1. Developmental Phases

3. The Collective Consciousness


2. Awakening

3. Embodiment


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2. Globalisation

The corrupt capitalist model functions in a way that paves towards communism, sold as a necessary response to a changing global landscape created by the social engineers themselves to manipulate perception to accept the necessity for human intervention. This is an example of The Hegelian Dialectic, or ‘problem-reaction-solution.’ A crisis is engineered to initiate a response (normally fear and hysteria) amongst the intended target population, and then a convincing solution is offered by those same manipulators who offer an alleviation of the fear through the promise of greater security and safety. 

These are known as false flag events, which have been wielded against the global population in a variety of ways throughout human history to keep them subservient to centralised control. In this case, the population have been groomed to become so hopelessly dependent on a system built upon economic slavery that they would be unable or unwilling to resist the restructuring of society predicated on a preplanned economic collapse. This would entail the destruction of individual and family livelihoods at an unprecedented degree, leading to the final frontier of a planned Great Reset, courtesy of the World Economic Forum, and otherwise referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. 

The War on Terror smokescreen, predicated on the 9/11 false flag attack has moved to the War on Germs, courtesy of covid-19, justifying a necessity to respond to a declining economy, environment and health through establishing new technological infrastructure that promotes reliance on artificial intelligence, demanding humans give up more of their freedoms.

As noted on the UK government’s policy paper – ‘Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’:

Technological breakthroughs in areas from artificial intelligence to biotechnologies are now heralding a Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the power to reshape almost every sector in every country…..The Fourth Industrial Revolution is of a scale, speed and complexity that is unprecedented. It is characterised by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and advanced robotics – that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds. It will disrupt nearly every industry in every country, creating new opportunities and challenges for people, places and businesses to which we must respond.

These Marxist ideals can be used to justify a one world order dressed cleverly as progressive by appealing to the good nature of humans through hard to reject human values, such as equal distribution, environmental sustainability and global cooperation, catalysed through scientific and technological evolution.

Under a globalist dictatorship the oligarchs remain in control of the decision making and create the conditions attached to such perceived transformations of society. This way, the population are kept in bondage to a technocracy that tracks and monitors its every activity. This is presented as necessary for health, safety and security, whilst manipulating global society to pay for its right to live and breathe to protect a declining environment.

Undemocratic, oppressive laws override core values and personal freedoms which the population are expected to give up to the state who can regulate their entire lives and remove private ownership if necessary. We live in an inverted reality. What we’re sold as evolution is working in opposition to and in violation of Natural Law.

“Under a dictatorship the Big Business, made possible by advancing technology and the consequent ruin of Little Business, is controlled by the State-that is to say, by a small group of party leaders and the soldiers, policemen and civil servants who carry out their orders. In a capitalist democracy such as the United States, it is controlled by the Power Elite. This Power Elite directly employs several millions of the country’s working force in its factories, offices and stores, controls many millions more by lending them the money to buy its products, and, through its ownership of the media of mass communications, influences the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of virtually everybody.”

The Global Banking Dynasty

In the past, power was held under the rulership of empires by the monarchs, and today these are rebranded as government and the politicians, though they are only serving the interests of the central banking family dynasties to whom they are indebted under the corrupt fractional reserve economic system. This financial system was established by the Federal Reserve in the early 1900s to keep world governments and their populations continually indebted and under their control. That way they can dictate the laws and policies as they wish to peddle their agendaa without resistance. Today nearly every country is bought and owned by the Federal Reserve, and so nation sovereignty is illusory.  

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Once backed by physical gold, fiat currency has become essentially worthless in terms of its true intrinsic value. Gold reserves were siphoned and locked away in vaults, mainly in The Bank of England and Vatican, whilst it’s paper substitute became the trading standard. Fractional Reserve Banking allowed for the central banks to lend far more than they have backed in reserve, leading to excessive printing and therefore astronomical debts that are impossible to pay back.

This keeps nation governments in bondage to the federal reserve, who they turn to for bail outs during orchestrated financial crashes. This of course benefits the multinational corporations tied to the banks, whilst the rest of the population picks up the bill through increased taxation and austerity, widening the poverty gap as more middle class plunge below the poverty line. We have seen this during every major financial collapse, destroying independent livelihoods and increasing reliance on the state, who accrue tighter control.

We are now seeing the media priming for the introduction of UBI. This has already been in the works through state benefits, and government grants/furloughs to accustom people to receiving hand outs and promoting passivity. In the UK, for example, the state benefit system was conveniently renamed from ‘Jobseekers Allowance’ to ‘Universal Credit’, which represents the gradual transition to the Universal Basic Income end goal.

This is ideal preparation for the technocratic take over that will see unprecedented job losses, in conjunction with the collapse of the current financial system that will render much of the global population dependent on the state for survival. This is when UBI will be offered as a ‘viable and fair solution’ to increased poverty by offering a living wage to all adults regardless of employment status and without conditions (at first), in order to win mass acceptance. 

