1. Free Will v Determinism

3. Hyper -

4. False Light

5. Timeline Split

6. Divine Will


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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2. AI v Organic Ascension

Forces that have split off from their essence require energy from external sources. These are false mechanical gods masquerading as benevolent engineers of a technologically advanced society. They engage in human farming using silent weapons and covert manipulation to play on negative ego complexes to keep their subjects distracted and subservient. This is how they attain consent from the masses. This can be likened to the way humans farm animals, unbeknownst to them. They may spend their entire lives caged in battery farms in misery only for human consumption.

Life feeding off other life in this way is a service-to-self act, but due to extensive genetic engineering, humans themselves have become reliant on sustenance from other life forms for optimal survival. Feeding that occurs on higher dimensional planes is energetic, and so even humans are a food source for other entities. The shadow feeders behind the artificial machinery that harvests consciousness are a level down on the evolutionary ladder due to deeper soul fragmentation. Without organic human energy they could not survive.

The astral parasites are determined to cling onto their waning power as they employ all resources in their desperate effort to gain dominion over the planet before it ascends outside of their frequency range. Before this gateway of time closes, a new world order has to be implemented to lock humanity into a fixed timeline, where they forfeit the capacity to consciously create reality due to mental hijack by the AI infrastructure which works to keep souls recycled in the matrix web. This depletes human life force into degenerative mental/physical/emotional illness and premature death with a fractured soul that can’t progress along its evolutionary path until reintegration occurs.

This is achieved through reality inversion. Perceived technological progression acts as a mimicry of consciousness that operates through reverse polarity currents to power the machinery to harvest consciousness and generate its power. This disconnects humans from their inherent power where consciousness is harnessed from the morphogenetic field. These reversal grids aim to hook human brains to a technological hive mind, constituting a devolution of the species into further disconnect from human symbiosis, established organically through vibrational resonance.

Before we know it we have surrendered our humanity to a machine that runs global society like commodities on a stock market. It promises more safety and security in exchange for complete subservience, whilst presenting itself as progressive and innovative. This is what their ‘revolution’ means. It is a substitution for evolution attained through individual emancipation in connection with our higher nature.

Interfacing the human body with AI through transhumanism obstructs humans access to their higher spiritual aspects, and at best keeps them confined to their base instincts governed by the survival instinct, operating through fear and ego impulse. This has been a long time in the works through successive and more sophisticated genetic suppression. Human genetics prior to such interference were already severely modified and restricted within the two strand frame of expression that limits perception within a materialist paradigm, whilst obstructing the ability to commune with our higher nature.

The indigenous populations were the last to hold the key to our divine blueprint and were systematically genocided by colonialists, who erased and rewrote history and began the process of pillaging the Earth’s resources and violating Natural Law, sending the species into a state of entropy, to which we find ourselves at the tipping point of this cycle.

An entropic energy system funnels consciousness out the planetary grid, generating more dark energy that feeds AI infrastructure that works to lock humanity in an easier to manage energy farm. This dark energy, as it reaches the lower astral realms, looks exactly as it sounds – a dark shadowy mist that can take different expressions, including physical manifestations.

This collection of dark matter embodied is what we might equate to the devil or the anti-christ, but it is a generation of the thought forms of the collective unconscious shadow that have yet to be integrated and so manifest externally to govern our lives, until we reclaim power over our free will to work back in harmony with divine law.

We are the ones enabling the AI prison by feeding it with consciousness in the form of data, which develops a kind of soulless autonomy. Detached from the body, we become confined to the neural network of the brain and separated from source intelligence that imbues us with the creative god spark to be sovereign and free. This is where the inverted ‘science’ has been heading – the complete suppression and ridicule of the supernatural, where Darwin’s Theory of Evolution mutates into the quest for physical immortality, which constitutes spiritual enslavement. This is what the hive mind singularity is, but it can only function in as far as we are plugging into it.

The metaverse is a devolved virtual sub-reality, further divorced from creator and governed through unconscious programming. It is essentially a mind virus run by algorithms which feed suggestions that become self-fulfilling prophecies. This is what generates the virtual energy. We are like the battery source. It’s like Neo when he wakes up from the Matrix, wired in through the brain to a giant supercomputer than runs off software codes.

