Bill Gates and Agenda 2030

A recent interview of Bill Gates on CBS News is one of the best plain sight advertisements i’ve seen yet for the great reset/new world order

As a response to a declining climate through alleged man made activity, Gates and the anchor discuss ways to reduce carbon emissions through innovative energy infrastructure using buzz words ‘clean’ and ‘green’ to appeal to our morality. However, from promoting solar and wind farms in one breath, Gates goes on to talk about the necessity for nuclear fission to provide a ‘consistent and reliable carbon free energy resource’ in the event of the failure of weather dependent clean energy. 

Conveniently, the anchor draws on the recent electrical outage in Texas due to an alleged arctic blast which froze wind turbines and disrupted the transmission lines, along with the forest fires raging across the Earth’s dry and vulnerable landscapes prone to rising temperatures. For those aware, much of these ‘natural disasters’ are man made using advanced technology hidden from public awareness, like geo-engineering and other HAARP technologies, that can destablise ecosystems, as well as rebel groups sent to cause destruction. 

By blaming such events on natural causes, the media attempts to appeal to our naiveté and fragile emotions, employing virtue signalling rhetoric to make it appear insensitive and irresponsible to ignore such alarming events – a psychological weapon much like is being used against those who are refusing the vaccines. The brainwashing is particularly effective amongst the young and impressionable liberal environmental enthusiasts, who are easily conditioned into fighting for moral causes through social media manipulation and educational indoctrination. 

Those in opposition can be slandered by the social justice warriors with false and ironic claims of ideological extremism and in some cases ‘cancelled’ through destructive social media tirades that drag their targets name through the dirt. Such compliance from the younger generations is imperative as the old ways die out, and in Gates’ words ‘without their commitment to the cause, it would not be possible to drive the innovation’.

This is why we are seeing the push for ‘zero carbon emissions’ by 2030 in line with agenda 30. That’s right, zero, and so the plans are underway to completely eliminate fossil fuels and install an electrical network, crediting Elon Musk as the pioneer of innovative ideas that others should aspire to. This is precisely the role he was tasked with to create a wave of enthusiasm about electric cars through trendy Tesla technology, which perverts Nikola Teslas name, who had his inventions stolen and his projects decommissioned, which intended to harness Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies to provide true free energy and at no detriment to the human bio-resonance and Earth’s equilibrium. JP Morgan withdrew funding for the Tesla tower during the world war and nearly a century later energy remains in the hands of elite interests. 

The transition to electrical energy involves putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work and the chronic exploitation of children in third world countries to mine for the cobalt and lithium. As demand becomes global, this will involve pillaging more of Earth’s resources to replace others (the fossil fuels) and the mineral rich continents like Africa will bear the brunt of this exploitation, as they have done already, alongside the war stricken Middle East who have had their oil extracted following orchestrated military coups against the leaders of those nations under the pretext of terrorist activities that require foreign intervention. 

The War on Terror smokescreen, predicated on the 9/11 false flag attack has moved to the War on Germs, courtesy of covid-19, justifying a necessity to respond to a declining economy, environment and health through the implantation of new technological infrastructure that promotes reliance on artificial intelligence, demanding humans give up more of their freedoms through global propaganda reminiscent of Nazi Germany, but yet again the brainwashed populace are unable to recognise they are falling for the bait. 

And Bill Gates megalomania doesn’t stop there. His investment in companies such as ‘Beyond Meat’ and ‘Impossible Foods’ aim to synthetically create meat in laboratories to transition people away from ordinary meat, which will be justified as more ethical and less environmentally damaging, using cows as the scapegoat responsible for polluting the atmosphere with their methane, as if animal flatulence somehow constitutes the ability to transform the global atmosphere to a damaging degree. Meanwhile Gates continues to monopolise farmland, now the largest owner of farmland in the US, whilst organic farmers are levied with hefty taxation and tighter restrictions, in an attempt to drive them to frustration and exhaustion so that they sell their land to the globalists. 

Those understandably outspoken against animal cruelty and factory farming will be used to endorse this genetically modified alternative that will contribute to the further engineering of the human genome through the eugenics program fronted by Gates and his late father, working with Planned Parenthood to harvest tissues from aborted late term foetuses, and at no compensation to the mothers, using them in sinister scientific experimentation, including for virus cultures used in vaccines, similar to foreskins that are sold off at a premium for tissue engineering and cosmetic products, flaunted by globalists such as Oprah, without any remorse for the tragic consequences of genital mutilation on its victims and again at no recompense for selling body parts on the black market. 

Gates compares the dietary transition to the electric revolution, giving clues about the interconnection of these components as part of a new world order sold as globalisation. The anticipated date for full implementation of the optimistic ‘zero carbon’ ‘zero meat’ transition is 2050, at which point humans will be immersed in an electromagnetic prison governed by AI controlling the SMART technologies known as the ‘internet of things’ which will appeal to the tech geeks and Elon cult worshippers who will hail such developments as a quantum evolutionary leap.

Control is effectively established through reality inversions, turning true progression inside out to detract from humans inherent power, where energy is sourced through harnessing consciousness from the morphogenetic field, instead of reversal grids that rely on hooking human brains to a hive mind and harvesting their energy as its battery source. This group think is a devolution into a virtual sub-reality, the opposite of increased unity through respect for individual evolution attained through the evolution of consciousness and the movement toward vibrational networks generated organically as a consequence of human symbiosis through energetic resonance. The genetic manipulation of humans through the splicing of DNA and its interfacing with AI through transhumanism obstructs humans access to their higher spiritual aspects, and at best keeps them confined to their base instincts governed by the survival instinct operating through fear and ego impulse.

By understanding how these inversions work, which admittedly are administered in a clever fashion, we can reverse this dehumanising trajectory and restore our connection to spirit, which doesn’t require we forfeit our humanity or energy to serve an external power, and enables us to evolve down a more empowering direction where reality is more receptive to free will and greater connection is achieved through a remembrance of our inseparable nature to another, without compromise to individual freedom.

This dimension is one where we are afforded the choice of which evolutionary direction we wish to pursue, as humans develop their first inklings of self-awareness, but should we remain unconscious, we are driven through mind control programs that manipulate free will to grant collective consent to materialise an unfavourable singularity. Should we not reverse our current course as a collective, then it will down to individuals to split off and generate their own timelines to be the wayshowers for others when they are ready to return back to themselves.

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