Geoengineering and Sun Blocking

The skies are being increasingly polluted blocking the suns frequencies from being absorbed which upgrades DNA and connects us to our divinity. They also give us that much needed dose of vitamin d3 with numerous reported health benefits.

The sun holds the source codes that resonate with all divine beings and it’s important to acknowledge and to receive its transmissions. The sun is a living entity just like the Earth. It is the giver of light and the source of all third dimensional life and should be revered as such.

Not only do these trails block the suns rays but they pollute the atmosphere with toxic heavy metals and other contaminants that are absorbed when we breathe them in. There is the possibility of ingesting nano technology which corrupts our field and permits the manipulation of our thoughts and emotions through remote technologies.

If you pay attention you’ll notice they appear much more prominently in front of and around the Sun whilst the rest of the sky may be completely clear blue skies. Because most of us are so disconnected from nature, we don’t even observe our skies and mistake these blotchy formations as being clouds and mindlessly follow what the weather forecast tells us. Others buy into the absurdity that these are aviation condensation byproducts or that weather modification is being executed to prevent global warming.

In the UK we have seen increased temperatures over the past few years and longer summers which of course gets blamed on global warming, but these intensified suns frequencies are assisting in the evolution of consciousness and the dark Saturn worshippers know this. They hate the sun. They worship darkness.

We are also discouraged from the sun by being encouraged to wear frequency blocking sunglasses and sunscreen, which also contains chemicals. We are told not to stare directly at the sun because it is harmful for our eyes, but sun gazing is how we most effectively absorb the frequencies. That’s not to say we should sit and get sunburnt. Appropriate common sense applies.

We have bought into these inversions hook line and sinker and have become overly paranoid about the sun as if we’re all going to die from melting ice caps. It’s just more propaganda. Temperatures have risen and cooled naturally since time immemorial and has nothing to do man made climate change. All this does is justifies the outlawing of fossil fuels to bring in more electrical energy to create smart grids and the internet of things.

The Global Warming excuse is a farce, all part of the bigger agenda. Interesting I just noticed a section on Facebook for the first time called: ‘Climate Science Information Centre’ (screen shot below), pushing the propaganda. That’s not to say we aren’t harming our environment. This is a very real concern that should not be overlooked. Plastic pollution and rainforest destruction are amongst the most catastrophic of these, as well as unsustainable farming methods and toxic pollutants.

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