmic contracts as expressed through the ego self.
I welcome in the energies of a new earth built on these principles, and where all humans and lifeforms are free of fear, pain and suffering. I recognise my responsibility as a steward of this planet, to tend to the earth as my garden and to protect all innocence and vulnerability. I support rehabilitation and safe transit of souls lost in the phantom worlds and command that any aspect of creation attempting to play god be dissolved and reintegrated back into the ether.

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