Dissolving Unhealthy Projections

As we develop greater self-awareness, we shift from an unconscious state of responding to reality to becoming the conscious creator of our reality. We are then less prone to projecting onto others who are reflecting aspects of our shadow that we have not yet been able to integrate.

When we only focus on the undesirable aspects of people that frustrate and anger us, we continue to attract more of that same energy into our life, which reinforces that emotion. The power to change is always with us, but when we are stuck in victimhood, we project the blame externally onto something or someone else for our personal circumstances, because we haven’t taken accountability to align with a vibration that would allow circumstances to shift in our favour.

This is a process we must respect and approach with patience. The greatest reward can come off the back of some of the hardest struggles. It is these experiences that shape us and teach us gratitude and wisdom through awareness of the polarities, from which we can activate a transcendent state of internal balance. As Carl Jung said, no tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.

Blame and Jealousy indicate a lack of trust in ourselves to manifest what we need to continue to evolve. We could be feeling stuck, discontented with our present situation, and this lack of acceptance for where we are creates a block where we attract more of the same until we learn the lessons to break the cycle. This keeps us on the same timeline.

Rather than projecting negative emotion onto others and further lowering our vibrational state, we can gain inspiration from others who possess desirable qualities and use that as motivation to change aspects of ourselves that will open the channel to bring us greater fortune.

This is why it’s important to associate with those who inspire us, as long as this is coming from a place of integrity and not desire, stemming from the ego, which can conflate self-interest and materialism with what’s necessary for our highest growth.

Many times we attach to or idealise another because we perceive them to be in a more favourable position to us, but we are often judging this based on external appearances alone. These individuals may be suffering internally and compensating through their ego to mask for unresolved trauma. They may have sold a part of their soul in exchange for security and stability.

Our need for validation from them is reflecting a part of ourselves that is still coming from a place of low self-worth or disempowerment through lack of true self-awareness. Until we attend to our inner space through commitment to healing, our relationships with others will continue to mirror those wounds and we will live in illusion, believing the solution lies somewhere on the outside.

This can result in compliance to a dysfunctional society, and adherence to destructive belief systems masquerading as progressive and unifying, which, over time, indoctrinates us into a hive mind, divorced from our own individuality and connection to spirit. That way we judge success based on wealth, perceived social status, and may wear our obedience to external authority like a badge of honour, virtue signalling so that others are bought down to our level to justify our own choices.

It is these blind spots that are exploited by parasitic forces who feed off our trauma by keeping us invested in the illusion through playing upon our ego and keeping us distracted and in fear, so that we are unable to reconnect with our own potential which activates our individual evolutionary path to higher consciousness, from which external reality starts to work in congruence to that empowered state.

When we can hold our emotional centre, in spite of others choices that we might not agree with, we can be a compassionate observer to the reality around us. When we concern ourselves with others choices, by focusing negative attention onto them, we are being pulled into that timeline. Reality is providing feedback to us about our current state so that we can make adjustments to shift down a more empowering trajectory.

Every thought, feeling and action is recorded in the akashic field and will return to us. By trying to change someone else or cycling through the same emotional patterns, we are signalling to reality that we aren’t ready to evolve and the karmic wheel will continue to turn.

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