Discernment Within and Without

The future continues to appear uncertain in the global arena. Many predictions have failed to transpire as hoped by those attached to specific outcomes and dependent primarily on knowledge to guide their decision making. Fixation on outside events is useful in as far as logical reasoning is concerned, but discernment and the intellect are not synonymous. 

Whilst the intellect can serve as a subordinate tool, true discernment comes through spiritual embodiment, allowing us to feel truth as resonance in our being. This cellular awareness is the result of dedicated efforts to reconnect authentically, free from wishful thinking and confirmation biases of the ego, which formulates into belief systems.

It is easy to conflate our beliefs with reality, or overestimate our own capacity to establish truth, but reality is more complex and there are many traps of awareness that can preoccupy our focus within limiting parameters, that may appear like they are evolving, but are taking us down a rabbit hole of skewed perception, blinding us to the multi-faceted nature of reality that expresses itself in nuanced ways.

This requires that we maintain an open mind and not complacently assert that we hold the ultimate truth. As soon as we stop on our quest for truth, both internally and externally, and believe we have ‘cracked the code’, we become prone to falling into a limiting belief system, either of our own making, or one purposefully orchestrated as a trap. 

We are in the age of psychological warfare, where propaganda not only exists within the mainstream structure, but extends into almost all avenues of information. It is our responsibility not to blindly attach to knowledge that serves to uphold our perception, which in doing so can limit us in the same way as those attached to the mainstream narrative. It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon, circulating information that has not been personally verified, and risk promoting misinformation that diminishes our plausibility, despite best intentions. 

There are many cases of stories or images making the rounds that turn out to be untrue when you do the dedicated personal investigation, which entails both critical analysis – correlating information from a variety of resources to draw the most likely conclusion, and utilising intuition – that can only be accessed through soul integration, clearing the vessel of its unconscious blockages to open the gateway to become a conduit for divine wisdom to flow through. 

A combination of these will give us greater confidence in our perception of events, free from ego judgements and smoke and mirrors, yet this is a continuous process that requires re-evaluation and continued self-work and spiritual practice to ensure we are upholding the greatest state of balance from which we can continue to evolve down that trajectory with as little interference as possible.

Some of us prefer to disregard the intricacies of world events in favour of a holistic perception, seeing most researchers, activists, spiritual teachers and truth seekers as naive, self-serving, misled or controlled opposition. Though this may be true in many cases, it is through such analysis of the detail that we are able to learn about reality in all its interdependent expressions, which are the result of individual and collective free will.

If we abandon everything external solely in favour of the internal, we may become ungrounded and stuck in abstractions, forfeiting some important understandings that can only be found through a more microcosmic lens. The actions and beliefs of the component parts (individuals and present events) are what contribute to the whole, which can’t be changed until we engage as a compassionate witness.

By dismissing someone or something just because we believe we have evolved beyond it, it could come back to bite us because we are denying others their personal process that contributes to the collective evolution. If we only view others efforts with cynicism or arrogance, we are demonstrating through our own behaviours that we believe ourselves spiritually superior, thereby separating ourselves from others, which ironically contributes to the entropic trajectory humanity is currently on. In such cases, our perceived level of consciousness or wealth of knowledge is not serving us, or the world, in the best way it could. 

This does not insinuate that we remove personal boundaries and become a sponge for others projections/unconscious energy siphoning, nor assume that we can relate on everybody’s level and know every person’s motives, but much can be learned through the act of observation alone, without having to emotionally invest and lose energy. 

If we get too wrapped up in the intricacies, we risk falling into the other extreme, and can become so invested in ‘knowing’ everything, that it taxes our energy, opening us up to easier infiltration. It can also result in a loss of faith in the unfolding of events according to divine timing, trying too hard to play our part, and forfeiting the necessity for consistent self-work and the importance to surrender to divine will sometimes, instead of continually searching for answers outside and wearing ourselves down on the perpetual hamster wheel of ‘fighting the enemy’. 

The battle is fought both within and without, and it is as important that we integrate our own shadow as we tackle its collective manifestation on the outside, which expresses itself as systems of control and authority. Unless we are able to reintegrate within ourselves, the perceived enemy outside will appear increasingly unconquerable. It’s shadow will become more immersive as it interfaces with our own demons, thrusting us onto an unfavourable timeline that reflects the vibration we are carrying internally.

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