Blame/Shame Culture

We are in the grips of a blame/shame culture which functions as an expression of anti-christ consciousness that can work through us to do its bidding. This operates as victim-victimiser software that keeps humanity in conflict with itself and unable to heal through polarity synthesis, whereby we recognise the underlying mechanisms that gives rise to external imbalance. By continuing to project the blame outside of ourselves we keep the karmic wheel turning by feeding the reality inversion system through energy siphoning.

sacral chakra

Duality as a Spectrum

The masculine victimizer software and feminine victim software feed into one another. One cannot exist without the other and both stem from disconnection and disempowerment and require integration through embodiment.

This involves bringing the shadow to consciousness to recognise the dualistic spectrum as it exists within all of us. We all traverse through various states depending on our level of unconsciousness. When we remain disconnected from self-awareness we can be hijacked through blind spots to fulfil external agendas through the negative ego.
Most of us are unaware and in denial of our negative attributes. We tend to frame ourselves in a more benevolent light to avoid facing our own demons and taking accountability for our participation in the fragmentation we witness in the world. We therefore project these dark qualities onto others who illicit them and condemn them to relieve our own guilt and shame.

We lack the observational awareness to see reality objectively and so attribute value judgements to make sense of reality through our own perceptual framework. This perpetuates archetypal conflicts which lead to our own self-destruction and the necessity to repeat cycles until we break the pattern.

Energetic Parisitism

The archontic shadow feeders that architect the matrix know how to exploit these complexes to sustain their lifeforce. They themselves are the product of deep fragmentation through forfeiting the soul. This kind of evil can’t be reasoned with. It lacks the ability to feel remorse or empathy. It is a like an entitised thought-form powered through shadow fragments which has developed its own autonomous will to survive through vampirism. When we starve its food source through reconnecting to spirit, the shadow is vanquished by the light of consciousness, dissolving into the morphogenetic field.

Evil generates power through unresolved conflicts existing within the collective unconscious. When we heal ourselves we contribute to healing the collective. We need enough reclamation of light to tip the scales back along the service-to-others trajectory. This only requires a majority at first (51% +) and then the rest will follow. At the moment, most humans function at the service-to-self end of the continuum, to varying degrees. 

Hawkins Scale of Consciousness indicates that the collective consciousness currently resonates at the level of desire, which is on the devolutionary (Force) end of the spectrum. We seek to primarily serve our own external gratification without respect for how our choices and actions impact the wider balance of reality. Our very survival also depends on feeding off other lifeforms because we aren’t yet able to regenerate through source energy. We are governed by the animal instinct in 3D consciousness and therefore live short lifespans.

As we merge the lower three centres in our own body (the root, sacral and solar plexus) we allow the trapped and condensed energy to move up through to the heart – the 4th dimensional astral soul plane that permits for reality creation, rather than exploitation. This occurs through unification of the masculine/feminine principle, through connection to the holy mother/father principle as emanations of prime creator, and not the distorted energetics that we inherit through social conditioning and which we model off the template of our biological mother and father.

Sexual Misery Programs & Victim-Victimizer Software

Because we are disconnected from understanding the deeper essence of these energetics as a unified force, we act out sexual misery programming as compensation. Much of this fragmentation/trauma resides in the pain body (the instinctual centre) of the sacral, the second dimensional layer that blocks access to the 4D (heart). 

Much efforts are waged to keep humanity enslaved to our primal urges in this part of the body. I’ve observed these energetics (in the West) to be particularly prevalent in the United States due to Moloch binding through genital mutilation, which creates addiction webbing and loss of sexual intimacy, disrupting organic bio-resonance through dysregulation of sexual energy.

Consequently, we witness this externally as intensified victim-victimizer patterns, mainly between males and females projecting their dissatisfaction onto one another, rather than working together to heal through understanding these energetics and the purposeful distortions that keep us divided. There are many defence mechanisms stemming from this, including rigid polarity identification or gender reversals which further destroy the organic architecture.

We cannot evolve beyond 3D consciousness until energetic synthesis of the masculine/feminine occurs, which first is an internal process. This then opens the gateway for hierogamic union between two partners who have initiated through this process and can sexually unite (through the heart) to activate higher consciousness and dormant dna codes, with reverence for biological polarity synthesis. The two are not mutually exclusive. It only appears paradoxical from a 3D lens.

Sexual misery programming is also very apparent within the Abrahamic religions that subjugate evolution through sexual repression, as apparent through male circumcision and feminine repression through the burka, both of which are satanic covenants that keep consciousness confined to material bondage. Sexual repression can give rise to various sexual pathologies due to the accumulation of internal resistance that needs an outlet for release. This could lead to various perversions and/or violence.

We must become aware of anti-christ religious software to help free those caught in its web, whilst keeping faith and spirituality intact. Tantric sex through new age spiritual bypassing has its own issues as well. Again they all represent sexual distortions. We cannot heal as a human collective until we understand our deeper sexual nature as electromagnetic beings. There are deliberate efforts to keep the genders confused and divided to prevent the union necessary for transcendence and harmonious living through cooperation. We live in a dualistic world and the masculine feminine split is at the root of most the suffering we see in the world.

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