Anti-Christ Consciousness

There is different consciousness expressing itself on this planet and which works within all of us to varying degrees, depending on our current level of soul embodiment and what values we have chosen to align with (often unconsciously, but also consciously as well). These consciousness patterns operate like archetypes that serve an important teaching function. However, there are splintered fragments of deeply traumatised energy that have developed into parasitic consciousness, with its own autonomous will separate from connection to creator. This is what we would equate to anti-christ consciousness severed from spirit.

flower of death

Parasitic Consciousness

The primary motivation for this parasitic consciousness is to survive through energy consumption, and it generates more power the more energy it devours. These are what morph into soulless demonic creatures, sometimes grotesque in their formation due to deep abandonment from love. It’s like a form of entitised pain, and our own traumatised parts can also generate into thought forms that carry these distortions.

Some of us witness these demonic forces in altered states of consciousness such as when astral projecting. In these states, they attempt to siphon our soul energy, often through astral rape and want to hook their tentacles into our lightbody for continuous feeding.

Many of us harbour these entities unknowingly. They are all around us all the time, particularly since dark portals were intentionally opened through black magic during this dark age of humanity. The leylines have been hijacked to run reversals that funnel consciousness out through the planetary grid, rather than their original function as multidimensional access points/portals.

When these parasites infect our aura they can hijack the mind through preying on blind spots to feed suggestions and trigger self-sabotaging pathologies. Most of us are unaware that we are hosting this consciousness and playing out patterns through false identities that are serving to fuel the phantom worlds with siphoned lifeforce. Whenever we act out trauma, whether through impulse and addiction, or negative projection, we drain our vital energy and weaken our etheric field which keeps us connected to our higher stations of identity.

With deep enough fragmentation and genetic suppression, the cord to the divine may be severed completely. This equates to total demonic possession where the body becomes a mere portal to host satanic consciousness. This is like a negative ‘walk-in’. Whilst rare, many psychopaths are a product of this. They are disconnected from empathy and cannot be rehabilitated without soul retrieval through angelic assistance.

Soul Retrieval

We can facilitate this repair as we reconnect back to our own source energy and harness higher frequencies to move into higher densities. There are many helper souls assisting souls lost in the phantom realms to gain safe transit back to God.

We all have our own version of healing in order to reintegrate the scattered parts of ourselves that have been strewn across the multidimensional field across this successive genetic degradation cycle. These soul fragments are still energetically entangled to our lightbody, but we have built walls of ego that are obstructing access to them. This is why soul embodiment is important. This is recalling the soul back to the body, which is the house for our spirit.

The deeper we descend into separation 3D consciousness attached to sub-personalities (ego identities), the more dissociated we become from our holistic (authentic self). We fall into governance of the predator mind that serves dark agendas and we dissociate from our higher soul intelligence that communicates as intuition through feeling in the body. This should not be confused with unresolved emotion, which is also a part of the programming blocking the channel.

The third dimension is the choice point for incarnated souls to determine the direction of their future and whether they wish to serve external authority, or act back in service of divine will. Heaven and hell are both accessible in this domain and so this is the where the Great War on consciousness is being expressed during this long standing archetypal battle between the christ and anti-christ forces.

Journeying Back to Source

There are factions of anti-christ forces vying for dominion by manipulating the human race through deep deceptions to ensnare the soul into harmful ideologies/belief systems. This has been in the works for eons since the fall of man when evil decided to assume the role of creator. God allowed this when imbuing all creation with free will, so that it could learn more about itself.

We have fallen down the dimensional layers into separation consciousness to remember who we are and reconnect with a conscious recognition of our true nature and the power of love through experiencing the contrast of light and dark. This is such a powerful initiation that many souls have elected to be here on earth during this time, to bring the knowledge back to the higher realms. Just as the higher serves the lower, so too does the lower serve higher. ‘As above so below’.

Everything is connected as part of the grand multidimensional experience and journey back home. Even the most distorted evil cannot stand in the power of the true light of source, because nothing is truly separate from it. The matrix has only created the illusion of false gods and authority, which relies on unconscious consent. When this consent is withdrawn, the darkness dissolves in the light of consciousness. It dissolves in the ether, whilst those that have lost their way will be offered opportunity for rehabilitation.

