2. AI v Organic Ascension

3. Hyper-dimensional

4. False Light

5. Timeline Split

6. Divine Will


1. Conditioning

2. Awakening

3. Embodiment


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1. Free Will v Determinism

The world is a self-fulfilling prophecy architected by our collective consciousness, which is an accumulation of each individuals unconscious psyche reflected. At this stage in the evolutionary process, humanity is experiencing a vibrational reflection of its unresolved shadow. This is why the Earth is in a period of darkness and controlling forces thrive. They reinforce our fears by latching onto our blind spots to manipulate consciousness and free will to rule over us. Only by bringing this hidden unconscious reality to the light of our awareness can the process of transmutation occur.

From an absolute perspective, evil has been allowed to exist because it is a product of free will. Evil was birthed when an aspect of creation split off and assumed ultimate power. Creation has fallen down the dimensional layers into duality, creating an illusion of separation which the dark polarity has exploited to divide and conquer the human population. This is an experiment that is still unfolding on multiple levels of reality.

Understanding the split into duality isn’t about excusing suffering from a divine perspective. Evil is very real and has an objective existence, inflicting immense suffering on humanity and the innocents of this world without remorse, unless we intervene. We need to recognise our spiritual nature as beings of light in order to overcome the darkness. That’s what shining a light of consciousness on the darkness is about, to synthesise the polarities in order to transcend them.

Suffering only serves a purpose as far as teaching us lessons in order to transcend it. It is not our natural state. Through increasingly sophisticated methods of control and weaponry, humanity has been suppressed in lower states of consciousness within the myopic bandwidth of visible light and the two strand dna expression that keeps us cycling through reincarnation loops to feed the parasites with the sustenance they need to survive.

Humanity has also become players in the energy harvesting program through successive genetic manipulation, hybridised with reptilian genetics to exploit others through energetic vampirism. This feeds the reality inversion system that is extracting energy from the multidimensional system. Evil is an expression along a spectrum that we all lie along when acting from shadow.

Unrestrained evil, operating at the extreme end, has become so separated from creator that it possesses no empathy and therefore no remorse for its actions. On the physical domain, these beings are soulless portals for dark entities working through them, operating from the unseen. These entities will target anyone with a fractured soul for demonic possession, whether through an unchecked ego, ignorant blind spots, or trauma, which creates entry points.

This is why the matrix is structured in a way that maximises trauma and mind control, starting from as young as possible, to keep souls entrapped in consciousness recycling. Through our ignorance, we have permitted the darkness to penetrate. It is a reflection of the current state of the collective consciousness. We can’t just fight the external battle without doing the inner work to establish a higher vibrational state of being from which to engage with the world from a place of inner harmony and balance.

What we are experiencing on the global stage is a collective dark night of the soul, which whilst painful to witness and endure, is necessary for the evolution of consciousness. Awakening and tyranny are coinciding, cosmically entangled. It seems somewhat paradoxical that our fate is intertwined with our perceived downfall, but from such suffering humanity is equipped with a heightened awareness of its enslavement, propelled into curiosity during inevitable rude awakenings that will come to each individual when it is their time.

This is a gradual process and the timing of these awakenings will vary depending on each individuals personal make up, which consists of various factors such as their soul age, ancestral history/genetics and environmental conditioning. Above all, when the opportunity arises, we have to make the choice. We are responsible for our own fate. Once this awakening is activated, it becomes our responsibility to fertilise those seeds of self-awareness so they flourish into spiritual power. This power has always existed, but it’s been forgotten through amnesia of our souls evolutionary journey and the subsequent indoctrination throughout this lifetime.

As we continue to see the pain of our psyche being reflected back to us, we are given the opportunity to reconnect back to our nature and remember who we are. This is both an individual and collective process. We have to acknowledge what lingers both in our own unconscious, which contains the memory of our souls journey and incarnations, and in the collective unconscious, which contains the history of our species. Our pain is the teacher and healer. This is the paradoxical nature of reality. It is within the darkness itself that we find the light.

