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I believe the brain to be a receiver/transducer, rather than transmitter of consciousness. Once you have glimpsed into ‘higher dimensions’ or tapped into extra-sensory capabilities (whether sober or through psychedelics), it’s hard to maintain the common assertion that the brain transmits consciousness. The plasticity of the brain (that it can change over time) suggests that it is responding to consciousness rather than creating it, as do various phenomena that are the result of metaphsyical forces. The subject of epigenetics is something interesting to look into as well.

Each of them are of equal importance. The primary seven chakras are interdependent and communicate with another energetically/through resonance. When in alignment from the root to the crown, we find ourselves in an embodied state of balance. What happens on the subtle levels through our chakras expresses itself physically, and this manifestation will vary depending on the chakra in question. For example, an under/or over active solar plexus chakra, which could be linked to unresolved emotional issues, can create a corresponding imbalance in that area of the physical body and its associated glands, which impacts hormones. In this case, we may experience discomfort in the stomach or digestive area. Once we correct the underlying imbalance, our physical body will respond.

When viewing ourselves from a more holistic perspective as beings of light energy, we no longer have to view in isolation, but understand how what affects a part also affects the whole. This is where the western mainstream medicine approach is lacking. It takes a compartmentalised approach and so may overlook the connection between a problem and its manifestation on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. Western medicine takes a completely dismissive view of the chakras and meridian channels, aiming to treat the problem without sufficiently identifying the underlying causation, and so the issue tends to be temporarily suppressed, but the patient tends to relapse.

It is important that we work to correct imbalances in weaker areas through becoming more self-aware in order to identify the problematic areas. This may change depending on our life experience, and some people may find that some chakras tend to be more consistently underdeveloped, due to a variety of reasons such as our unique genetic disposition, personality type & temperament, environmental influences and our soul type. We have to take all these factors into consideration when working with the chakras. When one is over/under-active, another will fall out of balance , etc. We have to work to unify them all, so we are both grounded but connected to our higher centres as well.

DNA is an expression of our underlying energy body, and not the root. So when we elevate consciousness, the DNA responds by becoming more complex, creating more strands. Curently, we are restricted within the two strand frame of expression and so are limited in our perception.

We need to differentiate feminine traits from the female gender to get a better understanding. Sadly feminine traits are less valued in society, but this can also affect men who are in touch with those qualities. Feminine qualities are a threat to the established structures. They enable intuition, empathy and creativity, and the capacity for greater self-awareness. Keeping humanity restricted to logical processing has been more beneficial so far to maintain suppression and order, and to limit access to our spiritual potential, which would activate free will.

Shutting off the feminine has also closed our hearts to much of the suffering in the world, which arises as a result of internal disconnection and the disconnection from the Earth, our mother, who supports biological life and spiritual evolution. By abusing the Earth, we have abused ourselves and become divorced from our connection to one another and our multidimensional self.

In order to reclaim this feminine power, we must shift from external focus to internal focus, recognising the role we play in manifesting our experience of reality and fostering greater self-compassion, that will naturally extend to others.

Reigniting the feminine should not come at the expense of its masculine counterpart however, nor should masculinity be blamed for the lack of femininity. This is a slippery slope that perpetuates gender conflict and can fuels toxic femininity as a defence mechanism which ironically feeds the patriarchy through more excess in unhealthy masculinity.

The masculine/feminine are two polarities that work together in unison. One cannot function effectively without the other, much like male/female romantic relationships bring different qualities to the table that create a healthy union. When we have learned to integrate the healthy aspects of both internally, this will reflect in our interpersonal relationships, that will translate to wider society, and so on.

Therefore, by changing ourselves, we are playing a contribution in transforming the outerscape. Everything is connected, but we have been conditioned to see the masculine/feminine codes as separate, preventing unification. When you create a rift between genders, through confusion and ignorance surrounding sexuality, you can most easily control a population.

There are different ways to view this, and a lot of difference in opinion boils down to semantics and the definitions people have decided to adopt. For this reason alone, I try to refrain from using the term ‘twin flame’ to describe divine union, and also acknowledge the existence of what people like to call ‘soul mates’ that may not necessarily be romantic in nature, but constitute a very strong spiritual bond between the two partners, that transcends more typical interpersonal connection, or those built on personality/ego alone.

This may entail psychic phenomena such as telepathic communication, frequent synchronicity and/or a feeling like there is some co-creative destiny. This relationship may not be destined to last a lifetime, but it will be a powerful and intense experience nonetheless, which will also give rise to difficulties, due to the natural tendency to trigger one another’s shadow for growth. These types of relationships are very valuable on our spiritual path and provide confirmation that we are on the right path, aligning with those of true authentic resonance. We will know them when they come on those rare occasions, and it may be that we haven’t yet experienced such a bond, or we may have more personal work to do instead.

