Diffusing External Interferences

The latest Tier restrictions were intentionally sprung upon an unwitting public at this precise time, coming into effect on the 20th just before the powerful winter solstice, combined with the Saturn Jupiter conjunction, in an attempt to crush the festive spirit and cripple people with fear so that they aren’t able to receive the influx of energy pouring into the Earth at this time. The aim is to keep the collective locked in one predetermined timeline through pushing toward a singularity that relies on a hive mind. This can only emerge should enough people remain fixed on the mind control program, which feeds their version of reality through the propaganda channels, which are intensifying.

Those aware of this, however, will feel naturally averse to these bombardments, focused on protecting their energy by detaching from any harmful frequencies, whether they are coming through media channels or from those walking around disabled by fear, acting unconsciously as matrix agents to suppress the elevating resistance. Now is a good time to embrace the solstice energies and to stay focused on the future you wish to create.

As more individuals reclaim their personal power, the collective momentum builds, generating new timelines of possibility determined by the will of each individual and the co-creative will of tribes coming into alignment through soul resonance. This is a natural gravitational pull that only requires we attend to our inner landscape and reflect those insights into the external landscape. Both polarities will continue to intensify and this will bring about inevitable conflict as incongruent belief systems, reflected through personal vibrational state, go through the bifurcation process.

It is important to be attuned to our blind spots which can be more prone to exploitation through hyper dimensional interference during these times. Electromagnetic bombardment can alter our mental/emotional state, so try not to identify with any sudden fluctuations, as these are likely an outside interference. Should you feel knocked out of balance, work to reduce exposure to sources of radiation.

Utilise night shift and dark mode on phone and keep the brightness to a minimum. Keep bluetooth off when not in use. Turn phone off or on airplane mode at night and keep it a couple of metres away from your person. Turn wifi off at the router before sleep and dim lights progressively through the evening, avoiding harsh bright white led’s which interfere with melatonin production.

Infrared and Himalayan salt lamps help to purify the air and our biofield and houseplants help to minimise radiation and purify also. Don’t absorb too much information before sleep, including from alternative sources as this can clutter the subconscious and impact replenishment through sleep and the dream process.

Should you feel restless, a consistent stretching/yoga practice, cardio workouts, and magnesium chloride salt baths will help dissipate any excess energy in the nervous system and aid with relaxation. Bringing attention back to the breath should always be the first course of action, intentionally breathing into the belly allowing the pelvic floor to relax back to the seat of consciousness. Periodically engage in heavy metal and free radical detoxes and drink mineral water free from contaminants and fluoride.

Be conscious of who’s energy you are engaging with as people are very triggered at the moment and prone to projecting, especially when they are used as a conduit working through their blind spots to try and derail those aligning down a more empowering trajectory. Avoid environments where you know the energy will be intense and anxious, particularly shopping centres, high streets and supermarkets.

The collective energy of masked individuals struggling to access sufficient oxygen will put them in a fight/flight response triggering unresolved emotions to spill over, sometimes in a complete irrational rage. These people are only harming themselves so don’t let them bring you down too. There is no point getting embroiled in conflict when people are charged in this way, though uphold healthy boundaries if necessary and then move on.

The Matrix is crumbling and the cracks are really starting to show. There are those desperately clinging to the scraps of a dying world and this appears like a dystopia, straight out of Orwell’s 1984. The Gestapo are everywhere and Nazi Germany has gone global, but we can navigate around this through being wise and trusting our intuition if it rings alarm bells. Carrying a high vibration can lift those around us and we may be surprised with some of our interactions. Use discernment and we can avoid most unpleasant experiences.

The war on consciousness wages on into 2021 and things will seem to get progressively worse in the collective landscape, but as the darkness exemplifies so too does the light, and just as facing the darkness within ourselves can initiate a personal awakening through the integration of the shadow, so too can external upheavals generate new waves of collective rebirth.

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