2. The Chakras

3. Sexual Energy


1. Conditioning

2. Awakening

4. Evolution


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1. The Gender Principle

Masculine/Feminine Energies

Every human being has both masculine and feminine energies. Expressed through polarity on a spectrum, these active/passive forces exist in unison. You cannot have one without the other. They can be represented in one way through the two hemispheres of the brain. The right brain equates to feminine qualities such as intuition, creativity and subjectivity. The left brain equates to masculine qualities such as analytical thinking, logic and objectivity. Both are equally as valid and we all function with both of these hemispheres. 

The masculine pole of consciousness corresponds to the upper area of the body, mainly within the head, where logic is computed and applied. The feminine pole exists within the body, where intuition and feeling reside. As a society, we have predominantly been governed by the logical brain, and so collectively we should work to understand what embodiment is, which involves accessing the feminine by filtering awareness through the body. This doesn’t mean that we abandon the mind. Both are inseparable and need to work together for unity. When we alchemically marry these two forces through energetic synthesis, this activates holistic awareness and brings us into a state of internal equilibrium, transcending inner conflict deriving from polarisation. 

The biological polarities as expressed between men and women also create their own synergy. The female force is negatively charged, passive and acts as a receiver. The masculine is positively charged, active and acts as a transmitter. These two forces combined create electromagnetism, which when harmonised, creates balance. This interplay is explored and expressed through sexual intercourse, and through the dynamic interaction between masculine and feminine expression. A male or female who has their internal energies balanced will be more comfortable expressing their authentic masculinity or femininity in a healthy way, because they both contain aspects of each other within them. This creates organic magnetism that fosters healthy romantic and platonic relating between the sexes. 

The process of integration is a challenging and gradual process to achieve. Without an understanding that both polarities exist on a spectrum and are inseparable from a higher vantage point, we disregard a vital spiritual component and revert back to binary biological expression confined within a third dimensional paradigm. We have to understand our human nature beyond the confines of our biological self. Resorting to rigid stereotypical expression without harmonising our internal counterpart will illicit unhealthy expressions that fuel gender conflict. This is compensating for the lack of internal balance.

Until we assimilate the shadow back to consciousness, we are prone to attaching to synthetic inversions as a compensation mechanism, believing it to be evolutionary progression. Exploiting this imbalance is the most effective way to divide humanity so they don’t achieve spiritual integration for optimal evolution of the species, instead playing out repetitive co-dependent relationship cycles and other trauma patterns based on sexual misery. This is much like how we seek out romantic partners that compensate for our own lack of masculine/feminine integration, believing we have attained wholeness. All external facades crumble and break down eventually, until we attain internal synthesis.

Gender imbalance can also manifest in other ways. Those skewed toward the masculine extreme may overemphasise physical aspects of reality, prone to falling into the materialistic dogmas of the physical sciences and developing a rigid worldview. Being closed to the unknown prevents the exploration of non-tangible aspects of reality that would help to expand consciousness into the spiritual domain and reconnect to a higher expression of our nature. Others may be preoccupied in a myopic view of world events, such as politics, which can lead to overlooking the bigger picture, consumed by in-fighting, aggression and arrogance.

On the other end of the spectrum, excess feminine energy can result in a failure to be objective and apply logic where necessary, governed by unresolved emotion and stuck in abstract and skewed perception. This can result in attachment to spiritual philosophies such as the New Age. This can be recognised as a form of spiritual bypassing as a means to avoid personal responsibility, preferring escapism to reality and remaining passive in times where a certain level of action may be required.

When we understand our spiritual nature contains both energetic polarities, that work best in unison, we can understand how this interplay manifests within our own lives. Knowing when to be in one or the other is the key to regulating our energy. This way we can identify if we are imbalanced and know how to recalibrate. The pendulum can swing between the polarities across someone’s life depending on their unique circumstances and learning requirements. This may mean a biological male or female appears to act in conflict to their biological sex. This does not necessitate the requirement for interference. 

