Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows where attention goes. Physical reality is an expression of the energetic signature beneath. If we are succumbing to the belief that our fate is already sealed and that we are destined for dystopia, then we are in effect energising that future timeline.

Reality Creation

Shifting to Neutral Observer Awareness

Many of us are in action overdrive, which is leading to burn out. We are still attaching to the idea that freedom requires sacrifice and ‘hard graft’. This is understandable given the mounting pressure to stay afloat and the heavy mind control pulsing from the synthetic grid.

The divine doesn’t want us to fight or suffer for redemption. It strives for all creation to reintegrate back to the purity of its essence by removing all that is false and which keeps us in limitation, desperately grasping for a solution on the outside. No fighting, revenge, or conflict need be necessary. Through reconciling the polarities that keep us divided from within, we untether ourselves from external ideologies that separate us from others and keep us bound to limiting systems.

As we learn to conserve and transmute emotional energy, rather than projecting it outwards, our awareness shifts to that of the neutral observer, where we can observe the mechanics of the control system without granting it more momentum. Otherwise our own fears, triggers and limiting beliefs spill outwards and transfer to others, creating negative reinforcement and doomsday sentiments amongst those tuned into that field.

There is no panic or urgency when we invite in deeper presence and access the stillness of our nature. It’s a progressive journey of establishing greater alignment that doesn’t depend on outside circumstances. By ensuring we are attuned to our highest personal timeline, we can then serve others from a place of deeper self trust and compassion.

Choosing Your Timeline

We are moving into unprecedented times. Bifurcation between the two core collective timelines is accelerating and whatever we choose to identify with will determine how we transition through this time. Nothing is set in stone. The future is subject to free will and that starts on an individual level.

Time is speeding up, presenting a prime opportunity to harness our manifestation capabilities by utilising the imagination to call forth higher timelines into the present moment, as we become the living embodiment of the future we wish to create.

It’s time to re-envision beyond the scope of what we currently believe possible. We command control of our reality through rewiring our beliefs and clearing the shadow (dead energy) that is obstructing the ability to harness higher frequencies in the body. This diminishes fear by graduating beyond the prioritisation of base instincts.

Focusing on physical preservation alone is no longer sufficient without spiritual alignment. As we reconnect to our higher nature this supersedes the lower. Accessing intuitive intelligence will guide us to make the choices necessary to secure the skills, resources and assistance we need to continue along our path with as minimal interference as possible.

By demonstrating the capacity to manoeuvre through chaos by aligning with our most optimal timeline, we strengthen our belief to take charge of our destiny. We receive confirmation of this through external feedback as we learn to master the Law of Cause and Effect to speed up manifestation.

Life can then become easier, in spite of the collective condition. We let go of trying to control outcomes and allow the higher will to take charge, knowing we are being supported and guided, even when the going gets tough.

Honouring The Natural Order

Alone, we have a task on our hands, but we amplify power through co-creative resonance to birth new time streams. This also helps to elevate the collective consciousness, granting permission to others to step into their power when they are ready.

No one need be left behind, but we all have our own unique learning requirements during this phase of the planetary cycle. Some souls may not be ready to reclaim internal authority and so will continue to be governed from the outside until there is a sufficient paradigm shift in the collective consciousness.

For those who feel the calling, the time for personal empowerment is now. It is down to each of us to determine what needs to be done and to take meaningful action to change the course of our destiny, first through a commitment to self-work and then by harnessing our creative abilities to fulfil our souls covenant.

Divine support will be available for those who are able to recalibrate their energy body to receive assistance. There must be conscious consent as part of Divine Law. The divine would never forsake us, because we are creation itself on the path back to remembrance, renewed with a light of consciousness having cycled through the dualistic realm to reconcile with the power of love that heals and unites all once again.

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