Avoiding Self-Fulfilling Traps

Whilst it’s certainly useful to exercise appropriate caution and to make reasonable preparations in the event of potential destabilisation, it’s important not to feed into negative outcomes and give them momentum to materialise by energising the collective consciousness so that it engages in an agreement to experience that reality. This is how quantum mechanics works. These are immutable laws of energy and our collective beliefs will determine our experience of reality.

This isn’t to be confused with spiritual bypassing through avoidance strategies which denies the existence of the dark polarity, choosing only to focus on love and light in hope of projecting a desirable future. Without integration of the polarities, manifestation cannot occur because we are governed by the unconscious which contains the unresolved shadow material, which plays out externally. 

Now is not the time to stay silent and passive should you feel the calling to expose the painfully obvious corruption playing out at a pinnacle during this election and the systematic destruction of any semblance of democracy left. However, promoting apocalyptic scenarios and encouraging people to prepare for war is falling right into the mouse trap.  We should not be entertaining thoughts of fighting or even killing one another as an inevitability following the election result. Unavoidably, there will be extreme tension and an emotional spillage unlike what we’ve witnessed before, but this doesn’t automatically equate to complete civil unrest. 

Those following the agenda for a while will know that the destabilisation of the US through civil unrest was an important strategic move to cause a necessary collapse which would reverberate globally through economic turmoil and the necessity to establish order out of chaos through ‘The Great Reset’, the imposition of more surveillance, technological control and militarisation to enforce rules under the guise of keeping people ‘safe’. 

Keeping people divided by splitting America was the plan all along, but we don’t have to rise to the bait and accept this. Those running the show know about traps of agreement and predictive programming and rely on us engaging our free will, otherwise their agenda could not be fulfilled. When we start going around telling people to take up arms against the other half of the population we are ushering in the new system ourselves. 

It’s apparent that the radical left represented by the Democrat party are the dirtier players in this game and they seemingly have the support of big tech and the MSM behind them, not to mention this election is undoubtedly rigged. In the face of such a violation of the fundamental human right to a democratic process, we should not stay silent. 

However this is nothing new. We need only look at the previous administrations to know that presidents are nearly almost always pre-selected. Nearly all previous candidates have been war criminal, psychopathic, power grabbing pedophiles, part of or answerable to bloodline networks and compromised through blackmail. 

Should we ever have had even a reasonably fair system, we would see candidates who address the concerns of the general population and who act as public representatives with a strong moral code and the intention to lead by example, inspire and protect rather than exploit, deceive and enslave. Hope of reform through politics has long been futile, highlighting the necessity to govern ourselves free from centralised governance. 

We limit ourselves with the false conditioned belief that this isn’t possible and that government is necessary and so we continue to pledge our votes, putting our lives in the hands of someone else, even when our conscience knows that neither option feels in alignment. 

This is a spiritual war through the suppression of consciousness and disconnection from our higher nature so that we are governed by our base impulses and survival instinct that seeks to preserve security over personal evolution, and so we continue to play the game, clinging onto hope that something or someone ‘out there’ will come and save that day, and in doing so we forfeit our own power, not just as individuals but in connection to one another. We see each other as enemies and a threat to our way of life, believing we have to be at war with one another.

Don’t be mistaken, the battle is real, but let’s no lose sight of the fact that this is an ancient war that spans across the multidimensional field, and from which we all play our part. Our greatest weapon is sovereignty over our minds, the ability to manage our emotions, control our reactions, to preserve our energy, to spread knowledge and awareness with as little resistance and turmoil as possible, to erect and uphold healthy boundaries, to master our sphere of influence so that it is in harmonious resonance. These provide a direct threat to those that rely on keeping us disconnected from ourselves and each other, even if our beliefs appear to be the more righteous ones. 

In the end, as long as there is a split and animosity between two polarities, a third force will seek to play both off one another so that we still need to be governed on the outside. The future is unwritten. All possibilities still exist. Don’t feed into an outcome that disempowers you but be prepared to weather the storm through internal resilience and empowerment through knowledge and in service of the truth.

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