Connecting to Authenticity

The world is undergoing mass mind control to program behaviour to fit a ‘new normal’ through conditioning a state of learned helplessness – a psychological condition where subjects accept a state of powerlessness even in the face of a viable alternative. This perceived lack of control can be used as a way to incrementally usher in tighter rules and regulations using fear as the mechanism of control. This has been a work in progress for longer than we can imagine.

In the face of a perceived threat, the survival instinct, governed by our ego, can convince us to give away nearly all our freedom and to completely abandon any critical thought. In such cases, many individuals have been hypnotised into believing anything that they read from controlled media, even when it completely conflicts with common sense or contradicts other information presented by the same source.

This type of deep behavioural conditioning allows manipulators to hijack free will to pledge blind trust in authority and bend reality to fit its own agenda.

But we don’t have to participate in this experiment…

It’s a case of reclaiming sovereignty over our consciousness and recognising that our mind is a powerful reality creation tool that can shape our personal environment to the degree that we are able to reverse the psychological conditioning and exercise control over our choices so that they are congruent with our authentic self and not governed externally.

When we can shift our mental focus in this way then our being starts to resonate at corresponding frequencies which brings forth manifestations in the external world.

However, if we are still governed unconsciously by our unresolved shadow then it will be more difficult to discern authentically aligned thoughts from those conjured by the will of the ego, based on conditioning. To reclaim personal power the shadow must be bought to the light and exposed so that it can be transmuted.

Denial and repression of darkness only expands its influence because it rules from the shadow and takes form in the outer world. This is what makes predictive and subliminal programs so effective. They latch onto blind spots in our awareness so that we manifest our own demise.

Because free will is a universal law, there must be consent on some level to the reality that is created. Without the participation of mass consciousness, these changes could not come into effect. Even one individual alone can steer their destiny down a new trajectory, so imagine the potential of that en masse.

The change starts with each individual but increases in power with numbers. Consciousness is not equal however. With every elevation, the influence over ones external conditions gets wider and has the potential to penetrate a very influential field.

Start by choosing not to follow the program. Be brave and withdraw your consent. Invest in decisions that promote your health, well-being, freedom and individuality, even in the face of strong backlash. Trust in your inner voice and don’t let others opinions of you drown it out. What may seem like a sacrifice at first turns out to be a blessing.

All the things that shaped our self-worth on the outside were only temporary attachments to fill an internal void. Those attachments start to slip away – the superficial friends, artificial entertainment, soul destroying occupations. As we reconnect with our authenticity, what we need has a tendency to find us.

There is a great opportunity ironically encoded within the chaos on confusion on the world stage at the moment. With the curtain drawn and props taken away, how do we feel about ourselves? Let that be the starting point.

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