Ascent and Descent

There can be no ascent without a corresponding descent. It’s often in the moments where we are experiencing a breakthrough into deeper presence and connection that a darkness seems to hijack the mind, planting seeds of doubt. It can feel like a sudden existential breakdown which calls our entire faith into question. We start experiencing self doubt and it feels like the doorway to the divine closes.

Ascent and Descent

Dark Night Spirals

We are being invited by our higher self to delve deeper into the underworld, to tend to the roots of our inner tree of life, fertilising the soil so we can flourish into our spiritual potential. This journey into the abyss will likely invoke discomfort and can feel as if we are falling off path and losing control, but the breakdown often precedes the breakthrough.

As we spiral through the evolutionary process, we are confronted with deeper aspects that we are now ready to transmute in the light of our consciousness. This will expose whatever is no longer in alignment with the newer version of our self. This is a tough reorganisation phase in the cycle and we must hold the space to let the old die and the authentic self emerge.

This process is a rebirth and each time we journey through dark night ego death spirals, we reclam spiritual authority and evict imposters to restore our light body back to greater divine purity. The darkness needs to rise to the surface to be assimilated, or else the unresolved inner psychic forces  hold us hostage as we continue to play out archetypal dramas that reflect that resonance we hold in our cellular memory.

'No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.'

Parasitic Consciousness

There are forces that are invested in keeping individuals confined in mental bondage. Ascending souls are of particular interest. This is because we are true servants of Gods will and once our power is made conscious, activated, and anchored, this threatens the power structure. We step onto a timeline outside the predictive capabilities of the artificial intelligence that depends on us running their software programs through the unconscious mind, so we can be manoeuvred to fulfil external agendas.

Parasitic consciousness is a collective of deeply tormented souls that have split off from creator and can only feed off others light. They work through finding hosts who have wounds that are stuck on a lower frequency. When we operate from the lower mind, our timeline frequency can be read and we may experience mental hijacking to run self sabotaging thought loops that attempt to derail us from our optimal timeline and back in servitude to the inverted reality matrix.

This is a form of possession, and will reflect the degree to which we are embodying self limiting beliefs due to unresolved trauma that is still stored within our cellular memory. This is what creates the access points that attracts whatever is a vibrational match. Nothing can infiltrate our field unless there is consent on some level. This is why most infiltration happens through the backdoor of the unconscious.

Karmic Rebalancing

There are lifetimes of karmic residue surfacing at the moment as we are being called to release the entanglements to obsolete ego identities that have kept our souls looping within lower timeline expressions. It can be painful to meet these deeper parts of ourselves with acceptance and forgiveness. It may ignite feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness.

It can take some time to starve the stubborn ego, so be patient with the process and allow as much time as you need to feel into the fear and unearth the limiting programs that are serving the will of the anti-christ that wants us to feel like we have no control and that we are victims of fate.

All this is serving to foster deeper self-love. Only when we love and accept ourselves can we be liberated from suffering. This is not dependent on external approval, nor on trying to fix others. We are all responsible for our own karma, and this is a self-corrective teaching function, not punishment.

When we take self-responsibility to confront the truth about the ways we have been living in misalignment out of fear, then we are blessed with divine grace. This is true redemption and it is available to all of us. It is personal revelation through commitment to living in truth.

Accessing The Zero Point

As we consciously integrate abandoned parts of the self, we retrieve the scattered pieces of the soul back into unity within the body. This enables the embodiment of more divine light within our vessels, which will serve to starve the anti-christ consciousness and seal the light body. We free the mind from mental hijacking and connect to our higher stations of identity, reorienting back along the ascension pathway.

Energetic synthesis is the gateway back to the zero point of inner stillness from which we cut the karmic entanglements that keep us in bondage to the inverted reality matrix. We organically reclaim our power as divine creators, surrendering the personal will to the higher self and no longer seeking to control outcomes.

In this state our intuitive guidance comes online and we are guided to manifest our highest soul expression. When we are in that zero point space there is no doubt, even if we tried. This type of trust is an unshakeable felt experience in the body. If we have entered that space, even just momentarily, we will know the feeling. We are working to invite in this deeper presence so that it can become the default.

By allowing God to animate our vessels, we are instilled with a greater knowing that we are expressions of source and love with nothing to fear. There is no struggle too insurmountable and that can’t be transmuted through divine grace. But we have to choose to let that power in.

Life’s challenges are testing our faith and ability to surrender to this higher will. These are the personal initiations out of ego based consciousness and back in communion with God. Ultimately, even the darkness is serving to feed the light as all creation merges back with source.


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