Aligning With The Organic Timeline

Shifting external conditions entails making a choice about which reality to participate in as the organic and technological timelines intensify. If we fail to take charge over our consciousness through spiritual sovereignty and rely on the same mechanisms that are enslaving us, then we give more energy for the machine to generate power and wield its influence over us.

As we cycle through the Age of Aquarius, inevitably technological speeds are going to intensify astronomically to the point of completely overriding human processing capabilities. As computer speeds go quantum, the boundary lines between the technological world and physical reality will become blurred, generating a virtual sub-reality. This will encompass a loss of connection and interest in the natural world, hypnotised into a synthetic replica that mimics organic life through artificial intelligence to the point of man merging with machine.

This will be sold as the solution to all our woes under the promise of greater convenience, health and security, for which we only need to forfeit our right to self-determination and entrust our lives into the hands of an external authority that will see politicians replaced by unelected technocrats who control the operating systems that govern the new hive mind.

This constitutes a devolution of the species that, coupled with intensifying eugenics programs such as the mRNA gene therapies, sever the physical from the etheric body, obstructing connection to spirit. This hijacking of consciousness will mean that our decision making comes via the machine and not from divine intelligence channeled from source, and so our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are merely conditioned responses, leaving us governed by fate and not our own free will.

The path to such outcome however is a reflection of the prior choices we have made. Those who prefer the path of least resistance will welcome the substitution of their individuality and critical mind for a global group think. Others will be too unconscious to know anything is changing, believing this to be the correct evolutionary course and continuing to pledge blind faith in authority. When we fail to take accountability for our own sovereignty, something outside of us will seek to take advantage and exploit us through the unconscious blind spots until they have full ownership.

Simultaneously, the evolution of consciousness along the organic timeline will see time speeding up and external reality responding quicker to our thoughts. This manifestation will work in both directions depending on our mindset. This is where we have a choice. We can be aware of the darkness without attaching to it or giving it our emotional energy, because these low vibrational states are what give them permission to materialise. There has to be a vibrational match and this is why predictive programming and subliminal mind control are pushed through media and popular culture such as films, as well as religious prophecies. They want us to adopt that version of reality into our beliefs so that we collectively bring it into manifestation.

Once we reclaim more consciousness, these stimuli cannot as easily penetrate through the backdoor of the unconscious and we can override them through encapsulating a more positive future in our minds. If we keep focusing on what is wrong in the world and don’t attend to our inner space when we are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, then we are participating in our own demise. Everything we absorb through external channels is stored in the psyche and so being a constant sponge for information on social media, no matter how well intentioned, will come at a cost if we don’t allow time to synthesise our knowledge so it can be actualised from a place of embodiment.

Every thought, feeling and action is recorded in the morphogenetic field and carries a karmic consequence through The Law of Cause and Effect in the realm of energy dynamics, and so attending to our inner space will ensure we are bringing these elements into alignment so that they reflect as more favourable external conditions that work counter to the entropic technological singularity attempting to engulf as through siphoning our resources through all possible channels.

When we can hold our centre of emotional neutrality and compassionately observe events without forfeiting our energy, we act as frequency anchors through integrating with our multidimensional self. This activates our inherent technology so that we are less reliant on mechanical inversions that steal energy and disrupt the balance of Natural Law. Quantum Mechanics has demonstrated the interrelationship of the observer with their environment through conscious reality creation. This energy is infinitely available to us but can only be harnessed through decluttering the shadow material that blocks the channel.

By bringing our physical, mental and emotional states into harmony, our life force can circulate uninterrupted through the chakras which upgrades our nervous systems to harness more light codes into the body. This electrical energy represents our vibratory state and determines the impact we have on our environment and the people we attract through resonance. As we expand our sphere of influence, our collective potential is amplified and no longer exists on the same frequencies as the artificial intelligence.

Providing we can hold this general state of being for the majority of time, we will start to birth a new timeline consisting of individuals who are functioning on that same frequency. It is not necessary at first that we are in direct physical proximity to our counterparts because we are connected and can transmit energies across the quantum field.

This co-creation is already happening if we shift our perception onto it. It may appear that things aren’t changing externally given the current turmoil but reality is constantly responding to us and right now the collective is undergoing a necessary dark night of the soul. If we have already undergone this on a personal level then we can start working to birth a new paradigm for others to participate in should they choose.

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