Twin flames or divine/hierogamic unions are distinct in the sense that they involve a sexual component, where expanded states of consciousness can be activated through sexual exploration. This activation of sexual potential is largely downplayed, unexplored and misunderstood by Western culture, but has much more emphasis in ancient Eastern practices, such as Taoism. It makes sense that sexual intercourse, as well as the intimate and sensory pleasures and positive emotions that accompany it, offer more than the mere function of reproduction for the survival of the species, but activates a spiritual potential that unlocks more doors of perception and connection to our divinity.

Many have abused these principles, seeking tantric experiences as a shortcut to blissful states of consciousness, but this will come at a cost if it is attempted prematurely and with the wrong partner. There are many cases of mismatched, self-proclaimed twin unions, that may arise as a reflection of some unresolved trauma seeking to compensate through external attachment, or it could be a malevolent interference, creating negative synchronicities to bring incompatible partners together to feed off the trauma that arises as they attempt to achieve a state they aren’t ready for, or following the inevitable dissolution of the relationship that leads to deep heartbreak and more trauma. This scenario can be described as a ‘love-bite’. True divine union can only manifest once this union has occurred within the individual through the integration of the masculine/feminine poles or the animus/anima, as described in Jungian Psychology.

In other cases, mismatches may be necessary as part of evolutionary growth to learn necessary lessons, or just simply be a reflection of those partners soul level, whereby they aren’t yet equipped to transcend to this higher plane of connection. In this respect, these dynamics could be perceived as suitable during that incarnation, and important lessons can be learned, especially in the context of family dynamics and raising children.

Porn is destructive and very addictive, and the first port of call should be to reduce it or eliminate straight away if possible. There is no objective approach. Just what method works best for you.

Once we’ve overcome this, and start to control masturbation without porn as well, we recognise the host of other benefits of semen retention. Increased energy, less sexual dysfunction, more motivation, heightened concentration, greater respect for women, less anxiety/depression and other mental afflictions, and perhaps the most understated: more creative output.

Sexual and Creative energy are synonymous. When we circulate this energy within the body we can redirect it toward more creative pursuits. As soon as we ejaculate, we need to rebuild the reserves and this requires energy.

But that’s okay. These things take time. It’s about establishing a healthy equilibrium and not putting yourself under too much pressure or stress, as this can contribute to a net loss. Aim to increase the time without ejaculation gradually each time. If you slip up occasionally it’s okay. It happens. Just aim no to relapse into a bad cycle that has control over you.

It’s not about shutting off from sexual sensations, but learning how to understand, manage and redirect them. Sexual energy is the seat to higher consciousness, if you learn to tune in and listen to the wisdom of the body.

Though primarily, we’d all like to restore to enhance sexual pleasure and to restore protection and sensitivity to the glans, having a foreskin contributes to much more in terms of overall well-being. Because of its high sensitivity and abundance of nerve endings, the intact penis has a central role to play in keeping the nervous system in check. If we look at all our body parts as interconnected, each part communicates with the others, sending feedback signals to the brain, which responds to touch, temperature, etc. When the foreskin is removed and the glans exposed, this feedback mechanism is disrupted, leaving the system in a state of dire imbalance.

This imbalance manifests in numerous ways causing irritability and restlessness, anger and emotional issues, disrupted concentration and a host of other potential behavioural/emotional issues, which without the awareness, would not be attributed to something as seemingly ‘insignificant’ as a foreskin. Other secondary consequences can include an overactive bladder as a result of constant stimulation of the exposed glans against clothing, causing prolonged irritation and weakness with bladder retention.

Premature ejaculation can also be attributed to this same cause, as by the onset of masturbation, the body is already in a hyper-sensitive state, due to continual rubbing, either in day-to-day life due to chaffing against clothing, or through premature stimulation of the glans during masturbation. At the point of masturbation peak stimulation has already been reached and the actual process of masturbation provides little enjoyment, merely acting as the gateway to climax. This can result in rushing through masturbation in order to achieve enjoyment, and this habit over time leads to premature ejaculation. The opposite can also manifest, particularly for older men as their sensation reaches an all time low. 

Restoring brings back a state of wholeness, comfort and stability. The new manhood will mean a man feels less exposed and can move from a state of external excitation, hypersensitivity and anxiety, to one of internal bliss and relaxation. The interaction between the restored foreskin and the dekeratinised glans serves to reboot the nervous systems to its intended function, allowing the correct interplay between the body parts. The remaining deadened nerves come back alive as dekeratinisation continues, and the heightened sensation can be felt pulsating throughout the whole body, not just isolated to the sacral region, and not just during stimulation and sex, but at all times.

Sexual energy is a force that is present within us at all times. It is our creative life force that enhances us as individuals and gives us a sense of happiness and drive. This is why so many restored men report benefits that far surpass sexual enhancement. 

