Financial Market Manipulation

There’s lots of curiosity about the future economic climate and what preparations should be made in the event of an inevitable collapse of the fiat currency. For those aware, the fractional reserve banking system was designed to fail to pave the way for a credit based system, backed by nothing tangible, which gives the social engineers the ability to restrict purchasing power through digital id’s, with conditions attached. 

This has understandably led to a hedge against collapse and migration toward cryptos as the new reserve currency. Whilst this can reap financial reward when exchanged for tangible assets, or in the event it becomes a primary form of exchange, this is the road of good intentions toward the credit based system itself. As it stands, the cap in mining of cryptocurrencies prevents artificial inflation through excess printing, which is how the federal reserve have enslaved the entire global population under the fractional reserve currency system. 

Once backed by physical gold, the dollar has become essentially worthless in terms of its true intrinsic value. Gold reserves have been siphoned and locked away in vaults, mainly in The Bank of England and Vatican, whilst it’s paper substitute became the tradable currency. However, because the banks can lend out up to ten times what they have backed in reserve, should the population catch wind of the scam and try to withdraw their money all at once, the bubble would collapse and there would not be enough money in circulation. 

Excessive printing leads to astronomical debts that are impossible to pay back, keeping nations in bondage to the federal reserve, who they turn to for bail outs during orchestrated financial crashes. This of course benefits the multinational corporations and drives the general population further below the poverty line. We have seen this during every major financial collapse, and the false flag pandemic is the final frontier toward the planned great reset, courtesy of the World Economic Forum. 

When there is enough institutional interest in cryptocurrency, government will get involved, regulating the market in way that centralises power. The manipulation of the stock market has always favoured the hedge funds and large investors, and when stock prices collapse, this enables the acquisition of stocks and companies by those with the financial power, strengthening their stronghold through centralisation. 

Cryptocurrency could succumb to the same fate, and ultimately it’s those who control the trading platforms and the networks that hold the ultimate power. In the event of potential server outages, one could lose all their investment overnight and be left financially destitute. Financial services company Robinhood showed their allegiance to Wall Street by temporarily restricting trading to the ordinary investors, when they attempted to redistribute the market. 

Though this may have been an intentional move to further destabilise the dollar and stock market, this will have shone a very important light on financial corruption, which up until recently has been kept largely hidden from the population who are too distracted by economic jargon and selfish interests to see the bigger picture.

Whilst we all rush to the crypto market for salvation, we inadvertently feed the artificial intelligence beast, granting more emphasis on electronic currency, which further divorces us from our human nature. A true hedge against a pending collapse would be to hold physical traceable assets such as precious metals, but more importantly, have an adequate supply of food and water, which could see a surge due to inflation from orchestrated scarcity and supply line disruption, increasing demand. This would render cryptocurrencies worthless in exchange for such necessities. There is something to be said for toppling the financial monopoly and the crypto revolution has definitely equipped people with more knowledge about such corruption.

However, we don’t want to replace one problem for another and feed into the scarcity mindset, which was created by the social engineers to keep us in competition and promote a Hunger Games society. The nature of future systems will be determined by the intent of its constituents, and so trying to continually ‘one up’ others by getting ahead of the curve, even in an attempt to reclaim power from the globalists, only makes us as guilty as them, by hoarding resources. 

True value must be intrinsic, and the result of equitable exchange. This could be anything from trading goods, skills and services, as long as they promote the restoration of human values and cooperation, which we have exchanged for greed and materialism, irrespective of its’ moral transgressions, which we justify by having acted within the law. I’m not talking about socialism here, but a self-regulating community that organically evolves through activating and utilising individual strengths so that they harmonise synchronistically. 

So long as we are hailing the likes of Elon Musk as the solution to global problems, then we are still stuck in the game. This is now the richest man in the world, who openly plans to implant chips into the human brain to interface with technology, along with his space satellite program, which are the hallmarks of the transhumanist agenda. No truly benevolent individual would ever endorse such a violation of consciousness and descent into virtual enslavement. Have we still not learned not to trust the super wealthy. 

They are in that position by no mistake, and all have their role to play, even if they present themselves as anti-establishment to win your acceptance. There may even be a level of in-fighting, which would be unsurprising considering the interest in the earth’s resources and human energy, and the selfish nature of such psychopathic individuals that ultimately only seek to serve their own selfish interests. 

Our greatest weapon will always be our spiritual power, and greatest technology our consciousness. Mastering the realm of quantum mechanics enables us to craft our destiny through the manipulation of our consciousness to invite in a more empowering reality. When we resign to fear, separation and competition, we abandon trust in this true power and continue to serve external authority that exists because we have forgotten our true nature.

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