Every individual has their own soul calling but it is difficult to access if past traumas are blocking the gateway. All blocks in the second chakra obstruct connection to the fourth chakra, which is linked to our astral/soul body, accessed through the heart. The heart is the portal to the soul, and great efforts have been undertaken to stifle this connection so that we live in service to the self through the egos self-preserving survival instinct that prioritises personal security over exploration of the unknown to reestablish the connection to spirit that would provide everything we need.

This is what enables the continuation of financial enslavement through the scarcity mindset, believing we have to compete with and exploit others for our own self-gain. We have forgotten that co-operation always trumps greed. Greed imprisons the soul and allows invasion by possessing vampiric entities that feed off others suffering. As a collective archetype this is what represents the anti-christ consciousness. We can all be participants in this to varying degrees until we reconnect to the god source within, trusting that we will always be looked after if we don’t forsake the creator, of which we are an expression.

We are responsible individually, and as a collective, for recognising these programs working through us and to take responsibility for the ways in which we have exploited others. Karma is a self-corrective mechanism, not external punishment. Our soul registers our every thought, feeling and action, and all divergences from our higher nature will need to be corrected for to restore balance. The Law of Grace supersedes the law of karma, so if we take accountability with self forgiveness and intention to correct course and realign with the ascension pathway, then we can free the soul and break the karmic cycle.

Whilst we may be able to fool the ego, the multidimensional self is stationed in higher planes of consciousness and works according to vibrational principles. To merge the multidimensional self, we have to elevate our frequency through opening the heart and being of service to others. This allows soul embodiment which harnesses more light into our energy body and lifts the physical density so that we become more connected to reality.

This is why continuous shadow integration should be undertaken to unclog blockages that are governing unhealthy behaviours from the unconscious. This then clears the vessel to draw in higher frequencies which increases energy and vitality to help promote a balanced state from which we can draw higher inspiration and express this in our unique way.

This expression of the soul opens the fifth dimensional gateway through the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The throat chakra allows us to command energy into manifestation through authentic expression in alignment with personal integrity so that we can be of service to others without condition. We act as a natural inspiration to others through living in accordance with our code of ethics, ensuring we speak what we feel, so that our thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment. This is our contribution to the world and to humanity.

Let’s imagine that our destiny is a straight line. When we are balanced and aligned we move along that pathway effortlessly, tuned into the multidimensional space. In this state, our path unfolds more effortlessly, guided through synchronicity which serves as consolidation that we are on the right track, fulfilling our personal destiny. We find a personal order amidst the collective chaos. Progressively, we build a stronger belief, characterised by an inner knowing that we are being assisted to fulfil our mission and that this guidance will equip us with all the tools we need, so long as we can keep the channel open and stay tuned in. Everyone’s path will play out differently depending on their unique learning requirements, but reality will conspire to bring us what we need should we maintain a general state of internal equilibrium.

Now let’s imagine that all the room for manoeuvre around that is a consequence of the choices we make (Free Will). Because reality unfolds according to a number of quantum possibilities, we diverge from our path to varying degrees. These divergences don’t necessarily correlate to negative outcomes. At the time, they may appear to be negative because they are at a greater incongruence to the effortless flow when moving along the optimal timeline. This creates resistance. However, these experiences offer the potential for the greatest growth, providing we can consciously acknowledge what could be learned.

Once the lessons have been recognised and integrated, we re-enter our timeline equipped with a heightened awareness through integration of the negative polarity. These experiences can propel us further down the timeline than if we’d just continued moving along uninhibited. However, if we stray too far off course, we can enter a new consciousness stream/timeline that correlates with a lower vibration. We will start attracting people and experiences that reinforce that vibration until we are able to identify the blockage.