This will be sold under the guise of ‘much needed socialist reform’ to help redistribute wealth from the capitalist hierarchy. There will be little resistance beyond those who know the underlying agenda as people welcome an easy route out of increased financial hardship and desperation, uninterested in government overreach so long as their basic needs are met. These financial handouts can then be tethered to a digital id stored on the blockchain, where all behaviour can be tracked and monitored to assess the level of compliance to the global communist technocratic order, as part of the implementation of a social credit system, much like we see in China today.

We see this already with credit reports that can determine someone’s eligibility for loans and mortgages that they may be dependent on. We also see it slipped in subtly to services that work on a star rating system. This sets a dangerous precedent that can be applied to all areas of life, including disclosing medical records on a public ledger, which could deny dissenters the right to medical treatment and create a medical apartheid. The masses indoctrinated by false flag propaganda could welcome the segregation of their peers under the illusion they are a threat to society and are selfishly denying their social responsibility.

There’s lots of curiosity about the future economic climate and what preparations should be made in the event of an inevitable collapse of the fiat currency. For those aware, the fractional reserve banking system was designed to fail to pave the way for a credit based system. This has led to a hedge against collapse and migration toward cryptocurrencies as the new reserve currency. Whilst this can reap financial reward when exchanged for tangible assets, or in the event it becomes a primary form of exchange, this is the road of good intentions toward a fully implemented credit based system with no tangible exchange left. 

As it stands, the cap in mining of cryptocurrencies prevents artificial inflation through excess printing, which is how the federal reserve have enslaved the entire global population under the fractional reserve currency system. This provides the potential for economic decentralisation, but when there is enough institutional interest in cryptocurrency, government will get involved, regulating the market in a way that centralises power just like the current financial system. 

Though the fiat system is already based on a credit backed system, centralised and regulated blockchain based digital currencies provide no alternative means of physical exchange between individuals who become solely at the discretion of those who operate the technological infrastructure and control the markets. At any point, they could choose to cut off spending by restricting an individuals digital id and purchasing power, under the grounds of disruptive non-compliance. In the event of potential server outages, which could be deliberately orchestrated, one could also lose all their investment overnight and be left financially destitute. 

The manipulation of the stock market has always favoured the hedge funds and large investors, and when stock prices collapse, this enables the acquisition of stocks and companies by those with the financial power, strengthening their stronghold through centralisation. Financial services company Robinhood showed their allegiance to Wall Street by temporarily restricting trading to ordinary investors who were attempting to redistribute the market. This shone a light on the overreach of trading companies, who are able to manipulate investments to favour the corporate interests who ultimately carry more financial power and influence and can lobby interests in their favour to acquire more control. 

As the economy crumbles, small businesses are plundering under the weight of purposeful restrictions, taxation and sanctions designed to bankrupt them. They had already been left to contend for the breadcrumbs of the market share through fierce competition tactics that underpinned the capitalist mindset. This resulted in harsh, long and rigid working conditions with a low quality of life.

People sparsely have the time or energy to invest properly in their interpersonal relationships, families and personal development. The overwhelming majority of individuals work for someone else as opposed to nurturing their own unique creative abilities. The education system, financed and structured by the Rockefeller family, an alliance of the Rothschild banking dynasty, has always geared people to be compliant working citizens to generate as much profit as possible,. When considered the marker of success over ethical or humanitarian considerations, this results in the unsustainable exploitation of people and resources.

A true hedge against a pending collapse would be to hold physical traceable assets such as precious metals, but more importantly, have an adequate supply of vital resources, such as food and water, which could see a price surge or artificial scarcity and supply line disruption due to inflation. This would render cryptocurrencies worthless in exchange for such necessities.

True value must be intrinsic and the result of equitable exchange. This could be anything from trading goods, skills and services, as long as they promote the restoration of human values through cooperation. This shouldn’t be conflated with socialism because it works through distributive, self-regulating networks/communities that form an organically viable ecosystem in alignment with and synthesis of individuals unique strengths and skillsets, and without dependency on the electrical grid.

There is still something to be said for the intention of those in the digital space to topple the financial monopoly, and the cryptocurrency revolution has definitely equipped people with more knowledge about financial corruption. However, we don’t want to replace one economic system for another and feed the scarcity mindset which was created by the social engineers to keep us in competition and promote a Hunger Games society. The nature of future systems will be determined by the intent of its constituents. Continuing to try and ‘one up’ others by getting ahead of the curve, even in an attempt to reclaim power from the globalists, only perpetuates the same pattern of enslavement.

Public Health

Mass compliance is best achieved by keeping a population subdued by compromised health. The global population has been purposefully kept in the dark about cheap, sustainable and empowering treatment methods that have no undesired effects on the holistic health of the individual, whilst clinical approaches to psychological disorders alter the individual’s natural hormonal disposition to keep them artificially docile and complicit to the status quo. Western medicine has substituted a holistic approach to health with a reductionist approach that fails to address the whole as a sum of its parts. 