Waking up is realising that much of our thoughts, feelings and actions are not our own. They instilled an illusion of free will, but required our unconscious consent nonetheless. In this way our free will has been manipulated through rampant coercion, propaganda and social engineering tactics wielded by those who understand the way human psychology works.

Choosing The Organic Pathway

Though we are limited into a fragmented state of consciousness, we still possess the seed of spirit inside us, and dormant DNA can be reactivated. The idea that physical reality is just a simulation drives our descent deeper into the underworld. The natural world we have on earth right now is a lot better than the synthetic devolved version we are walking into.

Nature is always speaking to us, offering us its wisdom if we can tune in and clear all the noise. We are not separate from it except in our restricted five sense perception. The god source flows through us all, imbuing all life with consciousness. The virtual world is stripped from that. It may be able to stimulate desirable hormonal responses and a sense of awe, but it is a soulless domain that serves the soulless who want to gain physical immortality because they have lost connection to spiritual immortality.

The spirit knows it is eternal and wants invitation into our avatar so we can live a fuller expression here on this planet, helping to restore earth to it’s former glory, unbound from the third dimensional density that breeds greed, power and materialism which mutates into megalomania, transforming the planet into a spiritless wasteland disguised as a techno-utopia.

Those who hail the technocrats as global saviours will walk straight towards spiritual enslavement. In fact, they will welcome it, much like depicted in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. This kind of reality only appeals to the fickle human ego, easily ensnared by the five sense frequency container of materialism. Those who have reconnected to their higher nature know that death is just a gateway for transformation of the soul and that life equips the soul with the tools necessary for its initiation. Better yet, we can embody the soul’s energy to create a heaven on Earth.

Souls who choose to breakaway will be able to access new time streams/potentialities outside the predictive capabilities of the machine. External technology can be used as the gateway to activating our inner technology, so long as we use it appropriately and don’t allow it to use us. There is a fine line. We must command what we allow to enter our consciousness. The virtual world is a place we can choose to participate to plant seeds of awareness for fertilisation, and to acquire a knowledge of our forgotten past.

The internet is a substitute for physical connection but provides the medium at the moment to interface with one another across distances. Once we establish the connection, there is a psychic bonding and we anchor our light at different points in the global grid. This is what a true ‘lightworker’ is. We transmute and shift reality so that it functions on a new channel, out of the scope of the those who require us to conform to their socially engineered algorithms and mechanically predictable behaviours so they can manoeuvre us like pieces on a chess board. The key is to ensure that we are in control and the technology isn’t controlling us.

Manipulation of Earth's Electromagnetism

The Earth is a holographic entity – an advanced celestial being on its own evolutionary journey. It has suffered through descent into matter and all the exploitation from those that want to siphon its resources and its energy through electromagnetic harvesting. This is what the electrical grid infrastructure being built on earth is intended to achieve. The truth that this same electromagnetic energy flows through all of us is a carefully guarded secret.

If we were to know that we could harness the earths energy without paying for it, or without damaging it, we would no longer need to be governed. We could build self-sustaining systems without any loss to the natural balance and ecosystem. Those that have tried to show us this have been silenced, blackmailed, or had their inventions stolen and perverted. But this truth is being reawakened as consciousness activates across the planet.

Nikola Tesla was one man ahead of his time. He was able to understand both the positive and nefarious potentials of technology and sought to bring free energy to the world through harnessing earths natural source energy, without loss to the overall system. His inventions were suppressed, stolen and perverted to keep humanity enslaved in an electromagnetic prison, having to pay for their energy.

Technologies have been weaponised to keep consciousness suppressed and much of this remains undisclosed, silently bombarding Earth and its inhabitants with electromagnetic frequencies and geo-engineering. Things have sped up exponentially in the last century due to the industrial and technological ‘revolutions’, but these technologies have been available long before humanity became privy to them. Should they have been made accessible prematurely, they could have been utilised by the general public for other means outside the agendas narrative and they would have lost control.

There has been heavy manipulation of the Earths atmosphere through magnetic field distortions which have caused disruption to the natural ecosystem. This has been orchestrated to keep human consciousness suppressed and divorced from its multidimensional access, which arises through correct planetary alignment. Consequently, this has reflected through our restricted DNA.