This Law of Grace is available to all of us now to transmute the accumulation of karma. God is forgiving, merciful and knows our struggle. It is all recorded in the akashic field and karma can only control us for as long as we don’t recognise the error of our ways and choose to participate in anti-life systems. The divine wants us to come back to remembrance and break the spell of amnesia through our own collective effort to restore free will.

Creation Consciousness

We aren’t searching for anything on the outside, but stripping away layers of false identity that have taken us out of present connection to creator. The solution is inside of all of us. All lower mind narratives, and their associated emotions, running self-limiting beliefs are just installed programs and inherited ancestral and collective trauma that keeps us in bondage to the construct of linear time and in fear of our own annihilation through physical death.

This is perhaps the greatest deception that rules humans operating at primitive consciousness levels. The idea that we die means we cling so desperately to illusory security that we forget to truly live. We abandon our creative, adventurous spirit that flourishes through exploration of the unknown, unlocking magic to initiate the soul to deeper levels of self-realisation and connection.

We have substituted spirit for warped scientific dogmas based on materialism, that have no lasting value. What we feed the soul is permanent. When we realise our nature beyond the worldly flesh, the prison walls crumble and the world of imagination opens up. The higher mind – the mindful observer – is separate from the ego mind. It is the embodied sense of knowing that is communicated through source intelligence and exists outside the framework of time. It can be harnessed to birth reality through focused consciousness.

This is positive reality manipulation – the collapsing of the wave (the unmanifest) into the particle (the manifest). The more energy that cooperates in this creation, the greater potential generated. Imagine what we could do with that co-creative power. It is an infinite energy source restricted only by that imposed by our own beliefs.

This physic energy is the abundant lifeforce that is flowing through our vessels right now. Currently it is inhibited by dead energy, but can be reawakened as kundalini energy once we transform the lower/base self by merging the lower chakras to open the access point to the heart and up through to the higher channels. 

Imagine the Hara Line as an energetic column of light connecting the primary seven chakras. As we merge these vortexes they become unified, rather than compartmentalised energy, and we transition from carbon to crystalline lifeforms, lifting the heavy density that keeps us bonded to matter form through a slow frequency oscillation rate. As frequency elevates, manifestation potential increases. Reality becomes more fluid/malleable to consciousness and we break the atomic structure that keeps energy condensed.

False Light Consciousness

It is important to note that higher awareness does not denote level of benevolence. There are dark forces mimicking the organic creation code through black magic and manipulation of the Tree of Life that is popular in occult mystery schools, reserved only for special initiates who wish to use that knowledge to exploit power and gain dominion over resources, lifeforms and their consciousness.

This false light Luciferic consciousness possesses great power, but again only as much as we give it, by rejecting the divinity within us. This divinity is only truly accessible through love and service to others. Once we surrender to god, we receive its gifts through gnosis. We open the gateway to the angelic realms and have no need to use artificial intelligence to try and control and manage reality.

No one has this right, no matter how convincing and bold their claims or false promises. Anyone or anything that assumes authority over another is a false god aligned with anti-christ consciousness. There are some of us falling for this allure of technological emancipation, believing it the solution to many of the worlds, and our personal problems. Whilst it may appear to fix some things on external appearances, it does not serve the soul.

True technology is our own consciousness. Its capabilities are unbound, whereas the algorithmic machine eventually consumes the soul into predictive and manageable behavioural patterns that suppress consciousness and give power to those running the architecture. This is a false awakening – a false utopia.

Choosing Your Timeline

The new earth has no hierarchy. It is a place of decentralised networks/tribes based on true exchange of value, according to each individuals unique gifts, in alignment with their souls blueprint. This is the beauty of creation. It doesn’t demand one unified way of living. It wants us to thrive according to our own souls and those we find resonance with. As long as there is respect for others choice, and no harm caused then we can co-exist in harmony.

Any call for global centralisation does not adhere to true freedom, and there is always an agenda behind it – whether this is complete satanic enslavement for energy feeding or assimilation into a galactic community or federation. Be weary of the false prophets, as they come in times of chaos to exploit our vulnerabilities.

It is through the chaos where we will find liberation. See this as a reorganisation of the timelines, so we can choose which frequency channel to align ourselves with. Don’t let fear cloud your judgement and take your power away. These end times are also a rebirth and we are the creators.

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