Parents with children experiencing confusion can seek to help guide them to this knowledge to resolve feelings of guilt and shame as a result of rigid stereotypes in society that ironically have aided the desire to ‘switch’ gender to fit the identity programming. A child is their parents responsibility.  Manipulation of gender when a child is young, impressionable and prone to confusion if fed the wrong stimuli, is tantamount to child abuse. Once a child has gained sufficient independence and can think for themselves, then they can choose how they wish to identify. If they wish to pursue the biological path of altering their hormones and genitalia then they have the free will to do so. 

Embodying a balance of both masculine and feminine traits/energy within has nothing to do with tampering with biology. Once we integrate the spiritual polarities it doesn’t matter about what genitalia we have, as we can draw on the energies accordingly. With appropriate education and discourse, individuals can feel confident expressing different traits, in order to learn, without being judged or labelled, which leads to psychological and emotional damage that can create gender identity confusion. 

The reality that we are all spiritually androgynous is encoded within the collective unconscious. This truth is being manipulated through external mimicry. Gender distortion and separation is the most powerful dividing force in a world governed by duality. Homogenising the population through dissolution of binary gender propagates the descending pathway to transhumanism through transgenderism. This is compounded by genetic manipulation and social engineering methods, such as hormone disruption. We see a situation where men are becoming more passive and feminised, with increased levels of oestrogen, depleted testosterone and sperm counts, whilst feminist ideology seeks retribution against the patriarchy by adopting the same unhealthy masculine traits which keep the feminine essence subdued. 

Ideological Expression of The Gender Principle

Humanity’s true past is purposefully hidden from the public by manipulating information and destroying accurate historical records so people stay in a cycle of confusion, unable to make sense of their condition and looking desperately for a solution on the outside. Attachment to external belief systems feed into the matrix control structure, no matter how virtuous the cause may seem. Collective ideologies and movements generate and function as manifestations of unresolved internal unconscious conflicts. These external identifications are exploited by social engineers who play both sides to keep humanity at war with itself, forfeiting their emotional and spiritual energy. These formulate into cults and become a hive mind, all which collectively feed the wider mass mind control architecture that keeps humanity governed externally. 

Historically, suppression of females has been prevalent through sexual exploitation and subjugation of spiritual qualities. This continues today with regressive religious customs, like cloaking the female in the black burka and demanding submission, whilst removing basic human rights under the guise of dutiful feminine subservience. This mistreatment towards females needs to be addressed through sensitivity to their plight, including the expectancy for women to rear children as their primary duty. Historically, men have also been manipulated to fight and die in needless wars to uphold a perceived patriotic duty, which was just a toxic perversion of masculinity to peddle forward an anti-human agenda. 

The fragmented masculine and feminine are reflected in ideological polarities at their extreme. Masculinity has been the predominant force for thousands of years now. The right wing equates to the distorted masculine principle that fuels misogyny and hierarchical systems that seek to rule through dominance and suppression of the feminine principle. This is what establishes patriarchal elitism and this can be correlated to governance of the mind (the masculine) over the body (the feminine). 

Characteristics of this distortion include an inflated self-importance (narcissism) and self-entitlement through materialistic greed and the belief that others suffering is their fault through lack of self-responsibility and leadership. This results in lack of empathy and the inability to view things from a more nuanced perspective. 

When this rampant masculinity disregards ethical principles in alignment with natural and divine law, it serves itself at the expense of the collective ecosystem and its capitalist structure becomes a reflection of gross inequality attained through exploitation, rather than genuine integrity and authenticity. The tyrant is the antithesis of the embodied masculine, exerting himself as the king of the castle. At the extreme, this manifests as narcissism, sociopathy or even psychopathy, due to disconnection from the divine essence which causes the soul to splinter and fragment into dissociate and multiple personality disorders.

