Consciousness Creates Reality

The frequency explanation resonates most strongly with me when it comes to the shedding phenomenon (see image in comments). If everyone were just walking around shedding spike proteins, then it would be a pretty bleak situation, though even in this case it could work on an energetic basis. If the frequency we’re picking up doesn’t match then it won’t be able to enter our field, or at least our physical and energetic body will do a better job repelling it.

As well as our physical bodies, we also have subtle bodies that are more expansive depending on our resonance. The most powerful field comes from the heart and so the primary aim of the parasites is to shut down our heart centre so that we can’t embrace our wider spiritual nature that encompasses more love and empathy. Achieving this disconnection has involved a genetic engineering program that has spanned millennia, reducing humans to the two strand frame of expression, confined within the visible light perception governed by materialism through the laws of physics, that have excluded the fundamental component of consciousness as the building block of matter.

Should we recognise that consciousness creates reality, we would be able to take back control over our minds and govern our existence free from the manipulation of external authority that requires human energy for its own survival because it has divorced itself from its own essence. We are made to believe that we are powerless and victims of fate. That way we comply to their system of control out of pure survival instinct. This is why perpetuating fear is their most prized programming technique. They will do this through whatever means possible and that includes creating division wherever there is the opportunity.

By believing we are under constant threat from all those who have taken the gene interventions, and succumbing to fear and paranoia, or continually projecting blame and anger onto others, then we are feeding right into the energy siphoning program, and regardless of whether we are closer to the truth, this division can be further exploited to keep the earth functioning at a frequency that will permit their continued reign.

The way I see it, these experimental technologies that people are taking reflect what level they are functioning at, or their current level of soul embodiment. Their bodies could not accept it otherwise. Whilst some may be sitting on the fence about whether to go ahead with it, others are beyond persuasion, unwilling under any circumstance to take a look at information that conflicts with the mainstream narrative being fed to them. These individuals are not yet ready to be unplugged and to take back internal authority and so they need to be governed on the outside.

The controllers are like an extension of authority in our early years. The educational indoctrination program starts at such a young age, grooming us to be subservient and to follow rules unquestioningly. This extends to university, and then into the workplace, by which point the program is deeply cemented into the psyche of its adherents and they continue to rely on external sources to govern their perception, which drives their behaviours. If we haven’t developed the capacity for critical thought or been able to access internal intelligence through intuition, we will believe that the establishment that has constructed the system to which we adhere are the arbiters of truth to whom we must respect, worship and defend.

This is what leads to Stockholm Syndrome, which in reality is just deep seated Learned Helplessness, a condition whereby we are so conditioned by our handlers that we don’t believe there is an alternative way of living. Those who present a different path are then seen as the threat to the established ways that make them feel secure in their illusion and so they will fight to defend it, siding with their oppressors and condemning their liberators to avoid personal confrontation and uphold cognitive dissonance.

This is the soul contract many have signed up to, and time will tell whether they can break out the spell in this lifetime. It may be that a monumental life event sparks an awakening, or they become so disillusioned and unhappy that they are forced into enquiry, but with the successive eugenics taking place the mind will be in deeper bondage and the soul-body split will intensify, meaning the human vessel can be more easily programmed, right down to the level of thoughts and feelings, and sometimes to the point of complete soul dissociation and/or infiltration.

What the evil fails to realise is that they are just a product of this themselves, but through their own making. They have become so fractured and consumed by power that they believe if they bring others down to their level they can wield more control and play God, but at some point they will be vanquished in the black hole of their own creation or require rehabilitation which will entail a long and difficult evolutionary process. Only true connection to the divine promises a life free from suffering, but we cannot establish that connection without recognising our own shadow and working to assimilate it back to consciousness so that we don’t unwittingly become the very evil we are trying to combat.

As people start to organise according to their resonance, naturally splits in the population will occur without the need to try and infringe on others free will or feed into the division game. As I’ve said many times, we can plant the seeds of awareness (which is imperative during these times to assist those who have the willingness to change, but haven’t yet stepped into that potential), but we cannot force someone to change. This often just exemplifies the division and creates more emotional turmoil that feeds the beast. If we are confident in our own evolutionary trajectory then we will progressively feel less contempt for other people’s choices and we will take charge of our own destiny, connecting with others to whom we can relate organically and free from tension.

Those who are not in alignment will naturally slip away, and though, for the time being, we may still be sharing the same physical space, we won’t be functioning on the same vibrational channel and so there will be less incidences where we run into conflict with them. If we don’t want to pull/be pulled into their field of influence then we have to try not to focus on what we don’t like about them or get angry about their decisions. Easier said than done of course, and this is something we all can work on.

Ironically, the more we focus on ourselves and making the right choices, the more likely others will gravitate to us, because they will feel the pull of inspiration that we are emitting, through demonstrating how our lives have become empowered by choosing to walk our own path and not submitting to fear. We will be showing that there can be another way and giving them permission to undergo their own personal transformation should they so wish. That way we won’t become the object of their projection from having forced them to change when they weren’t ready.

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