Choice Polarities

The choice polarities are intensifying. At an increasing rate we are seeing a reflection of our choices in manifest reality. From one vantage point, when observing the collective landscape, we are heading deeper into global tyranny, on a scale not witnessed before, but this planetary takeover is not just a recent event. It spans across this entire cycle of human history, and likely long before.

Choice Polarities

Control From The Outside

Authority over a population takes different expressions, depending on the times. Today it appears as governance, consisting of nearly every nation government who is under the thumb of those pulling its strings, through debt enslavement to the banking dynasty, as well as other more nefarious affiliations.
In the past it took the form of monarchies and religious servitude, courtesy of the Catholic infiltration of the indigenous and benevolent pagan cultures that held the keys to our forgotten history and multidimensional dna, which is becoming fragmented to the point of complete spiritual dissociation, severing the etheric from the physical body, so that deeply mind controlled subjects become nothing but mere programmed automatons doing the bid of their handlers. This constitutes a kind of possession, where humans become conduits to fulfil a role that otherwise would not be possible without majority consent.
The mRNA technology works to exemplify this trajectory for those who haven’t yet been able to restore the seed of self-awareness and evolve down a more individuated path. Individual evolution is substituted with attachment to a hive mind, working against its own interests through self-subjugation. This is best achieved through technological control, using the internet to target and tarnish dissidents. Rampant virtue signalling and pernicious underhand tactics are employed to police their own citizens.
This is the result of heavy mind control that has its roots in more than just environmental conditioning from this lifetime. The collective psyche is deeply traumatised through eons of genetic suppression, for which we are now witnessing the end of a cycle. This end can herald a new beginning, or it can be a descent deeper into the underworld of a virtual reality that loses its connection to the natural and biological world, stuck in a synthetic replica that feeds dark energies the sustenance they need to maintain their life force, because they have severed themselves from their own nature, playing the role of Gods in a wicked experiment that will eventually meet its maker through karmic retribution.

Compassion & Discernment

There is always hope. Even those who have succumbed to the invasive gene therapies should not be forgotten or diminished. Some of these souls have a kind heart and have sadly lost their way. Other souls are young and impressionable, unable to utilise a critical mind at this stage of their development. Its important we differentiate these from those who will gladly enforce tyranny on those who take the other path. These too are deeply wounded souls, looking to protect their fragile egos, in bondage to the physical domain with no understanding of the implications of their actions on a spiritual level, because they are in denial of its existence.
Those who deny spirit (our true nature) will cling to materialism at all costs and live in illusion. They could not fathom a world where metaphysical forces are working through them and hijacking their consciousness and behaviour. They believe their mind to be their own and their ideas original. These agents are best avoided during these times. They are not worth challenging or investing any emotional energy towards. It feeds their self-proclaimed power and gives them more ammunition to exercise their perceived control to try and infiltrate the genuine efforts of the positive movement.

Moral integrity & Non-Compliance

Change won’t occur through wasted energy. Mobilisation efforts are much more effective, coupled with non-compliance. We are seeing the benefits of this already, in places like France, who are leading the charge against the health passports that are intended to become digital ids hooked to a global blockchain, functioning as a social credit system. When this becomes the norm, it will be much more difficult to relinquish ties to the technological behemoth that wants to entrap as many people in its web of complete global surveillance, so that every thought, emotion and behaviour can be accounted for.
When this comes knocking on our door, we must follow suit by withdrawing any engagement from compliant establishments, whether or not they oppose it on a moral level and are complying out of fear. It is this acquiescence that keeps the timeline moving toward a singularity. We have to make bold choices now, irrespective of consequences. There is no soul bargaining price worth paying to build our own prison.
When we act with integrity doing what we know to be right, with a strong self belief and understanding of universal laws, the divine will help nudge us along the path through synchronicity and we will receive guidance from our higher self through the body. It is our job to discern the signals through tuning into intuition and trusting it.

Attending To The Shadow

This takes practice and requires that we always make time for introspection and shadow clearing, otherwise we accumulate too much unconscious clutter that blocks the channel, and all our external efforts amount to very little. In fact, the external can become a dumping ground for our projections, through failure to attend to unresolved conflicts that demand attention. Therefore, we contribute to the continuation of the very reality we fear.
The battle is also working through us. The collective is a manifestation of an accumulation of psychic contents within its individuals. When we shift internally, we are contributing to the collective shift. The degree of that influence is dependent on the extent that we can reconnect to our authentic self, beneath the layers of conditioning that keep us governed by an untamed ego that functions off self-serving interests to mask the underlying pain.
Nothing can be transmuted unless we venture through descent into the shadow first. Now is the time to get honest and face our past mistakes with self-acceptance and love. We have all done things we regret and this doesn’t need to determine who we are, or who we become. Another path is possible and this will inevitably involve some deep restructuring of the lives we are accustomed to, but it was never going to be easy.

Letting Go Of The Fear

We are attempting to starve out this virus from our minds, and part of our minds want to resist it. This is that self-sabotaging voice that convinces us to stay in fear, or that we aren’t up to the task. It prefers to accept defeat and try and find a comfort zone to fall back into, but this only perpetuates misery on the soul, which is yearning for us to step up and into our unique role that we were destined to fulfil. Not tomorrow, not next year, not in the next lifetime.
Small, manageable steps can be taken now, at the least, to adjust our condition to become more favourable, in spite of what we are observing on the outside. The media works by keeping us in a frequency of fear. Get up to date and tune out from the noise. When you are invested, see the charade for what it is. Laugh at it. Realise that it wants you to play by its rules, otherwise there couldn’t be a game. We need to rewrite the script.
We don’t live in a predetermined reality despite how predictably things are playing out. Even as the tyranny ensues, we can at least work to split down a different personal timeline, connecting with others of resonance to start building pockets of resistance. This may not come in the form of physical communities, for now, but will work through energetic resonance and be influencing the collective reality in ways that may not be immediately obvious. We can’t predict exactly how these timelines will play out, because we aren’t supposed to. Reality creation happens in the now and we have to let it unfold from this place, from a position of trust.

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