The suppression of the feminine has long been boiling up in the collective unconscious and is starting to demand attention. What presents a powerful opportunity for the collective could also be subverted into another unhealthy manifestation at the other end of the spectrum. The most effective way to control a population is to pit them off against one another so they don’t unify to identify the real perpetrators pulling the strings. These distractions take many different forms, such as polarised belief systems. 

With disillusionment of the current paradigm bubbling out the collective psyche, the pendulum is swinging in the other direction. We are seeing attempts at a gradual and systematic dissolution of capitalism, equated with right-wing, patriarchal values. This is being subverted through perverting matriarchal liberal left-wing values that prioritise collectivism over individual freedom. This is fragmentation of the feminine principle.  

This deception works by coopting genuine moral causes through exploitation of unresolved trauma that leads to identification with harmful movements masquerading as progressive. Masculinity is brandished as inherently toxic and misogynistic, and therefore a barrier to evolution through female emancipation. This ironically disconnects humanity further from the organic feminine essence. These perverted moral principles are upheld through virtue signalling and other emotional manipulation techniques, such as gaslighting, that use guilt and shame programming to stifle any diverging opinion from the hive consensus. 

Psychological manipulation works best by exploiting and weaponising real wounds to trigger an emotional reaction, which clouds the application of critical thinking to look beyond the surface and detect where there may be manipulation at play, especially when it concerns historically untrustworthy authority and their propaganda sources. It’s important to redress the imbalance in the right way. This requires that we don’t allow our personal and collective wounds to be exploited so that we inadvertently join a cause that we believe to be inclusive and progressive, but which actually perpetuates further division. 

Real discrimination is not over arbitrary divisions that are reinforced when we give them energy and attention, but by those who knowingly use psychological warfare to confuse, trigger and manipulate people into fighting one another, using various false flags. The media, and establishment at large, have no intention to address genuine issues and inform the public. Behind every story is an ulterior motive to sow seeds of division and to ramp up fear to convince society to hand over more of its freedoms to the state. 

It all ultimately funnels towards greater centralisation of power and globalisation, which requires engineering fear so that people look externally for a solution – a fear incidentally that prevents the realisation that those offering the solutions are those inciting the fear through deceptive means. Fear has always been the most powerful way to control a population and when the survival instinct is threatened and there is no expanded awareness to look beyond it, individuals will resort to extreme measures to protect their illusion of safety and stability, more than willing to turn on and enforce totalitarianism on one another.

By painting men as the aggressors, men will be programmed into a state of disempowerment which can extract their healthy masculinity so they are weak and passive, unable to protect women (and children) from ensuing tyranny. Seeing men as untrustworthy, women will turn towards substituted paternalistic authority to protect them instead –  the head of the patriarch snake that ironically despises femininity the most. This contradicts the traditional feminist values that proclaim to resist the domination of the patriarchy over women’s right and freedoms. 

By addressing the symptoms and not the cause, humanity continues to see one another as the source of the world’s problems and not the controlling hand behind the curtain pulling the strings. Neither a patriarchy or matriarchy is the solution. We have to be cognisant of seeing the faults in one polarity, and swinging back to the other to try and compensate. This can be defined as combative dualism and prevents unification of the opposites which would then be reflected in external systems. The dysfunctional expressions of capitalism and now socialism in society have both been perversions of what these systems would look like if applied correctly, and without rejection of the other. In theory, there are positives we can apply from both. 

Through manipulation of the gender principle using ideology, humanity remains in conflict and divided whilst a governing force plays the two polarities off one another to ascertain more control. None of this makes men or women culpable. We have to stop the blame game and trying to assert our ideals of masculinity and femininity onto one another, recognising the manipulation at play so we can celebrate our similarities and our differences. Until the true source of suffering is unearthed, through a correct understanding of human history and the deliberate manipulation of the gender principle, we will continue to seek resolution on the outside, blaming others for our perceived misfortune. As long we continue to comply and remain ignorant to controlling forces, we too are complicit in this division.  

