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The four cognitive functions in Jung’s Theory are Sensation, Intuition, Thinking and Feeling. We all utilise those aspects, just in different orders and either in an extraverted or introverted direction. Extraversion and Introversion refer to the flow of energy which alternates as you move through the functions. It goes either I,E,I,E or E,I,E,I. So again, we all have Introversion and Extraversion, just either primary or secondary, and we work through the functions in both directions.

The Perceiving and Judging elements, as part of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, were added separately by Isabel Briggs-Myers to categorise Sensation and Intuition as separate from Thinking and Feeling. Sensing and Intuition refer to how we perceive information and so are regarded as the Perceiving functions. Thinking and Feeling refers to how we process information (either through our value system or logic), and so are regarded as Judging functions. There is some valuable research online that will help clarify this if it is too confusing and Jung’s ‘Theory of Personality’ is a good read.

There is no intolerance, nor judgement, in the acknowledgement that another person may be impacting our space in a way that may be leading to interpersonal conflict and internal imbalance. This doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person, but as we refine our personal energy field through interacting more with those who inspire our development, our relationships become more harmonious and this reflects in the outer experience. Working from the self and extending out from our closest connections first, it is imperative to ensure that there is compatibility and mutual benefit for both partners, otherwise external attachments/dependencies arise.

We can both honour our individuality and embrace oneness as well, but to assume that we can simply get on with everyone at all times, just because we are connected at the deepest level, leaves us prone to interference and does a disservice to both ourselves and to others as well. Every individual has their own unique energy signature, based on their disposition and current perception, and though we are all interconnected at source, we have to also honour that we are unique extensions of creation, having individual experiences and not everyone can be in alignment at all times.

There is always something to learn through variety of experience in our interactions with others, but we also have a limited supply of energy and that is best invested in activating our authentic self first, from which place the quality of our connections would reflect that.

When we let too many people into our space, we become a product of this amalgamation. We have to make compromises, fulfill expectations, change ourselves to cater to different needs and wear different masks, depending on who we are around. We can expand our sphere of influence providing our inner circle is functioning harmoniously so we can accommodate more energy without feeling drained or hiding behind walls of the ego, through building various personnas.

This process is slowed down or interrupted when we spread ourselves too thin and cater to too many people, often for the sake of gratifying our ego through the desire for external validation. We become prone to manipulation and exploitation, whether this is being done consciously or not.

Authentic connections require understanding, honesty, trust, depth and commitment and we can’t attain these things beyond a certain threshold. 

Whilst the classical sciences have been very useful at investigation and experimentation of the physical, the non-tangible elements of reality, including our thoughts, feelings and awareness cannot be confined to such objective constraints. They are subjective and require analysis on an individual level.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of extra-sensory experiences that are disregarded as made up delusions or pseudo-science, but for those who have had these personal experiences that defy/transcend mainstream science, they are aware that reality is far deeper than our current comprehension, and cannot be convinced otherwise. It would serve society well to take heed of these personal accounts and give them more credibility so we can expand beyond the restrictive confines governed by institutions with vested interests in keeping humanity’s perception locked within a materialistic paradigm.

Quantum mechanics has gone some way in exploring the notion that consciousness governs/is the building block of physical reality, but is still in its advent and even this research suffers the same pitfalls of manipulation, lack of funding and overemphasis on mathematical formula, rather than the implications of the results themselves, which has opened up a realm of potential not yet explored in mainstream science.

This is the much needed bridge between the physical and metaphysical, but rather than dubbing it as ‘spooky action at a distance’, we should approach this field with an open mind, as that in itself will reveal what lies beneath the surface of incredibly overemphasised laws of physics that work on deterministic principles, largely ignoring the impact of free will.

When we acknowledge our ability as individuals and a collective to shape reality, we can reclaim power from those who benefit from upholding the narrative that we are just biological species governed by fate and The Theory of Evolution as postulated by Darwin.

Rather than prophetic dreams, perhaps they are indicating aspects of your subconscious that require integration for growth. Our dreams serve as powerful teachers, if we can learn to interpret their allegorical significance and embody those understandings in waking life. Never feel like the future is prewritten. This is the exact mentality a negative agenda would want us to feed into. Free will is our greatest tool, and we have the power at any moment to steer our lives in a new direction. It requires a lot of dedicated self-work.

Self-development is a continuous task and comes with its challenges, but these are the greatest teachers. But yes, eliminating fear is the best thing we can do and that is a process which takes time, but rest assured will improve as we tap more into our potential, which can resist anything that the external world throws at us, providing we utilise our awareness in the correct way and retain conscious awareness as much as possible.

An excellent person to research is the works of Carl Jung who goes in to depth and is one of the pioneers in scientific explanation of the unconscious and the collective consciousness, as well as his work in dream therapy and synchronicity. If you haven’t already I implore further exploration into this man, who was more than just a the psychologist, as proclaimed by mainstream culture, but a revolutionary in the realms of consciousness.

It can be difficult to bite out tongue at first when we expand into new empowering states of awareness. We may a sense of duty or obligation to extend that knowledge to others, but we learn over time that our efforts are largely fruitless, beyond the impact we can make through planting seeds and through adapting based on the level of awareness that person is currently functioning at. The best control we have is to inspire others through being the example we wish to set so that people (who are ready) naturally gravitate to us out of curiosity, even if this is unconscious at first. From there, with their willingness, we can help initiate them to higher knowledge in a way that they can integrate and that isn’t just contingent upon our efforts. That way the change becomes more sustainable. This process entails learning to hold acceptance even in the face of others choices we don’t agree with and which we know may be harming them. We cannot intervene with free will, but when an individual is ready they will be led to what they need.

The process you see on the website is the kind of trajectory it took for me, starting from the ground level of politics and the establishment and up through the layers of consciousness. This helped to avoid spiritual bypassing and to integrate each layer. At first, of course, this was overwhelming in the face of a seemingly insurmountable opposition, but through continued curiosity we are led to more empowering knowledge, especially when we recognise the connection between our inner and outer world, so that we don’t feel like we have no control over our reality.

How this process unfolds is very unique to each of us, and we may work from the top down of spiritual awareness, rather than the reverse. There is no right or wrong as long as we learn to strengthen discernment so that we don’t get attached to and stuck in traps of external agreement, rather than continuing to question everything.

I would advise taking periodic time out to tune in with yourself in solitude to access your internal intelligence and attend to the shadow/trauma aspects of the self that are blocking the channel to receive this higher guidance. This is an ongoing process that can be difficult at times, but easier to navigate through if we remind ourselves that assimilating the shadow is the gateway to higher consciousness, so that we are no longer governed by the unconscious and infiltrated through our blind spots. This is how the control system uses us. It works through all of us so we co-create a reflection of our unresolved conflicts.

In combination with this, we can continue to stay informed of world events and to dot connect, but not if we are investing unresolved emotional energy which is draining our reserves. We want to stay in relative balance, and work to observe events from a place of emotional neutrality, trusting our ability to navigate the turmoil through understanding the law of reality creation. This balance between discipline and surrender has enabled me to best align with my optimal timeline, rather than being too preoccupied with the internal or external polarity, which creates imbalance.


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