1. Frequencies & Vibrations

2. Integration

3. Gender Principle


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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4. Discipline v Surrender

Restoring the feminine involves bringing more spirituality into our lives through activating extra-sensory capabilities, like intuition, to read between the lines and discern what information is true and what is based on corruption and lies. Deep introspection and self-work help to clear out the faulty programs of mental conditioning, linked to the unhealthy aspects of the logical masculine, to make space to transition toward more authentic creative expression, the feminine aspect of being rooted in holistic awareness of the body and the embodiment of higher frequencies. This also means being able to manage our emotions effectively and identify when our triggers may be exploited or acted out/projected, causing us to behave irrationally (the unhealthy feminine). In an embodied state, the feminine and masculine energies work in harmony, enabling the application of logic and intuition where necessary.

Surrender is the feminine ‘recessive’ aspect of being that downloads, processes, feels and recharges. In these states clarity and perspective can be gained on things that are confusing or troubling, nudging an individual back onto the right trajectory in alignment with their souls calling. It also activates creative potential. Women tend to more effortlessly sink back into themselves and their emotions, whereas men feel more compelled to take action, as this energizes them. But life is a flux of surrender and action, and each individual needs to respect that balance.

We can normally detect when it’s time to reverse the flow of energy based on how we are feeling. Men also benefit from surrender and channelling as well as from direct action through engagement with the world. When we expend more energy than we have available, we are left feeling drained. If we find ourselves continually frustrated and angry to the point of getting embroiled in endless debating, being obsessed by too many intricacies, or judging and projecting onto others, then these are signs to detach from those external triggers and surrender to the universal flow, finding the patience to honour the process. Without replenishment, we internalise resistance which can boil over as stress and anger, which further depletes resources, creating a negative feedback loop. When prolonged, the vibration of that individual will lower and they will begin attract situations and people that reflect that state.

Attempting to predict or control the future only leaves us in a state of mental preoccupation. We throw away our lives stuck in hope of a future which is uncertain, which detracts from the mystery of allowing the process to unfold organically from a place of presence. When our attention is so consumed with the future, we have less resources to take the action now to actually progress forward. Whatever we are experiencing right now is always going to be our most valuable teacher. This is true, no matter what age we are, what situation we find ourselves in, or whether we perceive that situation to be positive or negative.

This requires a connection to our higher self and the trust that in times of introspection and relaxation, we can still serve ourselves and the world by anchoring higher energies. From a place of presence, small, realistic and manageable steps can be taken without expectation of a particular outcome. Though seemingly paradoxical, we can take action whilst in a state of surrender by allowing our intuition to govern our choices, so that we know what steps to take without having to rationalise it with the logical mind, which is more prone to being tricked by the ego into making decision that promotes the survival instinct over growth.

One of our greatest challenges is maintaining trust when we find ourselves going through more difficult times. It’s easy to fall into limiting belief patterns, but it is the way we choose to react, rather than the situation itself, that will determine the outcome. When we learn to accept our current situation, without resistance, we then create the right state of being and environment to allow our circumstances to adjust in the most beneficial way. As we see things progress, so too does our motivation, and the output and reward grows with that. We therefore set in motion the creation of a future we desired and we realise its not a place we’re searching for,  but a state of being, and we never needed to look any further than the present moment.

The art is in learning to surrender to the flow of life with the understanding that we are on a journey of spiritual growth and to trust that we are being looked after and moving forward despite all our shortcomings. In fact, these are what act as the catalysts for growth, so long as we don’t get lost in our suffering. When we integrate the full spectrum of experience, we are able to evolve. Suffering is no longer necessary. We open up the channel to experience more fulfillment in our lives, through embodying higher frequencies which actualise our higher individual potential. We also receive assistance in the form of positive synchronicity and new connections.

Conversely, if we are feeling continually tetchy and restless, with excess energy that needs an outlet for its release, then that energy is well invested externally through taking well intentioned action that comes from a place of greater internal stability and confidence. This way we are more likely to externalise what is in greater congruence with our authentic self, rather than one formulated on logic and knowledge alone which can disconnect us from being. Discipline and surrender are in a constant dance with one another and every individual can learn to master the art of balance when it comes to determining which state is most beneficial to maintain equilibrium.