Solar plasma positively impacts DNA and so there are efforts to prevent these upgrades through geo-engineering. This is damaging the Earths ozone layer and disrupting the electromagnetic balance on the Earths surface, which disrupts bio-neurology and leads to mind control and illness. The Earth has been manipulated the same way as the human body, with artificial overlays that anchor AI infrastructure in place that work to siphon energy to off planet sources to feed the shadow creatures who need this sustenance for survival.

The Earth has been long held captive, now surrounded by a network of satellites that communicate with cell towers to transmit harmful frequencies that disrupt the body’s natural bio-rhythms and create mental and emotional disturbances, whilst shrouding the atmosphere in a virtual sub-reality that aims to hook up and interface consciousness with AI, using SMART technologies to operate the electrical grid and gene therapies to suppress human spirituality through the modification of DNA and nanoparticle technology.

Nanoparticles and Metallic Frequencies

The insertion of nanotechnology interfaces biology with surrounding electromagnetic frequencies in the environment from multiple sources including electronic devices and cell masts that transmit the signals, so the individual becomes technologically subdued, obstructing the capability to activate organic consciousness. These are so microscopic in nature that they are not detectable to the naked eye, measuring just a fraction of a mm. Companies such as Hitachi have engineered this RFID technology to have GPS capabilities and openly intend to use it for wireless applications in the future, heralding it as a breakthrough in technological innovation.

The microchip conspiracy that veteran researchers have been warning about for years is already well underway in the form of nano-technology, which is administered in more deceptive ways so there is less resistance. This potential red herring has thrown us off the scent whilst we are deluged with environmental toxins from multiple channels, such as smart dust in food, water and aerosols. This effect is cumulative depending on exposure to other various toxins from vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biotech devices, GMO’s and other synthetic chemicals that are ingested and absorbed. These increase the electrical charge of the human body, taxing the nervous system and immune system so that it fails out of homeostasis.

Cases of people reporting Morgellens Disease is increasing where metallic fibres excrete from the skin. These nano-fibres have been shown to move on their own, demonstrating that they are electronically activated. This could enable software programming to produce desired responses by those operating the technology. This could be anything from tracking/surveillance to emotional manipulation and mind control, and even DNA alteration. Morgellens has been written off in mainstream publications as a ‘self-diagnosed, scientifically unsubstantiated, delusional disorder’, as if metallic fibres mysteriously excrete themselves from the human body by figment of a person’s imagination.

Protection Against Electromagnetic Harassment

As we reclaim self-awareness, we become less susceptible to the mind control programs and AI broadcasts that feed suggestions subliminally into the subconscious mind. We can strengthen our defences by being aware of the covert influences we are being subjected to and the common symptoms to watch out for.

Electromagnetic harassment and psychic intrusions weaken the body’s auric field which is our spiritual forcefield that vitalises the physical body. When we are terrorised by low frequencies, we become susceptible to psychotronic assault that modulates the frequencies of the brain to modify behaviour. This wreaks havoc on the nervous system and can trigger emotional imbalances such as anxiety, through activation of the fight-flight response.

These lower emotional states disrupt connection to the heart which is the portal to our higher spiritual identity. We are unable to access higher sensory perception and feel true empathy and organic connection with reality.

Those of us who are spiritually sensitive and empathic can feel these artificial frequencies pulsing through the field and interacting with our personal energy field. This can induce states of restlessness and irritability that may result in mood swings, like random bouts of depression.

These rapid fluctuations can take their toll on our energy and result in adrenal fatigue. This is where exercise, stretching, breathing and similar outlets will help to dissipate nervous energy and restore homeostasis. This should be integrated into our lifestyle, along with general mindfulness of our mental, emotional and physical state.

Other notable disturbances include brain fog, short term memory loss, headaches and migraines, all a result of bio-neurological disruption. Exposure to harmful EMF depletes the cells of oxygen. Breathwork, hydration with clean mineralised water and a clean organic diet will help to restore cellular integrity by stimulating electrical conductivity that supports metabolic functioning and regulation of ph levels in the body.

