Finding Power in The Pain

When we enable ourselves to feel into the depths of pain, both our personal pain and that of the collective, we experience reality as it is, rather than putting up an emotional wall and repressing any discomfort as a means to numb ourselves. When we do this we close our hearts and we become hardened. We strip away our humanity and this translates to the way we relate to others. Our interactions become inauthentic and more mechanical. We construct personas and act from these for so long we become identified with them, relegating our authentic selves to the shadows in fear of being seen as weak or damaged.

But great power is found IN the pain. Those parts of ourselves we resist the most hold the key to transmutation. Only by shining a light in the shadows can we illuminate those aspects that govern us from the unconscious. Nothing can be dealt with until it is confronted. Right now we are hurting. The world is hurting. We need to surrender and sink into that pain and let it flow unrestricted. This is a type of catharsis that releases trauma accumulated in the body. Have you ever felt the huge sense of relief and weight lifted when you have had a good cry? This is real deep healing on an energetic level.

Emotions are ‘energy-in-motion’ and cannot simply be shut off or wished away. They are valuable teachers and the whole emotional spectrum is valid. Many of us approach our emotions from a logical place. We try and rationalise them away by saying ‘I feel depressed’ ‘I feel content’ ‘I feel angry’. But we diminish their power when we constantly ascribe labels. True power is found in the actual present experience felt in the body. This is the feminine aspect of being that doesn’t attempt to control or change but accepts things as they are.

From this place of submission, we open the portal to our divinity and can access higher energies that can be chanelled through the body. These communicate with us via our intuition which is our internal guidance system. This is the intelligence of the body, different to the rational intellect. It is useful to know when these different faculties are necessary, but most of us, including women, have allowed the intellect to drive our decision making and we have tried to dominate and control our existence, disconnected from being.

We spend our whole lives searching for a solution, believing it to be somewhere there on the outside. But love is the only force that can heal and to know love we have to be comfortable enough to acknowledge when things aren’t okay and to feel the lifetimes of trauma that we carry within us. As we learn to feel our way through this trauma and grief with acceptance and forgiveness, we open our hearts to do the same for others. This field is so expansive it has the ability shift timelines and change the trajectory of humanity.

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