1. The Shadow

2. Dark Night​

3. Reality Creation


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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4. Frequencies and Vibrations

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but changes form and is in constant motion. At a fundamental level everything is connected as one, but reality compartmentalises through various expressions depending on its vibrational frequency. The appearance of solidity arises due to a slow vibrational rate which creates more density. This gives rise to the illusion of separation that drives human greed and selfishness. As density is lifted through an increased frequency rate, reality becomes more malleable and therefore receptive to thought. This increases the rate of manifestation. 

Outcomes resulting from slow vibrations are more difficult to perceive because they take longer to materialise and so we may not recognise the direct impact of our actions, yet every action has a reaction and we cannot ultimately escape our choices for they reverberate through the morphic field and return back to its source, completing the circuit. With this understanding, we would know that by harming another, ultimately we are harming ourselves and contributing to a more negative net result for humanities evolution, of which we are a part. 

"‘In the higher dimensions, at the highest rate of vibration the rate and intensity are so fast that it may appear that entity is effortlessly gliding yet motionless, like a spinning wheel in place that appears perfectly stable. And at the lowest levels of vibration, objects move so slowly they appear to be totally stationary and immovable. Between these two states of being, exist infinite manifestations all occurring at varying octaves of vibration, each with their own unique signature."

Everything vibrates a particular frequency, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, including humans, and so those of compatible resonance will be drawn to one another, amplifying their energy. The collective consciousness is also vibrating at a particular frequency, which is a culmination of its individuals. The influence of collective thought can be observed from a local level, such as within neighbourhoods or communities, to a global level, determining the trajectory of humanity as a whole. 

Hawkins Scale of Consciousness

David Hawkins Scale was one of the first researchers to scientifically measure states of consciousness using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and to replicate the results accounting for different demographics to rule out biases. He constructed a scale of consciousness, from ascending to descending, demonstrating what vibrational states correspond to levels of consciousness and identifying the key emotion attached to each state, as well as a God view and Process, as shown in the table below (See contents). 

The table is split into two sections – Power and Force. Levels that correspond to Power have an upward facing arrow and when vibrating at these levels, we are in an empowered state, contributing positively to ourselves and humanity. These vibrations could be greater correlated with the authentic self. Levels that correspond to Force are depicted with a downward facing arrow and when in these states we are disempowered and negatively contributing to ourselves and humanity. These vibrations could be greater correlated with the ego self. 


As human beings we can fluctuate through different states depending on our temporary situation, though we tend to embody a default state which will determine the direction of our evolution. As we elevate through the stages our vibratory field encapsulates a wider sphere of influence. Someone operating at a state of love, for example, could potentially positively influence hundreds of thousands of people, compensating for the majority of the population that functions at the force end of the spectrum. The energy of power will always overcome force and so as more individuals journey to higher vibratory states, this can change the entire trajectory of humanity as a whole.

At level 500 on Hawkins scale we are in a state of pure unconditional love, and it is in this state that we are in complete harmony with our body and our environment. (3). Enlightenment which is top of the scale at 1000 is widely regarded as the highest state of being a human can achieve. Figures such as Buddha and Jesus were recognised as enlightened beings and entire religions have been birthed from their teachings, which still live on today, though sadly many of their teachings have been hijacked and manipulated to serve nefarious agendas. The name Buddha itself means ‘The Awakened One’ or ‘Enlightened One’. Such attainment leads to their reverence as ‘God-like’ in the sense they are not limited by the same fallibilities of human ego. The divine spark lives within us all, however, and can be activated through opening the multidimensional channel and drawing higher frequencies through the body.

Other research has depicted similar high states like self-actualisation as we see at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This was defined by Abraham Maslow as “the desire for self-fulfilment, namely the tendency for him [the individual] to become actualized in what he is potentially. This tendency might be phrased as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.” (2). Psychologist Carl Jung refers to individuation which is when a human integrates the conscious and unconscious aspects of his psyche so that there is no imbalance.

When we experience emotional states, those emotions are trapped in the body and our organs vibrate to correspond with that emotion. When in the lower vibrational states our body is weakened and our resonance is lowered. Most of humanity is operating below the power threshold and in a state of resistance and therefore this is reflected in the collective consciousness and the structures of society that reinforce our unresolved conflicts.

Collective Resonance

Because of all the trapped emotion and unconscious repression, we are projecting this trauma onto the world and the ego has run rampant. We are working counter to our evolution, the Earth hangs in a fragile balance and current civilisation is unsustainable. The Earth itself is an entity that has its own vibration. It is interdependent with humans who are like the cells, just like we have living cells in our body that create the super-organism of the human. Therefore the Earth will vibrate at the level of the current collective consciousness.

Though our external experience of reality is a reflection of the vibration of the collective consciousness, that’s not to say evil doesn’t have it’s own objective existence that surpasses the fallibilities of human nature, though it can’t thrive in conditions that aren’t of a vibrational match. External bombardment can cause dramatic energy fluctuations in the collective field which can result in feeling over-charged in one moment to completely drained of energy the next. We are constantly adjusting to the way energy moves within and through us and shifts in the collective consciousness can throw us off centre. This may happen at a local or wider level and frequencies can also be transmitted through technological channels. 

