1. Free will v Determinism

2. AI v Organic Ascension

3. Hyper-dimensional

4. False Light

5. Timeline Split


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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6. Divine Will

Despite all the illusory boundary lines that divide us, ultimately we are all spiritual beings on an evolutionary journey, and the majority of humans are well intentioned. Fear is what has kept humanity in conflict and under control for aeons and has many negative expressions. In the face of conflict it can be difficult to look beyond the exterior and to recognise the good person beneath, the person who is hurting and projecting their pain to shield themselves from the discomfort of self-confrontation. Not all humans are at the same stage on their evolutionary journey and everyone plays their contribution because we are all extensions of creator and from an ultimate level there is no separation.

Think of existence like a grand divine experiment from the creator who in order to learn more about itself, decided to express itself through multidimensional layers, imbuing all its creation with free will. An aspect then split off and tried to assume the role of prime creator, giving rise to separation consciousness, darkness and duality. Only through undergoing the full cycle of free will, would creation become conscious of itself through experiencing the contrast between good and evil, which are all emanations of the unifying field, of which love is the thread that binds us all. Love connects, fear separates.

This is the ultimate test for God’s children. Can we awaken from amnesia and remember that all separation is just an illusion, whilst honouring the unique sparks of divine creation. This is the great paradox. As long as we do not violate the prime dictum of Natural Law to ‘do no harm’ we are fulfilling divine will through honouring the aspect of ourselves that lives in each other. When we hurt another we only hurt ourselves.

Nothing goes unaccounted for in the eyes of creator because we are creation experiencing itself. Those that deliberately inflict harm are doing themselves a great disservice and they are losing their souls in a black hole of misery from which they will eventually be held account as their own judge and jury. The Earth is the school and we are the students, learning lessons as we transition back to full self remembrance, but let’s not forget to embrace every step of the journey because all we ever have is now.

When we merge the lower centres, we allow the lifeforce to freely move up through the chakra system and to open the heart. This heart connection allows more light to be harnessed through the energy body and connects with other open hearts in the quantum grid, elevating the collective consciousness. At critical mass, this will disable the reversal grids through corrections along the inverted leylines that have been funnelling consciousness out through portals located at vital intersections, such as at megalithic sites that have been hijacked from their original purpose to assist with ascension.

There are certain individuals who are embodying a sufficient soul resonance to help steward in this change at this transformative junction in the celestial cycle. All efforts will be met with ongoing resistance until there is a sufficient vibrational shift to dismantle the control structure and starve the parasites. At this point, Earth’s electromagnetic distortions can start to recalibrate and support a peaceful and cooperative transition beyond self-serving ego based consciousness.

We are architecting our future and attachment to doomsday prophecies inhibit our evolution. Our beliefs become reality. We can be aware of intended negative timelines without attachment to them. This helps to equip us with knowledge to restore our personal power so that we are no longer susceptible to the subliminal programming. This includes biblical end times prophecy that demand salvation through external subservience, pledging allegiance to false gods masquerading as our saviour to feed anti-christ consciousness.

There is no external saviour. The christ consciousness is within us all, and our higher selves are stationed on multiple dimensional planes simultaneously, which require synthesis through embodiment. That way we can bring heaven down to Earth, rather than seeking salvation through redemption. If we are unable to reactivate our spiritual power then we are forced to repeat the process over again, confined to lower densities which act as the learning experience. As a collective this could entail a real cataclysmic scenario that matches the collective consciousness, perhaps another Ice Age. When the Earth becomes too fragmented it can no longer sustain itself and suffers a death, just like death of a human physical body, accompanied by a rebirth along a new cycle.

We are ready to escape these karmic time loops. The awakening of humanity is accelerating and more light is being activated in the grid. Soul devoid creatures cannot thrive in the purity of our light, but our light cannot shine until we extinguish the shadow. What we are witnessing is reflecting to us where we have lost our way and fallen from Eden. We ate the forbidden fruit, not because of original sin, but because creation imbued its expression with the responsibility to exercise free will on the quest to discover meaning through the contrast of the light and dark – so that we could become conscious of heaven having descended to the depths of hell.