Collective evolution requires the resurgence of the authentic feminine in the collective, in communion with the healthy masculine. This can only arise as a reflection of its embodiment within individuals first. A female who has integrated her masculine will be able to step into her divine feminine archetypal expression without dependency on the external masculine for stability and independence. She is able to take charge of her boundaries, is not easily exploited and is not dependent on partnership for her sense of identity. She becomes self-sufficient and able to drive her own destiny, with healthy femininity intact to ensure she doesn’t slip into gender inversion and exhibit toxic feminine traits. Females who are discouraged from pursing their independence become the archetype of the subservient house wife, unable to access and express their deeper soul purpose for which they incarnated for their optimum evolution.

A male who has integrated his feminine aspect will be able to fulfil the divine masculine archetype more efficiently through leading from the heart with his morality in check. Otherwise he continues to serve a materialistic, competitive system devoid of heart based spiritual connection. 

Denial of emotions is a form of self torture for males who are conditioned to believe that their emotions and sensitivity are a weakness. This internalisation creates great tension that will eventually boil up and need an outlet for its release, normally bursting through in moments of uncontrollable violence, rage and anger. Nothing goes away until it is processed and dealt with.

Every individual has a pain-body which is the depository of unresolved trauma and requires attention to enable healing. This entails synthesis of the emotional spectrum. Males who suppress their emotions too deeply can also be driven to suicide, stuck in perpetual torment, unable to reconcile with their pain, otherwise they may be confined to a life of lust and addiction, serving their impulses over higher pursuits, which leaves them energetically drained and therefore disabled from applying their masculine qualities in a healthy, productive way to serve the wider needs of humanity and themselves. They become servants of an establishment that harvests resources and needs its worker bees to produce the harvest.

Emotions as Teachers

Emotions are ‘energy-in-motion’ and cannot simply be shut off or wished away. They are valuable teachers and the whole emotional spectrum is valid. Many of us approach our emotions from a logical place. We intellectualise them by ascribing labels which diminish the power from the actual felt experience in the body. This is the feminine aspect of being that doesn’t attempt to control or change but accepts things as they are. 

Many of us are fearful of identifying with our emotions. We are conditioned to believe that they serve little importance in a thought dominated society and so we perceive them as an inconvenience and a weakness. When we don’t allow ourselves to properly feel or express our emotions they remain stored up inside of us, creating internal discomfort. We may even push them away completely and then project these unresolved issues onto others. 

On a mass scale, this breeds a society that lacks empathy and this reflects in its systems and structures which value thought over feeling and competition over co-operation. Developing emotional awareness helps us to become more self-aware. Many of us worry that if we open ourselves up, our emotions will consume and control us. In reality, our emotions are teachers. They provide vital indications about our current state of being and what we need to work on to promote greater health and progression.

By attuning to this intelligence of the body, we can discern what signals our emotions are trying to convey and recalibrate through honest introspection and sitting with the feelings, however uncomfortable, knowing that all energy lies on a spectrum, and where seemingly negative emotions reside, there is always the possibility for transmutation through synthesis. We begin to feel trapped when we identify with an emotional state as being permanent, which ironically reinforces that emotional charge which will eventually needs to be broken. This takes practice, patience and self-respect.

Negative emotions can lead to self-loathing which plunders us into the lowest pits of shame, guilt and apathy, and so one must learn to become acquainted with the spectrum of emotions, to experience the cathartic release that comes through experiencing our present state for what it is, without judgement or resistance. When the mind tries hijack control it attempts to rationalise our feelings and attribute blame or labels to them which diminishes from the felt experience where the solution lies. Until we integrate with the body and move out of denial and repression, the energy will remain trapped and manifest externally as more lessons. 

