Divine Intervention

The history of suffering on this planet can trigger fear and doubt on the path. This is understandable given the immense trials humanity has endured, particularly during this dark age. How did this infiltration occur and why was there no direct divine intervention. Why would creation allow itself to suffer? There must haven been a corruption within our own psyche that allowed creation to try and overrule itself and play God.

Salvation through gnosis

Persecution Fear

The persecution fear is embedded as an implant in the collective unconscious, which we all inherit. We have endured the systematic eradication of the ancient codes held by the wisdom keepers on this planet, spanning back to prior civilisations such as Atlantis.

Then there was the crucifixion narrative which has instilled the idea that blood sacrifice was necessary for humanity’s salvation and that redemption must be sought outside of ourselves. This belief that we are inherently flawed and sinful is deeply engrained into the collective consciousness, which we all inherit when incarnating into physical form and onto the earth plain.

This ‘unworthiness’ imprint has kept humanity looping through the inverted reality matrix, governed by an accumulation of unconscious shadow projecting itself as our experience of reality. This has kept humanity confined to the three layers of ego that correspond to the first three dimensional layers.

No matter your beliefs about the life and teachings of Jesus, the Christ Consciousness is accessible to all those who choose to serve divine will. At any moment we can make the conscious choice to reorient back down a positive timeline, to break the chain of cause and effect as a result of misaligned choices made in ignorance and/or self-interest.

Salvation does not require sacrifice. It comes through personal gnosis when our soul has evolved enough to exit the karmic wheel perpetuated through our own belief systems, most of which have been installed by imposters through religious mind control and other propaganda designed to propagate the idea that liberation comes through externalisation, whether that be through obedience to false gods or any entity or authority posing as supreme creator.

Evolving Through Suffering

The initial fall from grace was arguably inevitable in the grand divine archetypal experience. The darkness is merely an absence of light that has strayed further from source. It has no power in its own right beyond what we fuel it through our own fear and ignorance.

This is permitted in as far as it triggers us to remember that we are the answer we are searching for. There is no external saviour because its all already encoded within us. True benevolence is all knowing and forgiving. It strives for unity and rehabilitation of all souls through remembering the power of love and striving to return back to this essence.

As we initiate through the dualistic experience, we learn through contrast of the darkness the true value of love and connection. It is suffering itself acting as the catalyst for these awakenings. This is how we evolve and expand consciousness, and how creation learns about itself through each of us as unique emanations of source. We are the engineers of our fate.

The Journey Back to Consciousness

We are each on the archetypal quest back to remembrance, coming face to face with our own darkness and stripping away the false layers to return to deeper self love and self trust.

Through the alchemical process of merging the polarities within we attain energetic synthesis. Our inner light dissolves the darkness and permits us to transcend beyond suffering. This way we are no longer ruled from the unconscious shadow and can’t be exploited through our blind spots.

What we become conscious of no longer has the power to control us. By transforming the internal vibrational terrain we shift onto a new timeline with greater spiritual connection and sovereignty from which we can be of greater service to the whole.

Our commitment to serving the divine will is our contribution to the collective during this transitionary phase in the ages. We have chosen to come here to help transmute faulty belief systems by dismantling the mind control architecture through disclosure, personal healing and empowerment. Every awakened soul sends ripples through the morphogenetic field that positively influences the collective consciousness. One individual alone can be the beacon that lights the way for many still in darkness.

A New Dawn Beckoning

True divine intervention can be accessed should enough of us embody and anchor enough electromagnetic potential. Spirit always has the power to supersede and alter/shift the course of even the most probable future timeline, even if that seems to defy logic.

Something feels different this time than ages gone by that ended in bloody wars and destruction. We all have these memories encoded in our cellular memory and we are coming out of amnesia to confront the truth of our history and tackle darkness at its root for sustainable transformation.

Times are changing now due to the great bifurcation. We may have built enough spiritual momentum now, at least on a personal soul level, to avert or navigate another potential catastrophe.

Nothing is predetermined. We can subscribe to the idea that the technological age of Aquarius ensures consciousness enslavement, or realise that the true technology is our inner organic technology which is also being reactivated. A new dawn is beckoning and we are the architects of this new age.

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