Breaking Free From The Singularity

With the looming threat of health passports, now is a good time to reevaluate our beliefs and how they are contributing to external conditions. Entertaining a reality of prison camps for non-conformists is the kind of dystopian future the inorganic ones want us to subscribe to and they take pleasure seeing the truth community crippled with fear, hoping they’ll buckle under the weight of hopelessness and forfeit their personal power.

The more fear we embody surrounding these restrictions, the more permission we give them to materialise because reality is a reflection of the collective consciousness which is an accumulation of our individual beliefs. We can be aware of the intended agenda without subscribing to their narrative. Without our consent through free will, they could not succeed.

The future is unwritten and right now we are cycling through an unavoidable collective dark night of the soul to trigger an awakening from the mass mind control spell. Whilst on external appearances it may appear to be a hopeless situation, things have to get worse before they get better. It is only through suffering and extreme disillusionment that people will be forced to question the nature of reality. Without descending further into the shadow, many people would continue to subscribe to the illusion, believing it to be serving them.

For now the agendas script will continue to play out as we see more countries promote health passports as a condition to reintegrate into society and as a gateway to global digital ids stored on a centralised database. This is underway with international travel restrictions and Israel’s green pass that has led to a medically segregated population depending on their vaccination status. A docile UK is not far behind, welcoming further suffocations on their sovereignty under the guise of health, safety and security.

In the mean time, it serves us well to ask why we would want to reintegrate into such an inverted, dysfunctional society predicated on superficial entertainment and materialism that keeps us divorced from our authentic nature. They rely on our desperation to return to the pubs and go on holiday to forfeit our spiritual sovereignty through permitting experimental DNA altering poison into our divine vessel.

The more our internal state is dependent on external factors, the easier we are to manipulate. Though we’d all like the freedom to travel, this is a window of opportunity to nurture our internal connection, deriving value free from reliance upon the infrastructure of the matrix which can exploit our dependence on it by feeding back the breadcrumbs of the freedoms they were able to take from us. If we don’t define our intrinsic worth based on external factors then they are unable to capture our souls. When we judge our worth based on our internal development, this activates a deeper purpose that works to restore harmony in alignment with Natural Law.

As we nurture this connection to our higher self, our priorities shift and we are less concerned with external preoccupation. We find greater solace in solitude and through nurturing authentic connections with those of resonance. This can be done free from a reliance on the establishment and regardless of lockdowns that aim to fracture our human connection. We also discover a deeper reverence for nature, compelled to retreat from the smog of city life and reconnect to our forgotten roots that provide a free and more enriching stimulation.

Those who were prepared prior to this global destabilisation will have found themselves less affected by the restrictions and more able to navigate through the turbulence, observing events from a position of internal emotional stability, so that they protect their energy and can invest it wisely to fertilise the soil for a new earth. This can involve playing an active role to assist others into higher consciousness through sharing our truth.

The sooner we face up to the reality of the nature of darkness, the easier things will be going forward and the quicker we can organise as a viable resistance against the prevailing conditions, transcending enslavement to frequencies of fear that keep us participating in a destructive timeline.

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