Awakening is a Personal Process

Awakening is a personal process that manifests differently according to each individuals unique learning requirements and level of soul embodiment. Trying to establish a uniform perception of the world without permitting the individual process will only create hive mind, and there will not be the level of individual integration required to foster sustainable change. Inevitably, the ego will continue to govern and we would slip back into conflict, reflecting the unresolved internal conflicts that still reside in the unconscious. 


Unique Soul Blueprint Expression

Every individual has their own soul blueprint which they incarnated into the third dimension with. This reflects their souls journey and requires certain lessons to be learned through interfacing with physical reality, permitted to make mistakes as a reflection of free will. There are therefore infinite timelines playing out simultaneously. Some of these overlap when resonance is reached, and this permits co-creation. Others require more refining until they settle down the most beneficial trajectory.

As we find greater internal congruence, external conditions respond to our personal energy field. We can’t predict exactly how this will unfold. Change happens from the present in response to our vibrational state and how we utilise our free will. Attempting to predict or control an outcome detracts from the organic creative flow that will intuitively guide us, providing we are able to surrender to the divine will and trust that if we are in alignment, reality will conspire to look after us. This trust in the feminine aspect of being is difficult. It has been neglected and abandoned in favour of rulership of the head, needing to rationalise and work everything out.

Honouring Free Will

Trying to perpetually fight an external battle drains our energetic resources and creates resistance. It also fractures relationships and feeds the division we are trying to resolve, especially when we attempt to bend someone to our will by infringing on their free will. This includes persistent judgements masquerading as ‘intuition and discernment’, assuming a state of spiritual superiority and looking down on others who haven’t yet received the insight necessary to change, brandishing them as lesser beings deserving of their fate, and presuming they enjoy their suffering, or are purposefully aligning with evil. The majority of the worlds inhabitants are not evil. They are ignorant, lost and confused and need guidance from those who have found the courage to let go of the harmful programming.

There is no excuse to project unresolved emotional energy onto another, unless we are being directly harmed, in which case Natural Law demands that we exercise self-defence and personal boundaries where necessary. It is easy to conflate unresolved emotions with intuition. They both send us energetic signals and it takes time to discern between the two. If we are functioning in a triggered state, then the channel to our higher awareness is likely obstructed and we are acting out our own trauma under the guise of being of service. In these states, it is best to check in with ourselves first before we resort to externalisation.

Attracting Our Tribe Through Resonance

As we solidify our personal timeline, we architect our personal container of energetic integrity built on trust and resonance. Formulating this resonance is not the same as an echo chamber. It requires no label. It is a natural gravitational attraction that attracts the right people and naturally amplifies our spiritual strength and power. It is is important that those we associate with on a personal level share similar values about a new world, so that we can function in harmony, otherwise inevitable friction will ensue, much like we see with premature attempts to bypass physical learning experiences and build off grid communities that remain a reflection of the unresolved shadow of its inhabitants.

This is why we are still participating in the technological timeline, so we attract our tribe. The New Earth building will follow. Believing we can change everyone by forcing our truth onto others will only contaminate our field with an amalgamation of conflicting energies that will become a minefield to escape from. We have no obligation to prove anything to anyone, but can attract people by virtue of living with integrity and being the example we wish to set. This is what permits the conditions to transform more organically and effortlessly, without the necessity to fight our way to liberation.

Challenges are inevitable, and it’s ultimately our choice who we decide to exchange our energy with, but we are not free of the consequences. If someone is demonstrating the capacity to learn and cooperate with mutual respect, then this is energy well invested. If we are only met with projections and judgements then our energy is better conserved and used wisely elsewhere. We do not need to be martyrs for the cause. There is another way and it is available to all of us.

New Earth Organic Co-creation

Once our personal field is better established, we can start to co-create new conditions that utilise the skills and unique strengths of its individual inhabitants. Some individuals may naturally find themselves in leadership roles, but everyones contribution is equally as valuable in serving the collective value and spiritual evolution that functions in harmony as its own ecosystem. Anyone can form their own network. Everyone should strive to. These networks can then overlap, and again this will happen organically, if there is sufficient alignment. This demonstrates the potential we have as we work to tune back to or multidimensional self. The world starts to show us a reflection.

Striving for one unified way of living is impossible on this current physical density, until the collective consciousness evolves and transcends physicality. This may or may not happen, but we need not concern ourselves with that outcome. We can’t change the whole world but can take charge of our personal corner of reality and surrender to a higher power to take care of the rest. There are bigger forces at play as well. Changing ourselves is the most valuable contribution we can make and that is within our control. The best way to initiate this change is through decentralisation into vibrational sub-sects and then building outwards from there, rather than trying to unify into a hive mind or singularity, before the inhabitants have graduated in their souls individuation process.

