DNA Modification and Evolution

The vaccines represent the direction of growth one has consciously or unconsciously committed to. When we give permission to penetrate and violate the human vessel, this is tantamount to forfeiting our soul and therefore spiritual sovereignty. It doesn’t matter whether we did this through ignorance, misinformation, fear, misplaced trust or desperation, for the soul does not discriminate and rejects all forms of deception and inversions perpetuated by anti-human forces who require the spiritual enslavement of others for energetic sustenance, because they have severed their own connection to source, which can be accessed through the multidimensional self to draw in energy organically without siphoning it from others.

A DNA modifying vaccine of this nature would disrupt and potentially remove our own connection to spirituality through detaching the etheric body from the physical body, such that the subject would be unaware this has even happened and be reduced to an automaton, restricted within physical laws and unable to access the spiritual capability to govern their destiny and evolve to higher densities. Such individuals would ‘respond to’ rather than ‘create’ their reality, enabling their resources to be siphoned to serve parasitic forces who wish to keep humans on a continual hamster wheel of slavery and perpetual trauma with as little resistance as possible.

This is a devolved pathway more in alignment with materialistic pursuits and survival concerns, typical of 2D and the lower 3D realm, which is why animal DNA is injected through the vaccine to create a chimera through the mixing of genetics. This reduces human behaviour to its base impulses that are more animalistic in nature. This enables the creation of a technological ‘sub-reality’ where the collective human consciousness becomes a hive mind connected to a kind of master cloud which feeds its connections external impressions so that it functions as an artificial intelligence.

The vaccines, though contaminated with numerous toxins which create ill health through auto-immune responses, also contain nanobot technology which interfaces with electromagnetic frequencies connected to satellite technology orbiting the Earth, to ensure the entire planet functions as a prison planet. This interferes with the evolution of the Earth, a celestial entity on its own evolutionary journey which depends on its inhabitants for restoration back to a higher frequency where suffering and slavery are incongruent and slip away.

To overcome this programming, one has to become conscious of their true nature and the interrelationship between the inner and outer landscapes. This expands perception of reality allowing consciousness to draw on other sources of energy, upgrading the nervous system to carry more light which assists in the healing process on multiple levels and opens the gateway to allow the divine to work through us, getting us in touch with a unique purpose/mission that works to bring greater equilibrium back to the whole.

At the third density (3D) both these timelines can exist simultaneously, because at this level humans possess the seed of self-awareness and free will and can begin to choose whether to evolve as individuals through assisting others, or to exploit or be exploited by others in the predator-prey dynamic that represents the service to self (STS) trajectory which works on separation rather than unity consciousness. To be manipulated by another is to serve this same entropic timeline, because our lack of awareness enables the fulfilment of agendas which rely on keeping humans in fear so that they hand their power away.

Therefore we each have a personal responsibility to educate ourselves through utilising our own internal faculties such as discernment to perceive truth from falsehoods, no matter how negative these may seem at first. Truth is empowering regardless of the context, and arming ourselves with knowledge and wisdom enables us to defend ourselves from external threats and to apply this knowledge to learn valuable lessons on our evolutionary path so that we become more impenetrable to hostile forces that thrive in lower vibrational environments.

Once we reclaim our personal sovereignty, we can begin crafting a timeline on the Earth that attracts people and situations that are resonant with our vibration, and when these forces come together, their energy is amplified, just like low vibrational environments in fear or anger attract more of the same. This energetic symbiosis between individuals can happen across the quantum grid because at this level it is not bound by the constraints of space or time. In such cases, though we may be a witness to the chaos unfolding around us, we will be more insulated and less influenced by negative impressions.

What this spells for the fate of the collective remains to be seen, subject to variable free will factors. A singularity of transhumanism would require the overwhelming majority of Earth’s inhabitants to be complicit, and already the numbers of people making the transition towards self empowerment are growing, particularly in 2020. This often happens following big false flag events that plunge the collective into a dark night of the soul, from which those who heed its call receive revelations about the nature of reality, and so somewhat paradoxically, the darkness serves to exemplify the light, but this is a process.

A global awakening at this stage would arguably create more harm than good because many individuals simply aren’t ready to be unplugged and will fight to protect their illusion. Their psyches are not equipped to handle such a sudden shattering of their cognitive dissonance. They have become so engrained into learned helplessness that they can’t even conceive of their true nature beyond the realm of matter that arises from such a slow vibrating density. Materialism has become their religion and the oppressors their Gods.

Awakening from such deep mind control can often be stimulated by a huge disruption to their stability, because the discomfort becomes intolerable and any alternative seems preferable. For this reason we have seen a surge of individuals thrust into higher consciousness and these ever growing numbers are disrupting the projected agenda, leading them to expose themselves more easily. But the journey is an ever unfolding process and one that can’t be bypassed/shortcut without learning and integrating the lessons necessary for that individual’s development.

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