Emotions as Teachers

In a state of surrender, we tune in to the body’s intelligence which communicates to us through our emotions. Emotions are ‘energy-in-motion’ and cannot simply be shut off or wished away. They are valuable teachers and the whole emotional spectrum is valid. Many of us approach our emotions from a logical place. We try and rationalise them away by saying ‘I feel depressed’ ‘I feel content’ ‘I feel angry’, but we diminish their power when we constantly ascribe labels. True power is found in the actual present experience felt in the body. This is the feminine aspect of being that doesn’t attempt to control or change but accepts things as they are.

Many of us are fearful of identifying with our emotions. We are conditioned to believe that they serve little importance in a thought dominated society and so we perceive them as an inconvenience and a weakness. When we don’t allow ourselves to properly feel or express our emotions they remain stored up inside of us, creating internal discomfort. We may even push them away completely and then project these unresolved issues onto others.

On a mass scale, this breeds a society that lacks empathy and this reflects in its systems and structures which value thought over feeling and competition over co-operation. Developing emotional awareness helps us to become more self-aware. Many of us worry that if we open ourselves up, our emotions will consume and control us. In reality, our emotions are teachers. They provide vital indications about our current state of being and what we need to work on to attain greater health and progression.

By attuning to this intelligence of the body, we can discern what signals our emotions are trying to convey and recalibrate through honest introspection and sitting with the feelings, however uncomfortable, knowing that all energy lies on a spectrum, and where seemingly negative emotions reside, there is always the possibility for transmutation. We begin to feel trapped when we identify with an emotional state as being permanent, which ironically reinforces that emotional charge which eventually needs to be broken. This takes practice, patience and self-respect. 

Negative emotions can lead to self-loathing which plunders us into the lowest pits of shame, guilt and apathy, and so one must learn to become acquainted with the emotions, to experience the cathartic release that comes through experiencing our present state for what it is, without judgement or resistance. When the mind tries hijack control, it attempts to rationalise our feelings and attribute blame or labels to them,  which diminishes from the felt experience where the solution lies. Until we integrate with the body and move out of denial and repression, the energy will remain trapped and manifest externally as more lessons.

Emotions can also manifest as a physical imbalances. When we are under continual stress tension accumulates in the muscles most commonly in the shoulder region/trapezius muscles. We raise our shoulders and over time this causes the neck and shoulder muscles to become short and tight, causing pain. When we are low in self-esteem, anxious or depressed, we compromise our posture by rounding the shoulders and pushing the neck downwards and forwards. We do this as an unconscious defence mechanism to shield ourselves from the external world. This is frequent in people who have experienced trauma and bullying. This creates musculoskeletal problems over time as our body adjusts to the unnatural changes. An example of this is the well known hunchback or ‘Dowager’s Hump’ and ‘nerd neck’ which can create issues such as chronic headaches and lead to inhibited breathing.

Though therapies such as chiropractic or massage will offer temporary relief, we have to address the underlying mental/emotional issues if we want long-term improvement. When we combat stress and raise our self-esteem we begin to open back up to the world. We relax and drop our shoulders, pushing them back and opening up our chest. We lift our head up and face forwards and we stand upright. These changes are reflected in the way we are perceived, by showing that we value our worth and will not be forced down by anything or anyone.

In enabling ourselves to feel into the depths of pain, both our personal pain and that of the collective, we experience reality as it is, rather than putting up an emotional wall and repressing any discomfort as a means to numb ourselves. When we do this we close our hearts and we become hardened. We strip away our humanity and this translates to the way we relate to others. Our interactions become inauthentic and more mechanical. We construct personas and act from these for so long we become identified with them, relegating our authentic selves to the shadows in fear of being seen as weak or damaged.

Great power is found in the pain. Those parts of ourselves we resist the most hold the key to transmutation. Only by shining a light in the shadows can we illuminate the aspects that govern us from the unconscious. Nothing can be dealt with until it is confronted. Right now we are hurting. The world is hurting. We need to surrender and sink into the pain, letting it flow unrestricted. This is a type of catharsis that releases trauma accumulated in the body. Have you ever felt the huge sense of relief and weight lifted when you have had a good cry? This is real deep healing on an energetic level.

We spend our whole lives searching for a solution, believing it to be somewhere there on the outside. But love is the only force that can heal and to know love we have to be comfortable enough to acknowledge when things aren’t okay and to feel the lifetimes of trauma that we carry within us. As we learn to feel our way through this trauma and grief with acceptance and forgiveness, we open our hearts to do the same for others. This field is so expansive it has the ability shift timelines and change the trajectory of humanity.