Birthing a New Reality

On the physical plane we are moving into an unprecedented medical apartheid as we witness the partition between those of diverging perceptions. Those fixed on the controllers narrative will attempt to solidify their belief that they are under threat by those who refuse to give up their vessel to a eugenics experiment, in order to justify their own fear of confrontation with the darker aspects of themselves and the world that keep them clinging desperately to the restrictive material paradigm architected by the matrix, built on illusion by gross deception.

For many, to entertain having lived a lie at this stage is too much for the psyche to bear and so erecting tough walls of cognitive dissonance is a desperate defence mechanism to uphold the illusion of stability. The critical thinkers challenging the hive mind are seen as a threat to this, and so the deeply mind controlled subjects are advocating for ostracising and punishment for non-conformists, irrespective of the violation on their sovereignty, which they themselves have exchanged for Stockholm Syndrome.

This is a real metaphysical virus working through those who choose to remain unconscious, acting as conduits/Agent Smiths to help usher humanity towards a regressive virtual simulation that mimics the natural world, but is devoid of spirit. This is a devolution of consciousness into the underworld of artificial intelligence, powered by plugged in automatons who do the bidding of their programmers, much like we can command a piece of software.

This force may seem insurmountable from the level of density through which the collective currently operates, but we can choose at any moment to expand our vantage point and see the real splitting of timelines occurring, presenting the opportunity for the reclamation of personal power to craft a new reality.

In the short term there will be a transitory period of perceived instability, and the real possibility of losing access to participation in society, but this is what will enable us to learn how to adapt and find creative solutions, and we don’t have to do this alone. We will be magnetised to one another through resonance, like a moth to the flame, and this will amplify our energy and build a quantum barrier of energetic protection that will be increasingly hard to penetrate.

The controllers are trying to prevent this unity from occurring through inciting division at every angle and so it is very important that those of us fighting for this common goal work together and put aside our differences regarding some of the nuances at play, which are always going to give rise to a degree of variation, because we all have different life experience based on a number of variables.

For this same reason it is important to try and refrain from judging those who are still in the dark, where possible, through compassionately observing world events and understanding it from the perspective of the wider evolution of consciousness, holding trust in our higher ability to circumvent the turmoil through erecting appropriate safeguards and listening to our intuition, so we are able to detect hyper-dimensional interferences reflecting from our own unresolved shadow, or working through others. From a higher perspective, it is all intertwined anyway.

Without attending to to our own internal conflicts and clearing the clutter residing in our unconscious, we continue to attract a reflection of those unresolved aspects, and then pin the blame externally as a way to avoid personal responsibility. That doesn’t mean we are infallible in the face of the impending destabilisation, nor that we are to blame, but it enables us to relinquish the fear that the dark forces have more power than our spirit.

Love always overrides fear and light can always extinguish darkness, for the darkness is merely an absence of light. We are here at this time to help restore the power we have forgotten through successive genetic manipulation into the restrictive two strand DNA expression, coupled with induced amnesia through the fragmentation of consciousness, generated through trauma.

This restoration therefore necessitates exploration through the murky waters of the unconscious, to assimilate its contents back to consciousness through radical self-honesty. What we avoid will continue to reflect as our experience of reality until it is dealt with. As we become more integrated, we allow for greater soul embodiment, and so we can anchor a stronger frequency onto the planet to assist in the transformation process at this pivotal juncture in human history. This is what we signed up for and our souls knew it was going to be quite the ride.

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