Emotions can also manifest as a physical imbalances. When we are under continual stress tension accumulates in the muscles, most commonly in the shoulder region/trapezius muscles. We raise our shoulders and over time this causes the neck and shoulder muscles to become short and tight, causing pain. When we are low in self-esteem, anxious or depressed, we compromise our posture by rounding the shoulders and pushing the neck downwards and forwards. We do this as an unconscious defence mechanism to shield ourselves from the external world. This is frequent in people who have experienced trauma and bullying. This creates musculoskeletal problems over time as our body adjusts to the unnatural changes. An example of this is the well known hunchback or ‘Dowager’s Hump’ which can create issues such as chronic headaches and lead to inhibited breathing. 

Though therapies such as chiropractic or massage will offer temporary relief, we have to address the underlying mental/emotional issues if we want long-term improvement. When we combat stress and raise our self-esteem we begin to open back up to the world. We relax and drop our shoulders, pushing them back and opening up our chest. We lift our head up and face forwards and we stand upright. These changes are reflected in the way we are perceived, by showing that we value our worth and will not be forced down by anything or anyone.

In enabling ourselves to feel into the depths of pain, both our personal pain and that of the collective, we experience reality as it is, rather than putting up an emotional wall and repressing any discomfort as a means to numb ourselves. When we do this we close our hearts and we become hardened. We strip away our humanity and this translates to the way we relate to others. Our interactions become inauthentic and more mechanical. We construct personas and act from these for so long we become identified with them, relegating our authentic selves to the shadows in fear of being seen as weak or damaged. 

Great power is found in the pain. Those parts of ourselves we resist the most hold the key to transmutation. Only by shining a light in the shadows can we illuminate the aspects that govern us from the unconscious. Nothing can be dealt with until it is confronted. Right now we are hurting. The world is hurting. We need to surrender and sink into the pain, letting it flow unrestricted. This is a type of catharsis that releases trauma accumulated in the body. Have you ever felt the huge sense of relief and weight lifted when you have had a good cry? This is real deep healing on an energetic level. 

We spend our whole lives searching for a solution, believing it to be somewhere there on the outside. But love is the force that conquers and heals and to know love we have to be comfortable enough to acknowledge when things aren’t okay and to feel the lifetimes of trauma that we carry within us. As we learn to feel our way through this trauma and grief with acceptance and forgiveness, we open our hearts to do the same for others. This field is so expansive it has the ability shift timelines and change the trajectory of humanity.

Discipline v Surrender

Deep introspection and self-work help to clear out any faulty mental programs, to open the space for more authentic expression, rooted in holistic awareness of the body. This also means being able to manage our emotions effectively and identify where our triggers may be exploited or acted out/projected, causing us to behave irrationally (the unhealthy feminine). 

There is a clear distinction between righteous/rightful anger in the name of truth and justice, and projected anger that leads to harsh judgement and harmful behaviour. There can be a tendency to conflate the two and resort to immediate denial when called out for bad behaviour. Sensitivity to criticism is another expression of the unhealthy masculine. No amount of charisma and delusion of grandeur can keep the tyrants true face hidden for long.

The distinction should also be made between healthy boundary setting and ruthless control tactics. A well integrated male, or female, will be able to discern what constitutes an invasion of personal space or infringement of privacy, and be able to confidently deal with such occurrences in a pragmatic and non-emotionally reactive way. This ability to be able to hold emotional neutrality in the face of threat, without resorting to judgements and projections, is a hallmark of masculine/feminine synthesis through embodiment, having resolved internal emotional conflicts and transmuted unhealthy states into personal power, whilst retaining the capacity to perceive others with acceptance, rather than taking on other people’s garbage as their own.

In an embodied state, the feminine and masculine energies work in harmony, enabling the application of logic and intuition where necessary. Surrender is the feminine ‘recessive’ aspect of being that downloads, processes, feels and recharges. In these states clarity and perspective can be gained where there is confusion or conflict, nudging an individual back along the right trajectory in alignment with their souls calling. Women tend to more effortlessly sink back into themselves and their emotions, whereas men feel more compelled to take action, as this energizes them. 

