1. The Gender Principle

3. Sexual Energy


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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2. The Chakras

The body is made up of energetic pathways that have been identified through the body. These are known as energy meridians. There are 12 core pathways. The flowing energy is the life force, popularly known by the Chinese as ‘qi‘ or ‘chi‘. Acupuncturists work by identifying any underlying energetic imbalances along these meridian lines. Through the insertion of needles, they can redirect the natural flow of chi along the correct pathway. These pathways are interdependent, so to achieve homeostasis, it is imperative to restore each pathway to its natural state. Other practices that operate under a holistic model of energy include Kinesiology, Reflexology, Homeopathy and Deep Tissue Massage.

Chakras are energy vortices that are a part of the subtle energy body. They serve to vitalise the body and its organs. There are seven primary chakras that can be located through a vertical column within the body known as the ‘hara line’. Each chakra corresponds with a particular colour and serves a different function. They work interdependently and when open and in alignment, the prana (life force) is able to flow through the channels to keep the individual vitalised and in harmony. 

This is reflected physically in the optimal functioning of the endocrine system, which is responsible for distributing hormones to organs through the circulatory system, and the nervous system, which regulates the neurological functioning of the entire biological system. When the individual attains proper integration of the chakras, they are able to embody higher frequencies by harnessing more light energy into their nervous system. This increases their electromagnetic potential which radiates its essence outwards and impacts the external environment which reflects the level of soul embodiment attained. 

Most humans have blockages in a number of their chakras which is impacting their physical, mental and emotional health and consequently divorcing them from their spiritual nature. The lower three chakras correlate to the first three dimensions which give rise to ego complexes and is where trauma is accumulated. Blocks here are the result of limiting conditioned programs acquired environmentally, ancestrally (genetically) and karmically on a soul level. They keep us confined to the physical domain of consciousness until we merge these lower centres through committed healing for shadow resolution. This is like a graduation from the personality to the soul level of being in the astral plane of the 4th dimension and beyond.

The first chakra, the root/base chakra relates to the survival instinct. All repressed traumatic memories are stored on a cellular level in the unconscious mind that relates to this chakra. For as long as these remain unconscious, they continue to exert an unhealthy influence and we remain in bondage to the physical density, operating primarily on base and instinctual desires that serve to provide relief as compensation from the unresolved trauma. Without identifying the underlying causation, we will continue to cycle through repeating patterns that reflect this lack of awareness. Once we are able to identify the origins of the pain, we are half way on the journey to healing. 

The seat of consciousness is located at the perineum. When the energy flow is inverted, accompanied by a distorted breathing pattern, energy is lost through the lower chakras and is unable to circulate up through the chakra system. This will mean we are unable regenerate energy through embodiment of higher frequencies that enable the nervous system to regulate itself. This imbalance can trigger a subdued nervous system or activate the fight/flight response which drains our energetic resources through high release of cortisol. Both these expressions can result in physical illness. 

Each chakra has two unhealthy polarity expressions that can be designated as over-active or under-active. When we find the middle way, we achieve a transcendent state of integration. A balanced root chakra would constitute being rooted/grounded in the physical world, characterised by feelings of stability and security. By attending to the roots we fertilise the soil, building the foundation for healthy spiritual growth.  For this reason it is best to attend to this layer first.  

The negative expression of an overactive root chakra would be the bully archetype seeking to control and exploit others for self-gain and selfishly acquire material wealth as a means of gaining power. The expression of an underactive/blocked root would be the victim archetype who always feels at the mercy to the external world and struggles to take personal responsibility to change their circumstances.

All trauma, whether we remember it or not, is stored as a memory in our body, which does not discriminate between positive and negative content. Unconscious blockages derived from an imbalanced root can lead to disruption in the instinctual centre that drives addictions through enslavement to impulses, consuming vital energies that could be redirected to activate personal growth and creative potential. The location of these instinctual drives is known as the pain body, in the second chakra, the sacral chakra, and is a predominant source of suffering related to sexual misery programs, which most of humanity will find itself enslaved to a certain degree. This blocks the ability to access and open the heart connection in the fourth chakra.

The way people react, and the severity of their trauma, will depend on their unique disposition and circumstances, which also has its roots in acquired generational and past life trauma. Some individuals may be less affected than others if they have been able to engage in the inner process and/or have a solid support network and environment that promotes higher well-being and growth. 

The more intense the trauma that still resides in the unconscious, the greater the defence mechanisms employed by the ego, which leads to preoccupation with external circumstances and people. This gives rise to negative judgements, which are projections stemming from the unconscious shadow. These unresolved emotions tend to accumulate in the third chakra, the solar plexus. If these are not made conscious, the person will continue to identify with their negative ego, which becomes their identity, and they cannot separate this from the higher mind that isn’t a product of trauma. 

Through ascertaining greater self-awareness, the individual starts to recognise the expressions of the negative ego and can choose to dis-identify from these unhealthy patterns by bringing observer awareness to their thoughts and behaviours. This helps in the formation of healthier habits to bring the individual back into greater alignment with their authentic self.  This way the individual is assimilating the shadow back to consciousness through trauma resolution, opening the gateway to higher potential in alignment with the individual’s soul purpose. An individual who is balanced in the solar plexus will feel independent and confident in themselves.

This process must begin with self-acceptance through self-love, being forgiving for one’s past. When we align back with spirit with the sincerity to engage in the healing process, no matter how difficult, we align with a higher will that is there to support us through the process. Divine grace is offered to those who make amends and commit in service to divine will to serve the self and the others in alignment with right morality and right action, without exploiting energy outside to fill an internal void. This includes extracting from nature through materialism and other choices that all feed entropy through destruction to the planet. The earth is hosting our experience, providing the opportunity for transformational growth if we can learn to work with the flow of spirit that resides within us and connects us to all life on earth and beyond.