In an age of increased connection and technological speeds, human consciousness is more widely interacting and information can be exchanged at increasingly quicker speeds. One news story can reach the entire world in minutes, influencing the perception and emotions of its recipients across the space-time continuum. When the context of shared sentiments are positive in nature these can create beneficial quantum shifts, but a global population continually bombarded by negative vibrations, such as frequencies of fear, will materialise a physical reality that reflects this state. 

For example, if we are consuming a lot of fear propaganda from news sources or emotional volatility over social media, this can affect our resonance, if we can’t hold a state of conscious emotional neutrality. These influences can work on a subconscious level as well and so we should ensure that we aren’t absorbing endless streams of information without conscious focus. Whatever we consume is stored in the unconscious which expresses itself outwardly in some form. Everything carries an energetic charge. 

This is why subliminal programming and predictive programming is impactful in shaping subconscious beliefs which can become self-fulfilling prophecies. This is achieved through various channels such as music, video games and movies, and the news is also specifically tuned to undesirable frequencies that induce a resonant response. For this reason, they intentionally play on human emotion, creating fluctuations between hope and fear to keep people deflated and in a state of confusion and learned helplessness. 

To restructure our reality so that these things permanently slip away, there has to be a sufficient shift in global consciousness. This can be referred to as a critical mass. If we fail to learn our lessons and do the individual work required to initiate this transition, then we will see one evil come in to replace another, and whilst we may believe the culprits have gone from existence, something else will step in to fill the void of the unresolved collective shadow. 

Change has to be start with ourselves. It is the responsibility of every individual to find more harmony and resonance within themselves first, and when multiplied, the Earth will vibrate higher and so the external landscape will reflect this. To do this, we have to turn our attention inward and confront any trapped emotion and repressed trauma, by bringing it to consciousness in able to be transmuted through devoted self-work. 

Elevating consciousness encapsulates a more expanded awareness of reality. We know, for example, that visible light only accounts for an infinitesimal part of the electromagnetic spectrum, so there is more beyond what can be detected with the instrument of the five senses. By expanding consciousness, we can tap into these hidden layers of reality. This widens our field of compassion and activates a greater purpose that extends beyond our own personal confines. This affords greater control over our lives through increased self-awareness which allows greater utility of free will. What matters ultimately is that we use this as a force for good and not to exploit others. 

Anchoring Higher Frequencies

Attaining higher consciousness isn’t just a flashbulb moment which corrects all the problems in ourselves and the world. It is a gradual process of remembering who we are through developing greater self-awareness and stripping away the layers of conditioning that have fed the ego. It is a process of actually drawing the higher frequencies in the body so that we become frequency anchors on the Earth and transmit these energies into the collective field. This process can be referred to as embodiment. We may have an awareness of what constitutes different vibrational states but until it is actualised it is just an intellectual concept that keeps attention refined in the logical brain. When our energy is restricted in this way, it isn’t able to circulate within the body and activate a holistic potential. 

Actualizing knowledge entails taking personal responsibility for the choices that we make. Whilst it’s unrealistic to think we can change the whole world though the powers of manifestation, we can take charge of our personal corner of reality through appropriate action to structure our environment and relationships to reflect who we are, thereby living in greater congruence with our authentic self which is connected a higher purpose that accounts for our own highest needs, as well as that of the Earth and humanity.

As we experience this greater congruence, we reclaim our free will and can make more empowering decisions free from self-doubt or worry. We also take personal responsibility for the direction of our lives which minimises externalisation of blame and results in less projections. Life becomes more a challenge than a struggle, as we dissolve the boundaries between positive and negative, recognising that in every failure or setback is an opportunity to learn and evolve. It is about striving to make continuous self-improvement. 

When we are in alignment with our individuality in this way, we are also synchronistically led to situations and people that facilitate the continuation of that growth. We become better at discerning the will of our higher self from the of the demands of the ego and life starts to feel lighter and more fluid. This is indication that we are elevating our vibratory field. Remember, the slow, dense vibrations correspond with more resistant emotional states. 

As we raise our frequency, the energy vibrates faster and so the external conditions respond quicker to our internal state and the boundaries between our inner and outer world start to dissolve. We recognise the interconnection between the two and start to experience confirmation of our inner state through outside events. This phenomenon is known as synchronicity, commonly recognised as ‘meaningful coincidences’. The value of synchronicities are determined by the state of being we are in at the time. Synchronicities can confirm both positive and negative states, serving as useful signs or warning signals. 

When we view outside events as happening to us, rather than acknowledging our participation in them, we feel at mercy to the world or believe we only have limited power to shape our environment based on the decisions we make, that are usually limited to basic physical needs that provide direct feedback. By bringing greater consciousness into our lives, it becomes easier to recognise the chain of cause and effect across a broader timeline and identify patterns outside that are serving as a feedback mechanism, reflecting back to us aspects of ourselves that enable us to adjust accordingly and take charge of our destiny.