1. Free will v Determinism

2. AI v Organic Ascension

3. Hyper-dimensional

5. timeline Split

6. Divine Will


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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4. False Light

As the darkness is increasingly exposed, many are looking to reconnect with spirituality to seek answers and expand their consciousness. The third dimension is not the only realm where duality exists. The astral plane is rife with distortions and dark energies that seek to attach to hosts in order to work through them by latching onto blind spots in the unconscious. Once these forces hook into our field, they are difficult to dispel and they play on our egoic desires and fears in order to manipulate our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours to feed the false light or disconnect us from our true inner guidance. They can be very cunning, install false saviour programs and implant inversions, that on the surface seem consciousness expanding and benevolent, but actually feed the dark polarity.

The promotion of false light philosophies is rooted in Luciferic doctrine (The Light Bearer), which links to high degree Freemasonry and the Illuminati, who pride themselves as ‘the illuminated ones’ worthy of ruling over humanity as false gods. These self professed initiates are behind all the popular mystery schools and teachings such as Hermeticism and the Kabballah which distort spirituality and serve to manipulate individuals into worshipping false malevolent entities. These individuals are well versed in the occult and know how to appeal to our higher nature, saying all the things they know we want to hear, but purposefully using spiritual inversions to lead humanity into a false ‘New Age’ that presents itself as equality and oneness but is governed externally through artificial intelligence deriving from hyper-dimensional interference. It’s true when they say that ‘the devil masquerades as an angel of light’.

This could be sold as ‘the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, a technological cycle, which convincingly has us believing that technology is here to resolve the worlds problems, cure disease, restore the environment and create world peace. This is part of The New World Order as outlined in the ancient Georgia Guidestones, not to mention fulfilling the Revelation prophecies that have been distorted as a form of predictive programming to groom the collective consciousness into accepting this reality in their minds so that it transpires on the physical domain.

This may even involve a perceived take down of other warring factions that have committed unfathomable atrocities, but this is simply a shift from the dark polarity to the (false) light, a swinging of the pendulum that is often effectively used to lead people from one deception into another. To transcend this dualism, we need to find our emotional centre in the zero point of neutrality, observing things as they unfold, following our calling, raising awareness, but without attaching to false idols and ideologies that require subservience to external authority through manipulation of free will.

More of these false prophets are exposing their true colours and allegiances. With appropriate discernment they can be detected quickly. They have an energy that feels off. They may appear to say all the right things but they don’t come across as authentically heart-centred and use their knowledge for ulterior motives. They are often spontaneously thrust into the limelight with millions of followers, their books are highly endorsed and make their way to high spots in the charts as they develop a huge cult following who latch onto their every word, openly revering them as saints, gurus, masters, prophets and the like. This is the kind of externalisation that detracts from personal power and gives it away to false demi-gods. You often find affiliations between these secret society members who promote each others work and have one another as guests on their podcasts and shows to reinforce the narrative.

The New Age teachings are tied to the occult and was heavily promoted by notorious occultist ‘Madame Helena Blavatsky’ regarded as the ‘godmother of New Age thought’, which garnered huge momentum during the free expression movement in the 1960’s. This wave of liberalism has intensified and infiltrated most modern day culture, helping to fulfil a New World Order that coopts moral progress through the promotion of external belief systems that distort the feminine principle of oneness to feed group think enforced through political correctness and virtue signalling, forfeiting the individual evolutionary journey back to source.

This alternate thought and revival of spirituality has grown to epic proportions, though much of it, just like religion, externalises power, whether that be attachment to doctrines or idol worship. This gives rise to spiritual ego attracting wounded individuals and narcissists with predatory behaviour who exploit vulnerable people through selling ‘quick fix’ solutions that fail to address core wounds. These are self-professed healers, who haven’t engaged sincerely in their own healing process, assuming the role to help others. Becoming a true healer takes years of dedicated self-work and a commitment to integrating one’s own darkness first, as well as an understanding of how darkness manifests in the world.

Denial of this half of duality keeps us unconsciously governed by the shadows leading to the same powerless state as those without any spiritual awareness. Focusing on the light alone is not sufficient and the belief that no action is required to instigate change and everything is just a manifestation of our own consciousness is what’s known as a state of solipsism. This is common in the popularised version of The Law of Attraction, which also encourages harnessing manifestation capabilities for self serving means that don’t contribute positively toward the greater good of humanity.

Such beliefs instil a kind of god-complex that diminishes and justifies the objective suffering of others as self-inflicted through unpaid karma or through their own lack of awareness, a kind of mentality aligned with those who wield occult knowledge to keep other people suppressed. With knowledge comes responsibility and that doesn’t involve hoarding it or misusing it for personal gain. This aligns with the service-to-self pathway, which can easily be mistaken as true evolution aligned with divine will.

These beliefs have a dangerous potential and is why strong caution should be exercised when dealing with psychedelic substances, engaging in astral projection or over-engaging with the higher spiritual faculties without progressing to that level of consciousness organically. This could unwittingly invite in the false light which can install false saviour programs or download misleading information. We see this with corrupted channels. True spirituality has to be embodied, meaning it has to be felt and lived through our physical experience.

Beyond wilful ignorance, there is also controlled opposition intentionally infiltrating spiritual circles to derail individuals on the path of individuation, lulling them into booby traps that appear benevolent and empowering, but which serve satanic factions who are able to manipulate scriptures and doctrines to initiate adherents into false light ideology. This functions using black magic inversions that invite in imposters masquerading as ascended masters or benevolent ETs. These can install subjects with hero/saviour complexes concerning public matters that were purposefully engineered to feed the AI reversal networks that simulate and imitate organic creation. This fosters spiritual group think, which reflects the distorted feminine principle, generating dark cults posing confidently as gifted light-workers, here to fulfil a special mission.

