Electromagnetic Harassment

The barrage of covert harassment on the human population is giving rise to new psychological, behavioural, auto-immune and neurological disorders. Some of these are altering the human genome epigenetically as part of the wider eugenics program to restrict the expression of dna by distorting its organic sequencing so that it cannot commune with higher source intelligence. Genetic mutations can be passed down ancestrally, corrupting that
bloodline until regenesis occurs.

Genetic Modification

Altering The Human Genome

The idea is to scramble the genetic code enough to hack human biology and prime the vessel for transhumanism.This genetic engineering has been aggressive since the hostile takeover that targeted the angelic human collective through its interbreeding program.

The digression of human genetics has led to the formation of shadow elements that have since been governing human behaviour through the pain body, accumulating a karmic burden that has perpetuated reincarnation looping within false timelines in a state of amnesia, until polarity synthesis occurs.

The controllers are aware that dna is naturally evolving through reactivation of dormant codes through the expansion of consciousness. They are trying to suppress this artificially. This is why we are witnessing increased desperation which gives rise to greater chaos in the outerscape.

As we reclaim self-awareness, we become less susceptible to the mind control programs and AI broadcasts that feed suggestions subliminally into the subconscious mind. We can strengthen our defences by being aware of the covert influences we are being subjected to and the common symptoms to watch out for.

Defending Against Electromagnetic Harassment

Electromagnetic harassment and psychic intrusions weaken the body’s auric field which is our spiritual forcefield that vitalises the physical body. When we are terrorised by low frequencies, we become susceptible to psychotronic assault that modulates the frequencies of the brain to modify behaviour. This wreaks havoc on the nervous system and can trigger emotional imbalances such as anxiety, through activation of the fight-flight response.

These lower emotional states disrupt connection to the heart which is the portal to our higher spiritual identity. We are unable to access higher sensory perception and feel true empathy and organic connection with reality.

Those of us who are spiritually sensitive and empathic can feel these artificial frequencies pulsing through the field and interacting with our personal energy field. This can induce states of restlessness and irritability that may result in mood swings, like random bouts of depression.

These rapid fluctuations can take their toll on our energy and result in adrenal fatigue. This is where exercise, stretching, breathing and similar outlets will help to dissipate nervous energy and restore homeostasis. This should be integrated into our lifestyle, along with general mindfulness of our mental, emotional and physical state.

Other notable disturbances include brain fog, short term memory loss, headaches and migraines, all a result of bio-neurological disruption. Exposure to harmful EMF depletes the cells of oxygen. Breathwork, hydration with clean mineralised water and a clean organic diet will help to restore cellular integrity by stimulating electrical conductivity that supports metabolic functioning and regulation of ph levels in the body.

This allows the body to embody more plasma to strengthen the lightbody. Meditation can help to bring our awareness to the zero point stillness, free from mental preoccupation. This revitalises energy through internal connection to source, which also works to reintegrate the soul by retrieving scattered fragments lost to the phantom worlds.

The body will naturally try to recalibrate when in a state of imbalance, by expelling toxins. We may find that we are producing more mucous as we fight off invaders, especially chemicals we are breathing in through the air. It is important that we aid this natural detox process and do not try to suppress it through medication. Common sense applies here. Hot showers and steam rooms are a good way to clear the sinuses, and extra rest to rejuvenate.

Emotional Dysregulation Through Energy Depletion

It’s easy to stay stuck on the hamster wheel exerting energy and depleting our resources. The general population are overburdened by continuous accumulation of toxicity and can’t cope with the energetic demands for regeneration. Alcohol, sugar, coffee and general lifestyle stress are some of the main understated contributors, along with the hidden culprits, all of which are giving rise to a society plagued by sickness.

We may be witnessing increased emotional volatility at the moment and/or spontaneous outbursts and projections, particularly in those who are running off AI software and metallic frequencies. It is best to uphold healthy boundaries if we feel others unconsciously parasitising our energy, and try not to take any projections personally, knowing these individuals are under deep hypnosis.

We should also bring awareness to these tendencies in ourselves, and work on emotional regulation through engaging the higher mind as the observer when an unfavourable emotional state arises. By catching it in its tracks, we can choose to let the energy pass without identifying with it and acting it out. This is different from repressing the emotion, in which case it will still exert an influence from the shadows and we won’t identify the learning function.

The best we can be doing for ourselves during this time is to focus on our health and wellness. From a place of greater balance, we can more easily access our creative potential, sharing our gifts with the world without unprocessed trauma, fatigue, stress and illness clouding our judgement and fuelling the emotional turmoil that continues to divide humanity amongst itself, which leads to our own enslavement. This is a level of control we all possess. Transformation of external conditions starts with every individual.

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