Natural Law and Constitutional Rights

We only have so much power to guide others to more empowering choices. When we start to impose our choices/beliefs onto others, even if they are more aligned with truth, we risk infringing upon anothers free will. This violates Natural Law, and so the cause we are promoting ironically can become inverted.

Natural Law

Breaking Out of The Illusion

Adults are responsible for making informed choices through utilising a critical mind and conducting due diligence, especially in matters concerning their health and safety. Sadly, many are deeply conditioned into blind subservience to external authority, governed by those who wish to manipulate their free will through deception and coercion, which promotes their own self-interest, whilst exploiting others energy.
This type of service-to-self predatory behaviour keeps humanity locked in a wheel of the victim-victimiser complex, creating an imbalance to the whole. To break the cycle requires reclaiming more consciousness. This is activated through assimilating the shadow, both within and outside. We can commit to seeking truth through internal inquiry and seeking knowledge about the nature of reality, free from socially engineered belief systems indoctrinated by the establishment.
This will entail venturing into the recesses of the unconscious mind to declutter and remove faulty programs that are governing unhealthy behaviour from the shadows. This is not a pain free process. It involves confrontation with some uncomfortable truths, both about ourselves and the world. This is why many people are afraid to go there and would prefer to live in illusion. They live locked in a state of Stockholm Syndrome believing their oppressors will serve and protect them.
Deep down a voice says something isn’t right. At some point, likely triggered through suffering, they will be propelled toward internal inquiry, seeking answers. This is what activates a dark night of the soul transition. During this time, false layers are shed to clear the gateway to access the authentic self and to live in greater accordance with divine principles, expressed through Natural Law.

Inalienable Rights

Within the framework of modern society, constitutional values/principles are the closest we have to this. In the UK we have the Magna Carta (1215) and there is also the Constitution of the United States and Australia (amongst others).
First and foremost, they operate on the fundamental premise of ‘do no harm’, outlining core, inalienable rights afforded to human beings by virtue of being living, breathing souls. These include the right to free movement, freedom of assembly and free expression. These rights are not given to us, but are our birthright, granted by a higher authority, which is our own divinity. It does not matter whether or not you deny the existence of a creator, for no man, government or institution can assume that role. Therefore, any institution in existence is created by the people, for the people and has no dominion over them.
When we were served our birth papers, these were creating a fictional identity. We were conditioned into accepting this, but it was never signed by the flesh and blood human with their expressed consent. In effect, it has no true legitimacy. At any point we can revoke permission to identify with our state issued identity and to reclaim our authentic identity. This is the transcendent spiritual and sovereign self.

More Law Means Less Freedom

Complex and convoluted man-made laws are created intentionally to limit individual sovereignty and, at best, should be approached as guidelines for good conduct/behaviour. They should not be enforceable under common law. This is the basis of trial by jury of our peers.
The use of unconstitutional emergency powers are purposefully being executed to override the democratic process. It is only our acquiescence to these (which includes our silence), that gives them any legitimacy. This grants authorities the ability to increasingly revoke civil liberties through totalitarian restrictions and surveillance, in effect building our own prison.
Should we have ignored the mandates in early 2020, we would not be in the position we are today. Reality is crafted by the collective consciousness, which has been moulded into a programmed hive mind to do the bidding of its handlers. This is achieved through instilling fear into the minds of men, wielding mind control upon them through false flag events to create mass hysteria, reinforced through purposeful frequency control pushed through media channels. When we unconsciously consume media, we are functioning in an alpha state and become susceptible to subliminal impressions. This is how MK Ultra works on a deeper level.

Taking Power Back For Future Generations

Due to our incapacity as a collective to challenge unlawful impositions, through our own cognitive dissonance and learned helplessness, we are in a position where the goal posts continue to widen. Our children are under threat. It was only a matter of time. When it comes to those who are not yet able to utilise a critical mind regarding their health, they are more impressionable to influence, particularly peer pressure, in order to fit in.
This is being exploited to promote disobedience to parental authority and by intending to grant schools the authority to administer medical procedures without parental consent. This is an extremely slippery slope. As adults we have a moral obligation to be the protectors of those more vulnerable. Right now the situation calls for it. Ignorance is no excuse. At any moment, we can turn this around and get on the right side of truth again. Many parents will be met with this choice in coming times.
Children are the future of this Earth. They are being systematically targeted from all angles at the moment, and many of them won’t have the ability to see it, unless we help guide them.

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