There is still benefit to be gained through mentorship and inspiration from teacher/teachings. There are seeds of truth in everything. It’s a case of taking what resonates and applying it back to ourselves so that it can be integrated and help unlock the inherent power contained within our own DNA. We all hold the seed of prime creator within us, but an accumulation of miasma/shadow, due to genetic distortions and environmental conditioning, prevents us from realising and accessing multidimensional wisdom. When the channel is cleared truth can be more easily discerned.

From this place of submission, we open the portal to our divinity and can access higher energies that can be channelled through the body. These communicate with us via our intuition which is our innate internal guidance system. This intelligence of the body is different from the rational intellect and it is useful to know when these different faculties are necessary. Most of us, including females, have allowed the intellect to dominate our decision making, attempting to control our existence, disconnected from the organic flow of life that arises through being present in the body.

Whilst the intellect can serve as a subordinate tool, true discernment comes through spiritual embodiment, allowing us to feel truth as resonance in our being. This cellular awareness is the result of dedicated efforts to reconnect authentically, free from wishful thinking and confirmation biases of the ego which formulate into belief systems. This requires that we maintain an open mind and not complacently assert that we hold the ultimate truth. As soon as we stop on our quest for truth, both internally and externally, believing we have ‘cracked the code’, we become prone to falling into subversive belief systems, either self-generated or purposefully orchestrated as a trap.

Spiritual narcissism is an overestimation of ones level of soul embodiment, which has to be rooted in compassion by opening the heart through empathy to anchor higher vibrations in the body. This promotes self-healing that also positively influences others. Attempting to bypass the physical experience, under the inflated self-importance that we have transcended it, will ironically block the pathway to true ascension that must involve the assimilation of the shadow so that it doesn’t continue to reflect as our outer experience.

It is easy to conflate our beliefs with reality, or overestimate our own capacity to establish truth, but reality is more complex. There are many traps of awareness that can preoccupy our focus within limiting parameters. These may appear evolutionary, but are taking us down a rabbit hole of skewed perception, blinding us to the multi-faceted nature of reality that expresses itself in nuanced ways. All too often we seek answers externally, investing time, energy and money in people, belief systems, ‘gurus’, movements, doctrines and ideologies. Solutions arise naturally when we learn to surrender to our own higher guidance. We give our power away when we underestimate our own capacity to solve problems.

Religious Armageddon Software

Though there is a dark side to spirituality, perceiving all internal connection to god source as satanic can lead to polarisation back to religious ideology that ironically promotes satanism through its anti-christ inversion programming that has hijacked the true christ teachings as a form of false god worship requiring salvation through redemption. Abrahamic religion promotes genital mutilation as a ritual covenant, creating sexual misery that feeds demonic Moloch parasites. This is also a god that would wipe out an entire species as an act of revenge, sparing only his chosen ones. This doesn’t sound connected to heart based spirituality.

The biblical concept of original sin promotes the idea that humans are inherently flawed and that they must seek repentance through unquestioning obedience to scripture, in subservience to an external wrathful deity that will send them to hell for moral transgression. This works to install guilt/shame programming which limits evolution through application of free will, which requires true repentance through self-forgiveness and the willingness to learn and change. The crucifixion narrative of christ feeds perfectly into this, believing that salvation can only come through pledging to christ, deifying him to a state unattainable from within.

This contradicts the purer gnostic interpretation of christianity based on attaining knowledge through gnosis, which is direct experience with truth from within. This is what the physical embodiment of Christ will have represented. A reminder that this power inheres within all of us. As we receive revelation through gnosis and embody our christed consciousness, we merge with the divine, recognising our inseparable nature to source. The discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts in Egypt in the mid 20th century revealed some of the original undistorted translations of the teachings of Jesus that differ widely from those in the New Testament, which may contain partial truths but carry a very different essence.

The shift from traditional gnostic to orthodox christianity was enforced in the first few centuries AD when the church was hijacked by Roman Catholicism. Any diversions from their manipulated doctrine were brandished ‘heresy’, punishable by imprisonment and death. This led to brutal crusades that permitted genocide in the name of god, including persecution against the Cathar and Celtic lineages. Eastern philosophical traditions that aligned with similar truths were also dismissed and classed as heretical. The controllers manipulate humanity through perverting and obscuring truths that are still held as unconscious memories within our genetic code. They exploit this trauma so that we desperately seek a solution on the outside and are led into a false oneness masquerading as benevolence.

All the Abrahamic religions feed into the one world order and the born again christian/religious salvation model feeds perfectly into the Revelations armageddon software that works as a form of predictive programming to instil fear and promote subservience and attachment to the same false saviours who created the false prophecies. This primes the subconscious for hostile takeover over by anti-christ forces presenting themselves as humanity’s saviour. Many will be led to this deception believing divine prophecy to be playing out to script, unaware of the power of the collective consciousness to co-create its own destiny according to its programmed belief structure.

Choosing to subscribe to this doomsday mindset reflects a lack of trust and faith in the divine will that works through us. This keeps the reincarnation wheel turning until we re-integrate with the multi-dimensional self, knowing that it provides us with protection and guidance when we are a clear enough conduit for that intelligence to filter through. If we commit in service of truth with a loving heart and intention to heal ourselves and serve others, then we will activate this higher intelligence.

If there are misery programs inhibiting that self-love, then these first need to be confronted and resolved through assimilation of the unconscious repressed aspects that continue to govern from the shadows. Whilst the ego remains in the driving seat, it will continue to seek solutions outside and there are many traps of agreement that will take advantage of that as a way to exploit and feed off our energy.