Life is a flux of surrender and action, and each individual needs to respect that balance. Discipline and surrender are in a constant dance with one another and every individual can learn to master the art of balance when it comes to determining which state is most beneficial to maintain equilibrium.  We can detect when it’s time to reverse the flow of energy based on how we are feeling. When we expend more energy than we have in reserves, we are left feeling drained. This is a sign to relinquish control and surrender to the universal flow, finding patience to honour the process. There is no rush. It’s not a race to a finish line because there is no destination. It’s an ever expanding journey of spiralling to higher consciousness through integration, bringing us closer back to source. 

Without replenishment, we internalise resistance and this can boil over as stress and anger, further depleting resources. This attracts situations and people that reflect that state. Relinquishing control is about forfeiting the mental programs that believe life has to unfold according to a specific set of principles and expectations. Attempting to predict or control outcomes keeps us in a state of mental preoccupation, detracting from the organic process, extracting energy that can be invested through present action to progress forward. The mind is more prone to being tricked by the ego into making decisions that promote the survival instinct over growth. We have to let go of the story we have sold to ourselves about what we need to become and let life happen to us through surrendering to a higher power and allowing that divine essence to permeate our being. This allows our higher self to take leadership in service of truth and connection. 

It’s more beneficial to work from the inside out, rather than trying to manipulate external conditions which are further out of our control. The external is the mirror, reflecting back to us the vibration we are embodying internally. Whenever we act against our authenticity we trade away a part of our soul in exchange for some perceived sense of wholeness that is contingent upon outside gratification. This dependency has an expiration date. Wholeness through internal integration is permanent. We carry it with us in this life and beyond. 

The real you is the person behind the curtain, when you strip away all the pretences and start living in your authenticity free from fear of judgement. You no longer absorb external energies and let them define your identity. This is true soul liberation through shedding the aspects of self that are keeping us enslaved to the ego to mask underlying pain. As we tune into and trust the internal channel, we can start to take action aligned with our highest excitement which is vibrationally communicated to us as passion through the body. This is the souls language and highlights where to place our focus.

From this place the action becomes more intuitive and automatic. The ego acts as a subordinate tool to interface with reality through the mind which is the matrix of matter. When the mind can be harnessed to serve our higher aspect, it is able to manipulate energy into manifest form in a way that serves our highest evolution and allows us to experience greater joy with no conditions. This is because it is expressed from a state of presence and not attachment to the past or expectancy of the future.  

One of our greatest challenges is maintaining trust when we find ourselves going through difficult times. The art of learning to surrender to the flow of life is understanding that we are on a journey of spiritual growth and to know that we are being looked after and moving forward despite our perceived shortcomings. In fact, these are what act as the catalysts for growth, so long as we don’t get lost in our suffering. It’s easy to fall back into limiting beliefs and grasp for control, but an outcome is determined by the way we choose to react, rather than the situation itself. When we learn to accept our current situation, without resistance, we create the right state of being to allow our circumstances to adjust in the most beneficial way. 

Fear is the enemy of freedom and to resolve fears they first need to be confronted so that they don’t rule from the shadows. Fear is our teacher and it communicates to us through the body as an energetic signal. At first we try to resist this, believing it will go away, but all repressed emotion seeks resolution and we see this reflected in our experience of reality, mirroring back to us our unpaid karma until we decide to become acquainted with it internally. 

This confrontation enables transmutation to a higher vibrational state that opens the gateway to clearer intuitive guidance that unlocks deeper authenticity. This is the embodiment of the multidimensional self. As we anchor those higher aspects into physical reality, we upgrade our lightbody so that existence becomes more receptive to consciousness.

This activation process is gradual and first requires self-acceptance for our present condition with respect to our present learning requirements. Self-condemnation only creates more resistance. Being mindful of our attachments will kickstart this process by bringing consciousness to the ways we are still being governed externally, whether that’s by authority or any other dependency, including enslavement to bad habits and addictions that are being used as crutches of trauma avoidance that are blocking access to our higher potential.