Awakening is an Inward Journey

To take it upon ourselves to try and save the world is an impossible task, especially if we can’t even save ourselves. Awakening is an individual and incremental process that involves facing up to a lot of pain and trauma. For those who have been on the journey for a while now, you’ll know how far you have come and the spiritual discipline and perseverance involved. You also know there is no end destination.

Many people aren’t ready to face their shadow. They’d prefer to project it onto the world, continuously fighting, protesting and blaming to avoid the inner confrontation. On a subconscious level people know how painful it is to face themselves and to integrate the darkness and so they are governed on the outside to compensate, drawn to engage with people and situations that reflect the aspects of themselves that they have been unable to resolve.

The ego will put up various personnas as a defence mechanism to try and protect the individual from a conscious realisation of this. It tries to convince you that it’s easier to externalise than to take personal responsibility, but it always comes at a cost. We are an extension of the divine, a microcosm of the whole. Every external action has an internal reaction, and vice versa. The karmic wheel will keep on turning until we take back the control over our consciousness and start creating rather than responding to reality. This way we free our soul from bondage.

Once we elevate beyond fear, anger and resentment, we no longer wish to engage in it with others. We’ve learned through our own experience what a destructive force it can be and how it brings our vibration back down to a level where we reengage on a timeline that has been left behind.

We are a long way off a collective awakening. It isn’t just a flashbulb moment where suddenly everything makes sense and we no longer experience pain, suffering or darkness, nor is it just dismantling the establishment and creating a ‘fair’ society. Whilst there remains individuals who don’t want to do their self work, new problems and new systems would emerge to reflect that because we won’t have tackled the issue at it’s root. Ego will still be in the driving seat.

True awakening is a gradual process of remembering who we are through developing greater self-awareness and stripping away the layers of conditioning that have fed the ego. This may entail a series of mini awakenings or revelations, but until we integrate these aspects to actualise them in this reality it serves no evolutionary purpose.

Knowledge and awareness without application is not sufficient. It has to be a felt experience, where we hold the corresponding vibration in our bodies so that we can transmit that light energy into the world to uplift and inspire others. Otherwise we fall prone to imposing our will and intellect on others, believing we have an obligation to elevate them up, yet looking down on them for not being where we are. This is a deceptive form of spiritual ego. It is ‘service to self’ behaviour that feeds separation consciousness and devolves us from creator.

There is nothing wrong with disengaging from harmful or threatening energies. If a relationship has reached its expiry date or isn’t serving a mutual benefit then walk away, but do it without guilt and from a well-intentioned and accepting place, not out of self-entitlement. If your environment is bringing your vibe down then change it, but don’t try to fight it because it will only be met with resistance. Trust that the divine will support you because you are acting in alignment with your highest potential.

If others are ready to hear your message they will gravitate to you but you can’t force someone to receive a message that they aren’t open to or ready to receive, just like you can’t convince a narcissist that their behaviours are negatively impacting others. They will always rationalise it away. Every individual has to make the choice with their own free will. It’s not a conquest to wake up as many numbers as we can. It has reached a moment in time now where we need to be resourceful with our energy and not to expend it without any impact.

Yes we share the same space on Earth, but there are many sub-realities within it, different channels if you like that people tune in and out of depending on their resonance. And this resonance determines the outcome. The more we can maintain higher frequencies, the more expansive the energy field we build around us and the more others will naturally gravitate to it, like a moth to the flame.

If someone wants our assistance they can reach out and we can help them. This is the most valuable contribution we can give to the world. It is not a form of avoidance to protect one’s energy, especially after so much dedicated self work. We owe it to ourselves to live our best life and by extension to elevate others who wan’t to join us on that ride. This is how we move toward a golden age.

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