Distortion of Sexual Energy

Distortion of sexual energy is one of the most powerful weapons used unknowingly against the global population. There are many forms of this with varying degrees of severity, all of which suppress human consciousness by stifling the connection to our divine nature attained through internal alignment and the evolution beyond base instincts.

When we are enslaved to our sexual impulses, our mind and body are hijacked and we seek relief through unhealthy addictive tendencies such as direct sexual relief or other compensatory behaviours which keep us locked in a cycle of self destruction.

With free access to and the normalisation of pornographic material, it has become easier to succumb to sexual addictions, leading to desensitisation and the need for greater stimulation to reach the same desired effect, which can lead to increased profanity.

Many men in particular are hooked into these unhealthy cycles that are difficult to break. Sexual frustration and frequent masturbation starts to deplete a man’s vitality which corresponds to his creative energy. He becomes weak, passive and feminised which diminishes his motivational drive to achieve in other areas of life.

This can translate into unhealthy relationship dynamics. These men find it difficult to commit to a romantic partner and are prone to suffering from unfulfillment and boredom. They seek to compensate through promiscuity, infidelity and sexual deviations. Others may become obsessive and controlling over their partner as a means of domination.

Circumcision/genital mutilation is an extreme form of sexual trauma that inhibits a man’s sexuality by removing his manhood. By cutting off vital nerve endings and exposing a part of the penis that is supposed to be covered, a circumcised male loses sensitivity and experiences continuous chaffing against clothing which causes irritability and a hyperactive nervous system.

This distorts a man’s sexual energy which can lead to sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. These compromise a man’s mental health. Sex may become more animalistic as a man attempts to reach sexual stimulation. This disrupts the intimate connection with a partner, contributing to dissatisfying relationships.

Circumcision can lead to severe PTSD, just like other forms of sexual trauma, that can have profound direct and secondary effects. Because there is little education about the procedure and it has been normalised in parts of the world such as the States, and in certain religions, most men will repress any discomfort or will not attribute it to the right cause.

During circumcision a baby’s auric field is open to infiltration by hostile forces that latch onto the sacral chakra and feed cycles of addiction throughout their lives, resulting in prolonged imbalance and sexual misery, which can lead the victim to become hooked into dysfunctional behaviour patterns such as perversions and fetishes as an attempt to cope with the emotional and mental pain. The victim may experience narcissistic tendencies or split personalities due to the soul fragmentation as a result of the trauma.

Because the trauma happens so early in life, the individual is unable to consciously process its negative impact. The pain is repressed into the unconscious and requires retrieval to initiate the healing process. Otherwise the individual will continue to suffer external manifestations which can derail their spiritual evolution through sexual misery ,including incompatible partners and destructive relationships that aren’t built on spiritual foundations that connect through love. This absence of true connection through intimacy can further torment ones soul, especially as sexual union is the highest expression of consciousness.

Circumcision is a blood sacrificial ritual dressed up with false justifications to brainwash parents into permitting such barbarism. A child can not discriminate and registers extreme discomfort and pain in the genital region just like a victim of sexual abuse would, and so it should be treated as such. Sexual abuse victims also experience a disrupted sacral vortex that makes them prone to infiltration by predatory energetic forces and narcissistic abusers who seek to capitalise on the suffering.

Distortions of sexual energy are also achieved through artificial hormone disruption and social engineering which can lead to gender identity confusion. We see a situation where men are becoming more passive and feminised, with increased levels of oestrogen, depleted testosterone supplies and sperm counts, whilst women have become more dominant and aggressive, adopting patriarchal values that oppress others.

Whilst a healthy individual should embody a balance of both masculine and feminine traits/energy, this should not compromise their biological gender which creates its own synergy through integrated polarities between individuals. This homogenisation of the population is an effective tool to destroy unique gender values and decrease the population so they are more easily controlled.

Shame, guilt, confusion and trauma surrounding sexuality is a huge elephant in the room that has little to no understanding in mainstream culture. Enslavement to lower impulses keeps humanity confined into lower dimensional realms which allows for easier exploitation and control. Through unlocking the power of sexual energy, utilising this powerful force to integrate the polarities within oneself and to achieve deeper connection with others, we will attain a higher level of consciousness that puts the creative power back in our hands.

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