Discerning Truth From Propaganda

The problem with ‘science’ today is that you can produce nearly any result you want if you change the parameters of the study to suit your agenda and then if this same result is replicated and published in ‘respectable’ journal articles (peer-reviewed or otherwise), peddled by the lobbyists and those doing the brainwashing, then you end up adopting their narrative.

This manipulation of science, reinforced by algorithms and censorship from the media and big tech is a powerful weapon controlling the minds of the masses to the point that any contradicting information is instantly disregarded as a conspiracy theory, ‘pseudo-science’ or any other patronising term employed to try and uphold their self-annointed image of intellectual superiority, which in reality is a smokescreen to cover up an underlying fear of relinquishing their cognitive dissonance, because facing the truth would shatter the ego’s perceived sense of security and self-importance and entail stripping away the layers of conditioning and venturing down the rabbit hole.

Science is predominantly confined to the material domain, restricted within the five senses. Once we accept that we have been fed an illusion of perception, it means opening up to the possibility that reality is much deeper than we’d realised, and this fear of the unknown can exert a strong sense of discomfort in those that prefer to cling onto physical reality. This fear derives from the fear of death or annihilation, though paradoxically confronting death is the gateway to life and the acknowledgement that our souls are indestructible and that our essence only changes form upon death of the physical body.

Until we recognise the driving force of reality as consciousness (as proven through quantum-mechanics), and that we can manipulate this through conscious intent to be ‘creators’, then we will continue to ‘respond’ to reality, governed through classical and operant conditioning that produces mechanical responses that strip away humanity, transitioning humans into programmable vehicles with an operating system governed by something outside of themselves.

We each have a responsibility to educate ourselves about the nature of reality and to question everything by exploring all possibilities. The difference between those peddling the controllers narrative and those who are presenting alternative possibilities, is that the latter are more likely to have looked at both sides and come to an informed conclusion, whereas others are simply regurgitating conditioned responses that they believe are their own. They worship external sources as the arbiter of truth and falsely believe that something with a fancy accreditation or large financial backing has more grounds to dictate the truth and policies.

This is why at the advent of this mysterious event, people jumped at the advice of the WHO, hailing them as our saviours, without bothering to investigate the company and their ties to the likes of Bill Gates, fronted by Tedros, a man with a very questionable past with his dealings in Ethiopia. Some of this knowledge isn’t even hard to find. It’s hidden in plain sight, we just don’t put the pieces together. We see the words ‘World’ ‘Health’ and ‘Organisation’ and assume this means they have the power to dictate rules and restrictions on freedom to a world population of billions. And then because that narrative is endorsed by the mainstream media outlets and tech companies, it becomes accepted as ‘truth’.

There has been swathes of information come to light revealing the corruption of world leaders and governments this year, including from ‘reputable’ health professionals, whistleblowers with actual inside knowledge, and genuinely concerned citizens who have done thorough due diligence, yet these are all written off as anomalies, as individuals who have gullibly attached to a cult or been brainwashed, which is somewhat ironic.

Others have made in depth documentaries with evidence integrated within it, like the popular ‘Plandemic’, but rather than watching it with an open mind and following the trail independently, their judgement is determined by what the ‘fact checkers’ tell them, parroting the term ‘debunked’ far and wide to reinforce their stance which they believe holds more weight because it is the majority opinion, yet these ‘fact checkers’ are not held under the same scrutiny and could have been written by the tooth fairy for all we know. The renowned ‘Snopes’ didn’t have much credibility given it was created by a man and his wife in response to ‘urban legends’. Where do the fact checkers get their ‘facts’ from? Likely the same owned and controlled mainstream establishments that dictate the media.

Until we learn to sharpen our discernment and not to rely on the rational intellect alone, we may be unable to see beyond veil of illusion propped up through a centralised control system, whose influence is wielded from the top down. If the WHO determines the truth about a virus, and this is disseminated through various channels beneath them, then this isn’t a representative view shared by all the world leaders and general population, but a narrative dictated by one body that could easily have its’ own ulterior motives, which becomes apparent if you do the independent research and are capable of drawing together links.

Feelings can also be misleading, often mistaken as intuition, especially when coming from unprocessed wounds that can lead to biases, and ‘alternative’ media can also be infiltrated or present half-truths or misinformation, and so we shouldn’t hold this to a different standard. Jumping on bandwagons and trusting something just because it ‘resonates’ isn’t sufficient. Don’t even trust what I say.

If we are sincerely dedicated to seeking truth, regardless of the way it makes us feel, or what others tell us, then we are most likely to be drawn to realisations that come as a result of combining logic, intuition, discernment and compassion and these faculties are strengthened through a commitment to being sovereign and reclaiming our minds. It is a gradually unfolding process and no one can walk this path for you. We can plant the seeds for those who are drawn into alignment, but we can’t force anyone to adopt information that they are not ready, or willing, to receive.

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