Embodying Internal Power

Threats of health passports to participate in society are a way to keep us invested externally, in fear of missing out and being ostracised from society. However, in an inverted reality where the external feeds us illusions through deceptions, we shouldn’t be striving to integrate back into this hive mind of suppression and distraction. As Krishnamurti succinctly put it ‘It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society’. 

We have the opportunity now to split timelines through reengaging with our internal intelligence which connects us through intuition to navigate through reality with as minimal interference possible. This connection to our higher authentic expression accompanies the diminishing of our ego, and so our lifestyle choices change, sometimes radically, shifting our priorities. What previously provided stimulation becomes obsolete as we strive for higher ideals, activating our unique purpose that works in alignment with divine will. 

This is a gradual process that must be respected. Much of it entails self-surrender through the embodiment of higher frequencies which brings more presence into our lives and dissolves the rulership of the rational mind in subservience to the ego which keeps us preoccupied with past and future states. When we are disconnected from the present moment, we slip into states of fear, preoccupied with survival concerns that cause us to seek out security and stability, rather than venturing into the unknown through connecting to spirit. 

When our base desires govern our choices, we are more prone to manipulation from external authority that feeds us promises of safety and security, though this entails forfeiting our freedoms and so we end up sacrificing the joy of life in submission to a power that steals our energy and resources to grant itself more influence. By begging for our freedoms back from those who have taken them from us through false flag events, we are reinforcing their legitimacy as an authority over us and they can continue to set the parameters from which society is permitted to operate. 

This system has long been obsolete and was founded on corruption. Every successive false flag sends society into a deeper dystopia and they rely on our desperation to ‘return to normal’ to press forward with setting the conditions for reintegration and the goal posts continue to widen. This is well demonstrated through airport security. Following the September 11 attack, we were coerced into accepting more rigorous controls such as body scanners, interference with belongings and passport scanners, and due to the pandemic this will intensify with the planned health passports to travel. 

They know that peoples desire to travel will override the infringements on freedom through coerced inoculations and testing. We should never accept discrimination in the name of freedom, because the two are dichotomous. As long as certain compliant individuals are being granted preferential treatment, whilst others are forced to either resign to the mob or face restrictions, we are walking ourselves into a global apartheid, the likes never seen before. 

We do not need to envision a future built on an already obsolete society, but to restore freedom through integration on an individual level first, from which resonant tribes can be birthed to co-create new conditions as a reflection of their amplified shared resonance. How this unfolds remains to be seen, but by predicting the outcome we interfere with the organic flow. 

What’s important is calling forth a higher state of being through grounding higher frequencies into the body so that we act as frequency anchors to attract favourable circumstances. This can be done at any time and does not require escaping prematurely into a commune which constitutes a form of spiritual bypassing. Everyones path will play out differently depending on their unique learning requirements, but reality will conspire to bring us what we need should we maintain a general state of internal equilibrium. 

Where we diverge off path, there are important lessons to learn and as long as we remain conscious and attend to the shadow components that are restricting the effortless flow, we can correct course and re-establish harmony through a sincere commitment to self-work and maintaining faith that we are guided and protected, even when all hope seems lost. 

This trust is strengthened over time as we learn to relinquish the demands of the ego through breaking conditioned habits and surrendering to the knowledge of the deeper self so that this state becomes self-perpetuating. This requires honesty to own up to the contrary motivations of the ego that prioritise self interest over divine will. 

Should we continue to seek external stimulation to gain internal fulfilment, we will be easier exploited into begging for the breadcrumbs of a dying world, believing it the only means to attain stability, but all temporary covers eventually break down and we will be forced through the fires of purification at some point. We have the choice available to us now to face our fear and not allow intimidation to override our spiritual connection. 

As the external turmoil intensifies, we can still find our centre amidst the chaos, tapping into the zero point of emotional neutrality through unwavering trust that there is a benevolence far greater than the forces that are currently prevailing. It is this transformation of the individual that holds the key to our liberation and reaching the eventual collective critical tipping point to usher in a new kingdom on earth free from slavery.


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