False Light Illusions

Whilst ignorance perpetuates negative conditions, so too does denial and wishful thinking, a prominent mindset within spiritual circles/communities indoctrinated into false light beliefs, preferring to ignore the metaphysical reality that dark entities have infiltrated the planet to siphon life-force from the collective consciousness.

Denial of The Dark Polarity

It’s clearer than ever how deeply entrenched the deception goes, infiltrating multiple domains of consciousness by using perversions that all feed the entropic, closed source reality system, funnelling energy into a singularity functioning under a guise of global unity.

The belief that functioning at a high vibration makes one immune to the suffering and negative conditions of the world, which is being orchestrated and requires attention, installs a kind of god-complex that diminishes and justifies the objective suffering of others as self-inflicted through unpaid karma or through their own lack of awareness.

This is the kind of mentality aligned with those who wield occult knowledge to keep other people suppressed. With knowledge comes responsibility and that doesn’t involve hoarding it or misusing it for personal gain, or excluding the dark polarity that functions on multiple levels and requires integration through consciousness. This applies to projecting compassion to evil under the delusion that love and light will help them to see the error of their ways.
The tendency to dismiss unpleasant truths permits evil to continue. Focusing on the light alone is not sufficient and the belief that no action is required to instigate change and everything is just a manifestation of our own consciousness is what’s known as a state of solipsism. This is common in the popularised version of The Law of Attraction, which also encourages harnessing manifestation capabilities for materialistic means that serve the self and don’t contribute positively toward the greater good of humanity.
Without decluttering unresolved unconscious contents, we continue to be driven by egoic desires which can be mistaken as authentic alignment. The denial of real evil creates entry points through blind spots where further infiltration can occur, and so the new age belief system has become an integral component of the global order through peddling distorted spiritual ideals that constitute false light programming.

Spiritual Bypassing & Spiritual Ego

Self-professed healers, coaches, intuitives/mystics who are refusing or unable to see the truth about these bio-weapons and the wider agenda are still caught in the web of deception, just under a different disguise, and will not be free of consequence from their actions, no matter how they try to rationalise it. This is not a condemnation but a metaphysical truth under divine law, which strives toward true unity with individual freedom intact. What we are not conscious of will continue to govern us, regardless of our perceived positive intention.
Spiritual ego is an overestimation of ones level of soul embodiment, which has to be rooted in compassion by opening the heart through empathy to anchor higher vibrations in the body. This promotes self-healing that also positively influences others. Attempting to bypass the physical experience, under the inflated self-importance that we have transcended it, will ironically block the pathway to true ascension that must involve the assimilation of the shadow so that it doesn’t continue to reflect as our outer experience.
It’s time to get raw and real about what purpose these addictive ‘spiritual highs’ are serving and whether they are used as an avoidance strategy to mask our own insecurities, in hope to find comfort through fantastical illusions and escapism. This includes journeying into states of astral bliss through psychedelic substances without sufficient preparedness, unwittingly inviting unwanted energies or false transmissions that target blind spots and prey upon those who have opened up their energy body artificially.
There can be benefits to working with the healing properties of nature, providing we respect the medicine and understand that it ultimately shows us a reflection of what our current state is to initiate the inner work, but if we look outside for quick fix solutions, without the willingness to venture through the inferno of our own shadow self from a sober and grounded state, then we will only be met with illusion and deception, unable to synthesise the lessons to break the repetitive patterns that keep us looking outside for the answers in a world of smoke and mirrors.

False Light Controlled Opposition

Beyond wilful ignorance, there is also controlled opposition intentionally infiltrating spiritual circles to derail individuals on the path of individuation, lulling them into booby traps that appear benevolent and empowering, but serve satanic factions who are able to manipulate scriptures and doctrines to initiate adherents into false light ideology. This functions using black magic inversions that invite in imposters masquerading as ascended masters or benevolent ETs. These can install subjects with hero/saviour complexes concerning public matters that were purposefully engineered to feed the AI reversal networks that simulate and imitate organic creation. This fosters spiritual group think, which reflects the distorted feminine principle, generating dark cults posing confidently as gifted light-workers, here to fulfil a special mission.

This manipulation of the feminine is prominent within political as well as spiritual movements, attracting deeply wounded and traumatised individuals looking to externalise the blame by attaching to a perceived moral cause as a compensatory mechanism, without understanding the deeper implications. On a collective level, this is reflecting what is still unhealed, taking physical form as harmful, regressive marxist ideology, providing an outlet for unresolved emotions that fuel the divide and conquer strategies that ultimately eradicate individual sovereignty for a substituted parental authority in the form of global governance, mistaken as progression. Until we take self-accountability for governing our own lives, something will attempt to fill the void.

Applying Discernment To identify False Light

Discernment should also be applied to feel into the integrity of those we may be placing blind faith in. Just because they appear to be saying all the things they think we want to hear, we must apply critical thinking to properly explore the merit of the information, in relation to how its application influences the human condition. Many pied pipers are foisted into the public eye through exposure and lobbying efforts that make an impression on the gullible looking to soak up some comforting, watered down, bitesize spiritual fluff, parting with their cash to give these wolf in sheep’s clothing more standing in society.
If we tune in and remove confirmation bias from the equation, we can gain a more accurate intuitive perception of someones underlying energy. Many of these false light teachers have already revealed their allegiances during the current global psy-op and this may come as a disappointment, but it is time to let go of illusions with sincerity to ascertain truth.
Had there not been truth mixed in with the lies, it wouldn’t have been as easy to win favour. No matter how disconcerting some of these revelations may be, the truth equips us with the wisdom and practical tools we need to navigate through this time of transition in the best way. We can still take the nuggets of truth that have resonated along our path, without looking for external gurus/saviours.

Ascension Through Integrating Shadow

None of this should detract from the genuine awakening occurring on the planet now, as a result of individuals committed to self-honesty through healing their shadow and facing the reality of the planetary psychological warfare, working through their survival fears to activate a deeper self-awareness to align back with their soul blueprint through deconditioning ego programs that have distorted the connection. We can strengthen this connection through checking in with our ego, shining a light on those aspects of ourselves that trigger emotional discomfort.
This is the gateway to true healing and the only way is through, otherwise our traumas continue to be exploited to lull us into a false sense of security upheld through ego defence mechanisms. When we tune into our own innate higher intelligence through engaging with the wisdom of the body, we can access true undistorted transmissions that come from source, and not hijacked through artificial filters.

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