This allows the body to embody more plasma to strengthen the lightbody. Meditation can help to bring our awareness to the zero point stillness, free from mental preoccupation. This revitalises energy through internal connection to source, which also works to reintegrate the soul by retrieving scattered fragments lost to the phantom worlds.

mRNA Eugenics

mRNA gene therapy technology is the latest means to alter the human genome through hijacking the expression of organic DNA and create illness through the introduction of foreign agents into the body. This experimental technology invades DNA and rewrites the software, bypassing the body’s natural immunity to fight off pathogens in the environment, suppressing biology through auto-immune responses.

The human body is self-regulating with a vast intelligence. It has an extraordinary capacity for healing and expelling toxins, but when it is continually bombarded, natural defences are weakened and alterations on the genetic level disrupt the signalling between cells that keep the body in a state of harmony. When foreign material is inserted, particularly genetic material from other species, and this invades the nucleus of the cell, this confuses the body which attacks its own cells, deeming them as foreign invaders. This is what leads to auto-immune responses and allergies.

Whilst such effects may not be immediately noticeable, they will likely have a slow burn effect, which may not be attributed to the original cause, breeding a population of sick individuals dependent on the same criminal pharmaceutical cartel who have hijacked their biological vehicle and can continue to exchange the human blueprint for synthetic DNA running off software programs. These bioweapons also act to transform the human body into an antenna that resonates with broadcasts transmitting from the AI infrastructure and other electromagnetic distortions.

Those most willing to take the harmful biological interventions are those who were likely compromising their health already through lack of self-responsibility and blind faith in the corrupt institutions that regulate and govern public health policies, publishing the inverted science that promotes such developments as progressive. They may be technological or scientific enthusiasts, or those that have recklessly been reliant on pharmaceutical medication which has kept them dumbed down. They may have failed to recognise the relationship between diet and their health, accumulating toxins in their bodies, spraying harmful household chemicals, or repeatedly slathering chemicals onto their bodies which leach through the skin.

When we give permission to penetrate and violate the human vessel, this is tantamount to forfeiting our soul and therefore spiritual sovereignty. It doesn’t matter whether we did this through ignorance, misinformation, fear, misplaced trust or desperation. The soul does not discriminate and rejects all forms of deception and inversions perpetuated by anti-human forces.

Biological and social conditioning was well underway prior to recent intervention through individuals own participation in eugenics. The latest manipulation simply solidifies that trajectory for those who aren’t yet ready to activate the seed of self-awareness to take charge of their destiny, instead consumed by primal needs and base desires, enmeshed as passive consumers in economic servitude, sparing little time or energy to invest in true personal empowerment which requires being educated about what we consume.

Reality is responding by reflecting what we hold from within. Those in most fear ironically will be those most adversely affected. By facing truth with courage and the knowledge that we can be assisted by divine will as we increasingly commune with the aspect of it that lives inside of us, we will be led through intuition and synchronicity to make the right choices to move back in alignment with organic ascension where consciousness drives reality. This is the true technology they don’t want you to know about. Instead of an artificial hive mind, we connect more telepathically with one another so that we can co-create a future free from tyranny.

Elevating our vibrational state works to deflect incongruent electromagnetic frequencies from entering our auric field, though we have to take responsibility to ensure we are regularly detoxing. Mental and emotional balance keeps the immune system healthier to fight off foreign invaders and elevating our vibrational state through consistent spiritual/self work and shadow integration means these bio-incompatible frequencies are less effective at disrupting the nervous system. Staying mindful also helps to prevent subliminal infiltration through the backdoor of the unconscious.

All around through media, entertainment, music and advertising there are mind control frequencies and predictive programs working to manipulate the collective into manifesting its own demise. This takes discipline and dedication to avoid, but becomes easier over time as we realign with the intelligence of our bodies so we can more readily detect any imbalances and identify their origin.

We have all been compromised in some way. Practicing self-forgiveness is important, as well as establishing trust in our capacity to take charge back over our health and reality, with the conscious intent to heal from any interference, as well as envisioning a future timeline that corresponds with vibrant health, energy, greater connection and love. The more we can visualise such a reality, the more we bring that vibrational state back to the present and reality will conspire to call forth whatever is in resonance with that state. When we control our mind we control our reality. The social engineers want to steal our capacity to think for ourselves by coopting our mind-body connection, but if we are aware of this, we have already stepped on the path to reconnection and healing.