Staying In The Flow

Divine will at first can be confused with untrustworthy parental authority that fails to deliver on promises and we may feel let down when our efforts have not yielded desired results. Trust is established over time as we learn to relinquish the demands of the ego through breaking conditioned habits and surrendering to the knowledge of the deeper self so that this state becomes self-perpetuating. We may believe we are committed to serving our higher nature, but unless we can own up to the contrary motivations of the ego that prioritise self interest over divine will, then the channel will remain blocked.

Freedom hangs in a delicate balance and the ego can be a master deceiver, projecting itself as virtuous and philanthropic, but consumed with its own ulterior motives. Liberation is an inside job, and until we are willing to take accountability and reactivate our own inherent power through breaking the walls of conditioning that have fed us illusions of limitation, then we will continue to live a life fractured from our own essence and multidimensional potential.

Should we continue to seek external stimulation to gain internal fulfilment, we will be easier exploited into begging for the breadcrumbs of a dying world, believing this the only means to attain stability. All temporary covers eventually break down and we will all be forced through the fires of purification at some point. We have the choice available to us now to face our fears and not allow them to obstruct our spiritual connection.

Over time, we become accustomed to what it feels like to be on the most beneficial trajectory, so that if we stray off path due to external interferences, or as a reflection of our unresolved shadow, we can work our way back with greater ease. The idea is to minimise the length of time ‘out of flow’ as possible by sustaining an appropriate equilibrium between internal balance and external service/action, which become more intertwined as we receive more external feedback that reflects our inner state. By working with our energy, we are more able to recognise when we are polarising too far in one direction.

When we stray off course for too long, it can be difficult to re-establish the connection and we slip into governance of the ego and begin to fulfil external timelines that aren’t most conducive to our personal growth and the fulfilment of our souls purpose during this particular lifetime. This is where the laws of Cause and Effect and Karma come into play. If we have been unable to reach our destiny in this lifetime, our soul will be required to live out another physical experience to learn those same lessons. This is what some may choose to call Reincarnation. If our purpose has been adequately fulfilled, we can ascend to a higher domain of consciousness where new experiences and learning potentials await.

Some people aren’t ready to reclaim their personal power this lifetime. There is no use in actively trying to convert someone to a particular way of thinking if they haven’t understood why that’s a positive choice through their own experience. The journey for each individual will vary widely, and what works for one person at one time won’t for another. Sometimes we return to previously held beliefs and change our perception in light of new information, so we can’t expect everyone to be looking through the same lens we are all the time.

Everything is happening according to divine timing. Not because the divine wants us to suffer, but because it permits us to learn through free will. Everyone has their own soul blueprint and learning requirements that can’t be bypassed and must be integrated through personal experience. This may be painful for us to witness, but we too have had to undergo cycles of trauma to reach our current level of understanding, and we still have much to learn.

When we force someone to adopt information they aren’t ready to receive, they will only be acting through external influence and this isn’t beneficial for integrating their own lessons for their own personal development. Often this can be too overwhelming and induce negative emotions within them which they repress as a defence mechanism. This exacerbates their resistance and they will project their discomfort onto others.

The best service we can provide is to lead by example, expressing our truth where we feel the calling and trusting this will attract the right people at the right time. As our influence grows wider, then we create the space for others when they are ready. Those who are committed to the path of personal evolution will be triggered into this process through their own personal experience, demonstrating a receptivity for learning.

The global awakening of consciousness cannot be stopped now the wheels are in motion. All efforts to put a lid on a bubbling cauldron will be futile and serve to expose the truth more. The greatest paradox is that these darkest moments are unlocking the greatest potential. The light/dark dichotomy is starting to dissolve through the merging process, but there is a way to go yet.

Emancipation comes to every one of us once a light of consciousness is shone into the caverns of darkness that is ignited by our own suffering. It is only through this descent that we are propelled into questioning the nature of reality and the duality that governs this realm, as part of the wider learning experience through which these polarities can be synthesised to extinguish the need to suffer anymore.

