Division Through Polarisation

The perversion of the gender principle aims to homogenise the population through external manipulation to create gender confusion and drive the transhumanist agenda. This dissolution of binary gender through the transgender agenda should not be confused with attaining spiritual balance internally, which has nothing to do with altering our hormones or tampering with our biology. Likewise, justifying a return to traditional values predicated on gender stereotypes should not be conflated with the divine masculine or feminine. 

Archetypal gender qualities, or what many are now referring to as ‘gender polarisation’, only serve a healthy expression in response to an integration of the masculine feminine poles internally first. Mastering this energetic synthesis brings us into internal equilibrium and activates a kundalini upgrade, transcending inner conflict deriving from polarisation. Without an understanding that both polarities exist on a spectrum and are inseparable from a higher vantage point, we disregard a vital spiritual component and revert back to binary biological expression confined within a third dimensional linear paradigm.

It may seem paradoxical, but a man or woman who is more harmonised will be able to exercise their respective biological traits more efficiently, because the healthy masculine contains aspects of the feminine and vice versa. Encouraging men not to express their emotions because it is emasculating, or women not to exercise independence, is overlooking the power of these traits when expressed healthily, and not in response to manipulation by agendas that serve to weaken men and masculinise women using synthetic means. 

Humanity is controlled through regressive inversions that mimic truth, in this case the reality that we are all spiritually androgynous. Inherently we all know this. It is encoded within the collective unconscious and until we assimilate the shadow into consciousness we will attach to synthetic external replicas as a compensation mechanism, believing we are evolving. This is much like how we seek out romantic partners that compensate for our own shortcomings and believe we have found wholeness, but all external facades crumble and break down eventually. 

Idealising the past and regressing back to traditional values only takes us from one trap of consciousness into another, failing to progress through the evolutionary expansion of consciousness and seeking the comfort of previous times as a defence mechanism against exploitation. Believing previous ideologies, religions or economic systems serve us is a gross misjudgement. 

In response to the radical liberalisation of society a counter movement has emerged to try and rebalance the scales. This is appropriate on some level to prevent a global communist takeover, though the same elite bloodlines are behind the creation of all ideologies and systems, including the capitalist hierarchy powered by the fractional reserve banking machine and regulated by government.  

This patriarchal system was purposefully orchestrated to suppress the feminine principle and remove our connection to spirituality in favour of a materialistic schema backed by dogmatic science, courtesy of The Rockefeller Institution who birthed the modern day medical and educational systems to which the majority of Earths inhabitants are now indoctrinated. Both capitalism and communism have fed into this by design, but the pendulum has swung in the other direction to win consent under the illusion of the necessity to rebirth society through a ‘Great Reset’. 

Division through polarisation is the most effective way to keep humanity divided and distracted both internally and externally. In the collective landscape the pendulum swings from one end to the other to present an illusion of progression to win back acceptance when disillusionment intensifies. This works by preying upon emotional trauma stored in the personal and collective psyche which has not yet been integrated and so attachment to an external cause serves as a compensation mechanism generating an emotional investment which feeds the beast.

We are also witnessing a resurgence of Christianity and the ‘born again Christians’ in response to perversions of spiritual philosophies which advocate for accessing inner power through opening up our field, which can invite demonic energies or false channeling. This is certainly an issue when shortcutting development through spiritual bypassing and many have fallen under the spells of black magic, mistaking it for benevolence. 

An appropriate response to this would be to protect our energy field through grounding, so we open up the multidimensional channel to access our higher self from a place of embodiment. Christ can exist as both a higher consciousness, inherent within us all, and an incarnate being who once walked the Earth as a physical embodiment of this to help uplift the collective consciousness. 

Dismissing spirituality as evil and reverting back to the Bible as gospel externalises power through submission to Christ and God as an external power and not an aspect that lives within us all. Ironically, this is as likely to serve a false God or manipulated Christ as disembodied spiritual transmissions. We can gain useful insight from both religion and spirituality, whilst being aware of the illusions and atrocities perpetrated by New Age spirituality and Catholicism.

The psychological manipulators are always one step ahead in terms of creating traps of consciousness to divert attention away from continued personal evolution. This always takes the form of various external belief systems designed to siphon our energy rather than drawing truth through connecting to our higher intelligence that allows information to be discerned as resonance in the body. This discernment is sharpened over time as we establish greater self-awareness and learn to differentiate between the requirements of the ego, which seek knowledge that confirms its own biases, and those of the authentic self that channels information from source in service of divine will. 

There is a fine line between the two as the ego adopts all kinds of trickery to convince us that a certain belief system/ideology hold the ticket to our freedom and are worthy of our allegiance. Whenever we identify with these we forfeit continued learning and slow down the evolutionary process that requires we question everything and recognise all the ways that manipulation of consciousness works through psychological operations. The process of awakening is an ongoing process where we spiral to new understandings based on new insight and information that may require we revise previously held beliefs. 

The solution doesn’t lie in the past but has to be activated through a continual commitment to self-work and the unification of polarities to attain greater balance and therefore congruence with our true nature. Our ego, as expressed through personality and our gender, are all useful extensions, but only when in subservience to our higher aspect. 

We learn through interfacing with the world and filtering our experiences internally to establish what holds resonance at that time in our lives. What may have been true at one moment in our lives holds a different meaning as we transcend to higher awareness but it all serves as gateway to the next level, which without we may bypass important states of the learning process. In this way our inner and external realities work as feedback mechanisms, but over time, as we strengthen our connection to source through internal alignment, we don’t allow our beliefs to be dictated from the outside. Instead the outside becomes a confirmation of the changes we are making internally.

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