We have to recover from amnesia by recalling the true origins of our history and understanding the manipulation that has kept us governed in the darkness of ignorance. This knowledge liberates consciousness and equips us with the wisdom we require to become spiritually sovereign. All deception and illusion then crumbles, because the shadow has come to the light and can no longer govern us.

The controllers know this is happening and are working tirelessly to prevent this natural ascension. They won’t relinquish control unless we transcend out of their matrix. We will be witnessing some extreme turbulence over the next decade that reflects this ensuing battle of consciousness. As individuals we can strengthen our etheric body by continuing to establish more physical, mental and emotional stability. That way we can withstand the emf bombardments and other distorted frequencies, whilst harnessing the solar upgrades pouring into the planet at this time. If our nervous systems are weakened then we are unable to embody these frequencies. If we can anchor this electromagnetism, we gradually lift the physical density and move toward unity consciousness, connected to one another and to nature through the embodiment of more love. We feel the suffering of others as if it were our own, and we respect mother Gaia as the macrocosm of ourselves.

The vibration of love has the strength to permeate all of existence, and we each carry this within our hearts. It is the indestructible part of ourselves that is connected through multidimensional reality back to source. Those who have forgotten or tried to abandon the love in their hearts are those that believe they have the power to overcome the prime creator, but this is impossible, for its power is only a temporary illusion. All things come from and will always be an extension of the one source and we are all on the journey home.

There will be many layers of experience on this journey. This will involve the necessity to integrate the shadow, and so anyone who awakens to their inherent power through reclaiming consciousness will inevitably face the archetypal Hero’s Journey, meeting the darkness within and outside of themselves. This spiritual battle is an initiation back to light and equips spirit with the awareness and compassion to assist others on their journey, not to mention it imbues the spirit with a conscious awareness of its nature, so it can bask in the wonderment of its own creation.

Remembering all of this will help us to withhold judgements towards others, especially before understanding their unique circumstances, which in most cases will grant a greater insight as to why people behave the way they do. Most individuals are in need of healing, though there are those so divorced from their own nature that they have mimicked creation through synthetic means. These soulless beings try to masquerade as humans. To identify these, discernment is paramount. Anyone on the ascending trajectory is of interest to those who wish to keep spirituality suppressed. They will employ their deceptive tactics to target any blind spots to try and maintain their power, but nothing can extinguish our light once we have accessed it, so long as even in our darkest hours we remember it is there.

We will still experience those in our everyday lives who act hostile toward us and unconsciously try to bring us down to a lower level to justify their own inability to face their trauma. These individuals are also targets for darker forces who work through them as conduits to play certain roles and target those of interest. They will try to create conflict, and use emotionally manipulative tactics to trigger a reaction. In such cases appropriate boundary setting is necessary.

We are not obliged to change others with no willingness to help themselves. This would interfere with their development and could disrupt our individual potential, which means we can be of less service to others. Each individual, one by one, will transition back down the right trajectory back into union with the divine when it is their time. Our focus is best placed on those with who we feel deeper soul alignment. This amplifies our collective resonance and enables the emergence of soul tribes that help to establish more peace frequencies on Earth and to magnetise others into its sphere of influence.

There may be the feeling this incarnation of being an older soul, yearning for new adventure. This is the soul speaking to you. It contains a memory of all its journey so far and these memories can be accessed as we unlock higher consciousness. This may not be a visual representation, but a feeling. We may be drawn to particular people or material that enhances this memory and may be destined for divine union with a romantic partner to co-create together and experience the ecstatic bliss that comes when two perfectly compatible souls unify in this way. This Heirogamic union is an embodiment of the Holy Mother and Father that lives within us all.