This is what the shifting of timelines is about. This process starts wherever we are now, no matter our personal circumstances. It starts with the willingness to change and reclaim our internal authority. This involves we take personal responsibility, even if we have been an unfortunate victim of our circumstances. The solution is still the same regardless. We are the change and can transmute our pain and suffering into personal power with enough belief and dedication, followed by right action in alignment with true morality in service of divine law.

Transmuting Suffering Into Empathy

Some of the strongest souls have been forged through the fiery inferno and this has equipped them with the knowledge and wisdom derived through direct personal experience. There is no better relationship with truth than that. Overcoming adversity enables us to relate to others with true empathy and kindness. It humbles us and helps to limit interference from the ego looking to gain recognition, validation or power from its service, which beneath the surface is still self-serving.

Heart based relating is the most powerful way to transform reality. It is the key to true connection with respect for the individual and the whole, with the recognition that we are all expressions of the same unified source field, having a unique experience to reconnect back to creator imbued with gnosis. We all ultimately share the same pain from a higher vantage point and the closer we can reconnect back to that, the greater service we can be to others. This love does not have conditions. It has to be embodied so that we are instruments for our higher intelligence to work through to help serve the human condition as it is now, without resorting to blame and judgement.

When we are disconnected from spirit, we are disconnected from love. We see the world through a myopic lens that can’t comprehend the interconnection between all expressions of life. We live in a state of fragmentation, divorced from the soul and governed by the egos survival instinct that seeks to preserve its own survival at the expense of others, willing to exploit others to achieve that end. This is what fuels the inverted reality paradigm, without an understanding of the Laws of Cause and Effect and Karma.

Karma is not some external punishment by a false demi-god seeking to condemn us to the pits of shame and guilt in a vibrational hell. It is a self imposed corrective mechanism enacted by our souls in order to learn the necessary lessons to reestablish connection. In this sense suffering serves a purpose, until it is no longer necessary. Every thought, feeling and action that is misaligned with our true evolutionary potential will return back to us, until the cycle is broken. For as long as our hearts are closed, the world will continue to reflect back the misery and torment on our souls. We continue to live in victimhood, or become the perpetrators ourselves. This archetypal complex currently governs humanity. It is reflecting the unassimilated unconscious, showing us what we create and attract when we are divorced from our true nature.

Synthesising the Dark/Light Polarities

It is a long way back to ultimate unity, but the journey is where the necessary change happens. It is the journey that teaches us why it was all worthwhile, so that we are able to appreciate life having undergone the fall into dualism, so we can see and experience the contrast between light/dark and between good/evil and decide which we want to serve. Darkness will continue to reign until we are able to recognise where it exists within ourselves and make the commitment to transform ourselves before we externalise the blame for our personal condition. Fighting the reflection only creates more of the same. It generates more power from our emotional projections.

These unresolved emotions and negative thought forms can generate into entitised fragments of darkness that develop their own autonomous will to preserve their own survival, consuming any energy that provides them with this sustenance. This is fed through our own shadows and the exploitation of our blind spots that leaves us vulnerable to infiltration through holes in our aura/light-body.

These work to hijack control over our consciousness so that we continue to unconsciously give our energy, and therefore power, away. This is what continues to fuel the reversal grids that are siphoning human life force out of the planetary grid through black holes to power the AI infrastructure that is broadcasting mind control frequencies to accentuate this state of bondage, until we are able to reclaim self-awareness, seal up the entry points and reclaim sovereignty over our energy body. 

Integration involves seeing the objective evil in the world, in the way it has manifested, but also understanding our participation in it. Both the internal and external domains feed into one another. When we can synthesise these, we activate a transcendental state and can start to function from a place of emotional neutrality, compassionately witnessing the world without our triggers and conflicts hijacking control. We move toward a state of acceptance – not because we condone evil and suffering, but because our third eye is open and we can truly SEE. We understand how the divine laws work and how to preserve our life force so that it can be invested wisely.

Inspiring Change

Functioning from this state of embodiment acts like a frequency anchor which radiates a strong electromagnetic charge into the outerscape. It helps to naturally inspire and heal others, serving as an inspiration to give others permission to undergo their personal initiation out of suffering and back to personal liberation. We become the change we wish to see in the world, and in doing so set a powerful example which sets in motion a momentum that can only grow stronger.

Once people reclaim an awareness of the power they have lost, they don’t wish to return to a state of amnesia. They don’t desire to cling onto the old and broken ways. They take the plunge into the infinite waters of the unknown, trusting they will be guided by a force far more powerful than the oppressors. This is the ultimate creation from which we were all birthed and must all return.

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