Compassion For Those Who Cannot See

Whilst there are those consumed by darkness and ego, there are others who simply cannot see, but their kind and loving nature is still self-evident. They have not yet accessed the seed of self-awareness to evolve down an individuated path capable of utilising a critical mind to discern healthy from harmful choices. They naively believe the illusion serves them and that such widespread evil could not possibly exist.
We will all still encounter those good hearts, led astray, in our day to day lives, and should work to treat an individual on their own merit, rather than brandishing all those who have the made a bad choice under the banner of brainwashed sheeple deserving of an untimely fate. Such an attitude reinforces the intended separation of humanity at a time where unity has never been more important.
Succumbing to the dark potion doesn’t automatically disqualify someone’s right to be treated with respect, so long as they are not causing direct harm to us. We need more compassion during these difficult times, not more projections and emotional turmoil. Righteous anger is unavoidable in the face of uncomfortable truth, but this can be transmuted as a force to fight for justice and truth and to protect the innocent who still cannot yet see because their spirit is not sufficiently nurtured, not because they choose to align with evil.
Those that have allowed darkness to consume them will make themselves known. They’ll try to infiltrate our field, sabotage our efforts, publicly shame, slander, humiliate and cancel, and all under the guise of warped and inverted virtues masking their deeply tormented soul. This is where we can draw the line and protect our energy, for all efforts will be futile.
It serves well to create a safe container from which to best serve humanity, and this will necessitate some difficult choices and relationship readjustments. These are necessary to move into greater alignment with our authenticity so we can start to nurture the art of reality creation with less external interference. From this place we can assist in different ways.

There are those that require a compassionate and softer approach to nudge them in the right direction. Just because we can’t reach someone directly, some may simply benefit from the light you are embodying and anchoring on the planet at this time, which alone can have the power to transmute artificial energies that may be present in the shared environment. Above all, the power of the heart can defy logic and create miracles, so there is always hope.

Mind precedes matter, so a positive belief, even in the face of increasing adversity, can influence physical reality, no matter how subtle. As the conscious ones learn to harness their shared quantum potential, this will reverberate through the collective field. Just as harmful electromagnetic frequencies can disrupt human neurology, the opposite is also true. Our electromagnetic potential far supersedes that attuned to artificial intelligence, which can only function through manipulated free will and is parasitic and therefore entropic by nature. Balance has to be restored.

It is disconcerting to see those we care about make disempowering choices that feel out the grasp of our control, but it is never too late. We are all already severely genetically engineered, yet here we find ourselves at the frontier of a spiritual rebirth. Nothing is set in stone. When we reawaken our dormant light codes, this positively electrifies the holographic field, influencing all those around us, because we are all connected. This can rewire fragmented dna.
You can try to take the soul of human. It can be buried behind layers of ego and artificial programs that require more work to unravel, perhaps lifetimes, but the seed of spirit cannot be vanquished. It is who we are.

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