Events will continue to appear more chaotic as the collective consciousness reorganises, and we can manoeuvre out of the crossfire to fulfil our souls contract in this lifetime and to break the karmic cycle. This way we humbly graduate to a role of service to others, armed with wisdom of our own failures to guide others through their difficulties, so they too can reclaim their soul and start to individuate down a true ascension pathway without the necessity to learn the same lessons again. Divine grace will always be offered for those who have seen the error of their ways and reclaimed consciousness, with the intention to correct course to serve the greater good of humanity in alignment with divine will.


Service to Self (STS) v Service to Others (STO)

There are two trajectories which humans can evolve down depending on how they utilise their free will. One of these is the Service to Self (STS) pathway, which considers the needs of the self irrespective of others, working to maximise one’s own energy and disregarding the impact on the whole. Most humans on Earth at this time are operating down this trajectory because they have either been manipulated to do so and are ignorant of it, or they have chosen to worship the ego and to stifle the connection to their divine nature. Even when seemingly well intended, when we don’t account for the impact of our actions on the sustainability of the planet and the needs of the collective, we are contributing to its demise.

Service to Others (STO) involves taking personal responsibility knowing that every action has a reaction in the grand divine plan. Energy is drawn from source and not siphoned from others. Our personal evolution simultaneously serves to elevate the collective consciousness. When we are evolving individually, we embody and transmit a higher vibration into our environment which draws others into our field and inspires them. To what extent and how this expresses itself depends on a multitude of factors but is mainly a combination of the individuals soul age, their genetic predisposition, ancestry and environmental influences. Not everyone will succeed in raising the collective consciousness, but because everything is cosmically entangled, every action will create a reverberation somewhere across the quantum field. Therefore, all our efforts are interdependent and when we help another we are also assisting ourselves.

Service to Others does not correlate with neglecting the self. We can be of no true service to others if we are not coming from a balanced state within ourselves first. No one is perfect and having a charitable nature and loving heart is important. However, we need to embody that love for ourselves first and demonstrate this worthiness by knowing that we are divine creators who can overcome obstacles that come our way and use hardships to help assist on our evolutionary journey, from which we are then better equipped to assist others. Helping others can sometimes reflect an ego trap that seeks to resolve an underlying insecurity that one feels will be compensated for.

The more we can tune into our multidimensional self, the greater our ability to assist others on their path. We can become leaders and mentors to guide others through their process and to help them overcome similar hurdles. One’s ability to help others, however, does not denote their value as a human, but indicates their objective level of consciousness. All humans have an inherent equal worth in the eyes of God and we should not judge another, particularly if we don’t understand what they have been through. When we attain higher levels of consciousness ourselves, naturally our empathy increases. We feel a stronger drive to give back and help others, because we are more attuned to the interconnectedness of life.

Though we can perceive these pathways in a binary way, STO and STS tendencies exist on a spectrum and as individuals we may exhibit signs of both at different times, depending on our state of being and learning requirements at that time. However, if we consciously intend to move in the direction of STO, then we can become more aware of the STS tendencies in ourselves and work to overcome them through conscious self-work. The third dimension is the first dimension where this choice is afforded to us, because we have the capacity for individualised free will so that we can become self-aware of the choices we make.

Both these pathways are present in 3D and on higher levels as well. As we move higher in awareness, the STO or STS polarity intensifies, though there comes a point where negative STS forces can no longer thrive as duality merges. Those in the higher STS realms use their expanded awareness to perform black magic on others to wield their power. Those in the higher STO realms have ascended organically through accessing their own spiritual power, without exploiting others. This is an ongoing process of self-discovery and mastery through the integration of lessons and the commitment to serving the divine for the betterment of all.

At a certain level, the STO and STS forces cannot exist in the same place due to vibrational incompatibility, but an STO being may choose to incarnate into a predominant STS realm, such as Earth at its current frequency, in order to assist with its evolution. The split between trajectories can begin to take place on Earth however, constituting a timeline split between different sects of the population, depending on their resonance.