As more individuals awaken to their true nature, there is a shift in the collective and we begin to harness more light back onto the planet which acts to transmute the dark energies and starve them of their food source. The power of this embodied light, accessed from within and not from false external programs, should not be underestimated. True spirituality is embodied, felt and lived through our physical experience. It is far more powerful than the darkness, which is just an absence of light, granted more power through ignorance, denial and an unintegrated shadow.

The Cosmic Archetypal Battle

Not all duality is a manipulation. On the one hand we see the darkness and false light polarities intensifying and pulling more people into its clutches, but on the other hand there is a real good/evil archetypal battle playing out in the multidimensional field and it is particularly intense on Earth which currently operates at a dense frequency since its fall and fragmentation due to hijacking from forces that split off and severed their connection to the divine, assuming the role of Gods in their own right and believing it justified to harvest others energy to enhance their power and to try and gain immortality through synthetic means. Spiritually, we are all eternal anyway. The physical body ages and dies but our spirit continues on its ascension path, even if that means having to relearn unintegrated lessons.

We are all going to be confronted with more truth as this cosmic battle unfolds and we can choose to face and work through the fear to gain insight and clarity, which will provide us with vibrational protection, or we can choose denial and ignorance, that will allow us to be used for nefarious means. The truth heals. It connects us back to the divine, our true nature, and this will support us in times of need. We mustn’t let the darkness consume us or leave us powerless, but to transmute it into personal power through embodying this higher knowledge to be a vessel for extinguishing miasmic dark energies and opening our hearts to feel the pain of others and to assist them where we are able to restore the collective consciousness down its correct evolutionary trajectory.

The Matrix rewards its faithful servants. It feeds breadcrumbs and promises greater fame/material success the more you do its bidding. Metaphysically this is a soul bargaining trade off. By granting permission to be governed externally, we allow our free will to be manipulated and have to play by the rules. The more investment we have in the system, the more we will fight to defend it, even when it takes away our freedoms.

When we surrender to the divine, we are putting our absolute trust in a force powerful beyond measure. We must be willing to give up the idea that life has to be a struggle and that we need to look outside ourselves for validation, direction and security. This works counter to our conditioned programs, and so the trick is to learn how to discern our intuition from the ego mind that tries to cling to these limiting beliefs. It’s a progressive process. For those who have already been preparing, the transition will feel smoother right now.

If we stay stuck in the middle, unwilling to pledge allegiance to the Matrix or to trust fully in the divine, then we are in a kind of limbo. We experience aspects of both realities which creates a conflict between our authentic self and ego, keeping us divided. We will not be provided material support from the Matrix, nor will we be guided by spirit most effectively.

The Earth is a place of great interest for other lifeforms, both benevolent and malevolent in nature. There is a war for dominion over Earth, but there are also those from the angelic realms assisting humanity during this time. As a collective we are at tipping point whereby the choices we make now will determine the fate of humanity and the Earth, which will reverberate through the multidimensional field. We are tasked now with a choice about who to serve. Do we want to be slaves or do we want to be free? It is going to take time to unravel the sophisticated layers of control being subjected upon humanity, but we can be hopeful that benevolent solutions will emerge as the true soul embodied ascension timeline simultaneously progresses.

These times call for a commitment to seeking and working in service of truth, no matter how uncomfortable. This intention, coupled with intuitive action, will naturally open the gateway to higher guidance and an expanded perception of the nature of reality beyond the conditioned frequency limitation we have been operating within. Those of us who are able to commune with source intelligence can receive assistance. If we ask for guidance with sincerity and trust, then the divine will attempt to support us in whatever way it can, either through our own higher self and/or other benevolent beings who can harmonise with our loving vibrations and guide us to be of the best service. If there is a sufficient vibrational shift in the collective consciousness, this may lead to the release of new technologies, free energy and healing modalities that have been kept suppressed or inverted for enslavement purposes.