Whilst it is not possible to replace the parts that were taken, and sensitivity will never be as high as the intact man, the psychological appreciation and understanding of the value of a restored penis will bring a renewed sense of well-being and pleasure that perhaps an intact man would never be activated to feel. In this respect, there is no reason a restored individual’s subjective state should not become comparable to the intact, or perhaps even surpass it.

We want to be attending to the roots to build the foundations for spiritual development. This begins by attending to the literal root (chakra) which correlates to our unconscious shadow (both positive and negative repressed aspects), and being able to recall these aspects through fostering deeper self-awareness and identifying key trigger events that led to relegation into the unconscious by the egos defence mechanism, resulting in outward dysfunction and pain (to compensate). This causes masculine/feminine distortions that feed impulsive tendencies and so you want to be identifying any addictions/attachments that are serving to act as a crutch of avoidance. Then come up with a strategy to tackle and resolve them, including emotional confrontation to unclog the blockages that are feeding these unhealthy tendencies. This will help to help reorganise your field. This trauma/shadow work will allow a clearer channel for embodiment and access to our higher potential.

What makes your soul feel alive in the moment. Following your passion and taking action on your highest excitement to express your soul so that it can elevate your vibration and be shared to inspire others. This should be discerned from egoic desires, however, that compromise our energy. It’s normally that state of being we find ourselves in when we tune out all the external noise and find the inner stillness. The best inspiration for me comes in times of solitude, when out connecting in nature, or when tuning in creatively, perhaps through music. This activates intuitive guidance to take more effortless action from that elevated state of being.

You can’t ‘remove’ your chakras so to speak. They can be merged and kind of dissolved through integration, but these energy vortices are fundamental in this expression of existence.

Technically our entire genetic code has been altered and restricted through eons of engineering, but what we have is what we need to work with, and that requires acceptance and integration. It’s like we can’t overcome the shadow by bypassing it. The way out is through.

We also all have physical bodies, even though we are spiritual beings, but the physical is an expression of the metaphysical until we lift the density. The chakras assist us with development by enabling us to identify where there are energy blockages.

I was made aware of the chakra removal program a number of years ago, but often these ‘quick fix’ solutions are used to run false light inversions/reversals that disconnect us from grounding (through embodiment) into physical reality. This requires synthesising the lower centres which can literally be felt as physical manifestations in the areas responding to those chakras.

Trauma is accumulated in these lower centres of the pain body, which corresponds to organs and links to our glands and hormones. Yes, these have been purposefully manipulated to extract our essence and feed the parasites, but it’s a case of gaining mastery over them through understanding how they work. Without integration we open ourselves to infiltration.

The unifying force is our sexual energy, which is our life-force/chi or whatever term you prefer. By learning how that circulates through the body, we can reclaim energetic sovereignty by resolving external addictions and attachments that arise from identification with the negative ego that results in a state of disembodiment. This also requires correcting inverted breathing patterns.

All these components are linked and we can choose to focus on the component parts or take a more holistic view. This is a very long conversation and it helps to view it from the ‘both perspectives are simultaneously true’ lens, depending on where your perception is focused, even though that seems contradictory/paradoxical from the 3D level. That is the nature of dualism.

We cannot transcend without a merging. All opposites exist on a spectrum. Same with masculine and feminine. We are here to work on this level.

The seven primary chakras are the gateway to the others and to activating expanded states of consciousness. When we balance these, the centre point – the heart portal naturally opens and expands to encompass a wider field of compassion and then we can work on that level. But we have to be do the gritty work first and can’t just ‘intend’ our way into that space.

There are such a multitude of contributing influences that disrupt the balance of the nervous system. I sent out a recent newsletter with practical and spiritual defence measures against EMF, which may help somewhat, though that doesn’t rule out other possibilities. Ascending souls can be particularly sensitive to frequencies, or at least they feel them more consciously because they are not distracting and artificially dumbing down. 

I think if people removed these external attachments and connected to their body, they would feel these imbalances more strongly. Ideally we want to tune into these signals and try to identify what they are showing us. There may be multiple layers to unravel to get to the root cause, providing we’ve taken the best precaution we can on a practical level, which it seems like you have.

Certainly pathogens will be more able to penetrate our field, particularly if there are solar plexus issues which will disrupt gut (digestive) function due to the parasites that lodge themselves there. In relation to trauma I work from the bottom up, reconnecting to and relaxing the pelvic floor through belly breathing (correcting inversions) and other practical embodiment exercises like mild cardiovascular activity to oxygenate the body and ground energy in the body.

Any issues in the root chakra (linked to the unconscious mind) will result in trapped cellular memory that can incite emotional imbalances that disrupt the nervous system. This will give rise to distortions in the sexual centre (the sacral) which fragments our sexual energy. This is particularly disruptive to homeostasis of the nervous system. Much of this stems from unresolved childhood trauma, relating to the way we identify and embody with the masculine/feminine principle, which was first modelled from our parents, though there is the soul component to consider as well. 


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