Finding Our Way Home

There may be a sense of deflation overcoming us at the moment – a feeling of wasted energy trying to get through to people at this critical time. It can be easy to blame ourselves for not doing enough, especially knowing we had all the knowledge capable of freeing minds from their slavery. You can put it right in front of someone’s face, show them  reputable sources and mainstream statistics yet still efforts are futile.

Learned Helplessness

It is easy to project the blame onto the informers, dismissing them as a crazy minority, overshadowing the trust built between the individuals over a long period of time, and favouring the opinions of institutions and governments who historically don’t serve the people.

We learn about this corruption in the history books, believing the same patterns couldn’t still be playing out today. We can’t see how bioweapon centres are the new death camps and how direct war tactics have been replaced with soft kill military tactics, winning consent through mind control that still uses the same propaganda to conscript subjects to their own demise and to divide and rule populations, who believe each other are the enemy, as opposed to unifying against the tyrannical leaders pulling the puppet strings.

Sadly, the reality of accepting a conspiratorial agenda of this scale is too much a burden on the psyche that prefers to live in illusion, erecting walls of ego to avoid this unconscious confrontation, even if deep down that voice says something is seriously out of tune. By now, the signs are everywhere. The agenda is wide out in the open for all to see. There are endless trails of breadcrumbs that all lead back to the obvious truth – that we are participating in an inverted reality that serves a control structure at the expense of the common people. Mounting, irrecoverable debt. Independent livelihoods crushed. Suicide rates through the roof. Worldwide lockdowns. Cancer and other diseases continuing to rise.

Is this what nature had in store for us? Are we supposed to just accept that humans are inherently supposed to suffer and it’s just a ‘way of life’ that we need to ‘get on with’ because ‘life is just tough’. It’s this belief system that continues to drive the unfavourable conditions. It’s our own sense of powerlessness in the face of suffering that permits it to continue. Darkness thrives on human weakness and our attachment to the survival instinct. By operating in perpetual fear of the next threat, we continue to hand away our freedoms in blind hope of greater security and stability. But this only leads to one outcome.

Virtual Insanity

Before we know it we have surrendered our humanity to a machine that runs global society like commodities on a stock market. It promises more safety and security in exchange for compete subservience, whilst presenting itself as progressive and innovative. This is what their ‘revolution’ means. It is a substitution for evolution attained through individual emancipation in connection with our higher nature.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is the segway to humanity’s indoctrination into transhumanism. Those who hail the likes of Elon Musk and the technocrats as their saviours will walk straight towards their spiritual enslavement. In fact, they will welcome it, Brave New World style.

All you need is some new edgy gadgets and a rampant hijacked ego craving external validation, and you have the recipe for a metaverse that looks like the utopian dream. The tech gods will solve all our problems. Disease? Don’t worry, this brain chip will sort that out. Poverty? You’ll own nothing and be happy. Here’s your UBI paycheck hooked to your biometric id. Infertility? Science will sort that out. Have you considered the new breakthrough IVF treatment? Open to all cyborgs irrespective of gender.

In the technoutopia we accept everyone as equal and we all have the same opportunities. Climate change? Away with dirty fossil fuels and toxic meat. Bring in the smart grid that will manage everything for you with the click of a finger. Better yet, you can now purchase Grace, our new all-in-1 AI assistant.

Reactivating Dormant DNA

Is this the kind of reality we want to welcome with open arms. Do we really believe convenience is worth trading our humanity and connection to the natural world for? Nature is redundant in the new normal. It is only reserved for the elite. The virtual can stimulate all the same hormonal responses and sense of awe, so why experience the dangerous world of physicality where the next disease pollutes the air, the next sexual predator is lurking round every corner, or the next terrorist threat could strike at any minute.

But..isn’t nature is just a simulation anyway, so it’s not much different? That’s the exact mentality that drives our descent deeper into the underworld. Sure we are limited through genetic engineering which has fragmented our DNA to a restricted perception, but this dormant DNA can be unlocked. We still possess the seed of spirit inside us. The natural world we have on earth right now is a lot better than the synthetic devolved version we are walking into.

How does nature make you feel in those moments of raw connection? Does it feel artificial to you? Nature is always speaking to us, offering us its wisdom if we can tune in and clear all the noise. We are not separate from it except in our restricted five sense perception. The same lifeforce flows through all. This is god source that imbues all life with consciousness. The virtual world is stripped from that. It is soulless and it serves the soulless. It wants to gain immortality because it has lost its connection to spiritual immortality.

Harnessing Electromagnetic Potential

The soul needs the freedom to move back through the dimensional realms back to source. This can only be attained through the process of individuation. Any promised shortcut to unity is a deception, imposing rules and restrictions that are the inverse of spiritual freedom. Never be made to feel selfish for prioritising your needs so you can ensure you are functioning in alignment with your souls calling. These are just projections from those that are too fearful to take the leap of faith and establish that trust and connection with their essence that would never lead them astray.

Only the ego concerns itself with death and survivalism. The spirit knows it is eternal and wants us to invite it into our being, so we can live a fuller expression here on this planet, helping to restore earth to it’s former glory, unbound from the third dimensional density that breeds greed, power and materialism.

The Earth is a holographic entity – an advanced celestial being on its own evolutionary journey. It has suffered through the descent into matter and all the exploitation from those that want to siphon its resources and its energy through electromagnetic harvesting (electricity).

The truth that this same electromagnetic energy flows through of us is a carefully guarded secret. If we were to know that we could harness the earths energy without paying for it, or without damaging it, we would no longer need to be governed. We could build self-sustaining systems without any loss to the natural balance and ecosystems. Those that have tried to show us this have been silenced, blackmailed, or had their inventions stolen and perverted. But this truth is being reawakened as consciousness activates across the planet.

Duality Merging

Souls are starting to remember and break out of the amnesia. This is the greatest opportunity to reclaim consciousness, but it is met by an equal and opposing force that doesn’t want to relinquish it’s power. It grows more desperate as more of us awaken and the momentum builds, and so it moves quicker in attempt to enact its new order before critical mass is reached. But nothing can stop a time that has been beckoning.

Within evil contains its own seed of destruction. The darkness serves to exemplify the light as the dual forces merge into a synthesis that opens the gateway to transcendence. This same synthesis is happening within us as we assimilate the shadow back to consciousness to unify the polarities. By recognising our capacity for darkness, we see how this is expressed in the world. What isn’t made conscious directs our life and we call it fate.

The collective unconscious needs reintegration through reclaiming our forgotten history. Through making all of our pain and suffering conscious, we can heal together and seal the ancestral wounds that we have inherited and relegated out of our awareness to avoid this painful confrontation. But it still lives inside of us. As Carl Jung expressed:

The collective unconscious contains the whole spiritual heritage of mankind's evolution, born anew in the brain structure of every individual.’

Finding Our Way Home

We have been tricked into amnesia, bearing the pain of our ancestors as well as our own soul trauma, but now we can break the cycle and restore spiritual justice. Trauma work is part of the journey, as is the reclamation of occulted or destroyed knowledge that has led humanity toward a scientific death culture, devoid of spirit. Our ancient ancestors had this connection. They lived by it, but somewhere along the line the connection was interrupted. Something decided to play God and infiltrate the field and man ate the forbidden fruit and fell from Eden.

Perhaps this was an inevitable outcome of creation allowing free will to learn about itself. Maybe it needed to split into duality to become conscious of itself through contrast. This way reality would learn to appreciate it’s own existence so together we could find our way home imbued with meaning. The journey to get there was just a ride.

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