Pharmaceutical companies profit off ill health and have vested interest in keeping their customers hooked in a destructive cycle, whilst perverting natural health into synthetic DNA and hormone altering toxicity, constituting medical tyranny. Despite endless costly lawsuits, the pharmaceutical establishment continue to operate with impunity, exempting themselves from liability through government lobbying and using their wealth for greater legal protection.

This wealth is used to monopolise power to create centralised global institutions such as The World Health Organisation, Public Health England, The Food and Drug Administration, The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. These institutions dictate public health policy and moderate much of the peer reviewed science, creating an appearance of a unified theory of healthcare. 

Any legitimate papers that contradict the favoured narrative struggle to receive the necessary funding, or increasingly have their findings censored. These tentacles run into the university establishments, which can be traced back to the Rockefeller Institute who are behind the creation of both the pharmaceutical lobby and the university system, creating the dogmatic parameters from which science is permitted to operate.

Tried and tested alternative therapies and naturopathic approaches are now brandished as pseudo-scientific and have even been outlawed in some instances. Effective approaches to cancer treatment have been withdrawn or in some cases resulted in prosecution to prevent further practicing, and the same with marijuana, which in most countries is outlawed for medical use despite it’s proven success in aiding with certain ailments and for pain relief. This is denying patients an option that could serve them under controlled conditions with no devastating side effects, unlike numerous prescription pharmaceutical medications. Meddling with natural body chemistry is always going to have repercussions.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

One particular growing concern is the use of genetically modified organisms for human consumption, supported and marketed through grand lobbying campaigns. The genetic modification of foods involves tampering with the genome of a plant using molecular biology techniques. A foreign gene from another plant is inserted on the basis that these can enhance desired traits such as increased resistance to herbicides and improved nutritional content. Biologically engineered seeds now account for 82 percent of the world’s commercial seed market. Monsanto, the industry leader, according to the ETC Group, directly accounts for 23 percent of the world’s seed sales alone, and together with DuPont and Syngenta, sell almost half. 

Besides the health concerns of genetic manipulation, the biotech industry is also responsible for pesticide poisoning and cross contamination. Most GM crops are engineered to be “herbicide tolerant”. Monsanto, for example, sells their crops, designed to survive applications of their ‘Roundup’ herbicide. Between 1996 and 2008, US farmers sprayed an extra 383 million pounds of herbicide on GMOs. Overuse of herbicides results in “superweeds,” resistant to the herbicide. This leads farmers to use even more toxic herbicides every year. Not only does this create environmental harm, GM foods contain higher residues of toxic herbicides. Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ herbicide, for example, is linked with sterility, hormone disruption, birth defects and cancer. 

Genetically engineered food has shown no increase in yield, and Monsanto themselves have now even agreed that their crops yield less than conventional farming: The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) report, authored by more than 400 scientists and backed by 58 governments, stated that GM crop yields were “highly variable” and in some cases, “yields declined.” The report noted:

"Assessment of the technology lags behind its development, information is anecdotal and contradictory, and uncertainty about possible benefits and damage is unavoidable."

They determined that the current GMOs have nothing to offer the goals of reducing hunger and poverty, improving nutrition, health and rural livelihoods, and facilitating social and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, biotech firms are selling sterile seeds to African farmers that are not sustainable for more than one season. Farmers then have to buy new seeds each year as opposed to using the previous years yield. 

No convincing evidence has ever been released to confirm the claims the genetically modified organisms are safe at all for human consumption. A long-term study, published in The Food & Chemical Toxicology Journal, examined the effects of eating GMOs on rats. Up to 50% of males and 70% of females suffered premature death. Rats that drank trace amounts of Roundup (at levels legally allowed in the water supply) had a 200% to 300% increase in large tumours. Rats fed GM corn and traces of Roundup suffered severe organ damage including liver damage and kidney damage. The study fed these rats NK603, the Monsanto variety of GM corn that’s grown across North America and widely fed to animals and humans. 

The Daily Mail briefly reported on some of the reaction to the findings. France’s Jose Bove, vice-chairman of the European Parliament’s commission for agriculture and known as a fierce opponent of GM, called for an immediate suspension of all EU cultivation and import authorisations of GM crops:

'This study finally shows we are right and that it is urgent to quickly review all GMO evaluation processes. National and European food security agencies must carry out new studies financed by public funding to guarantee healthy food for European consumers.'

This study alone should be enough to constitute thorough scrutiny and halt the genetic engineering program. However Monsanto employees also occupy many elite bureaucratic roles, as well as positions in other major corporations. Through centralisation of power, fewer individuals are able to fill and control all the major sectors of industry and thus dictate every aspect of our lives, working together to deceive us in to believing that our needs are being met. 

Secret agency memos, made public by a lawsuit, showed that the overwhelming consensus, even among the Food and Drug administrations own scientists, was that GMOs can create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects. They urged long-term safety studies. Despite this, the White House instructed the FDA to promote biotechnology. The agency official in charge of the policy,  was Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s very own former attorney and later vice president. He is now deputy commissioner for foods at the Food and Drug Administration.

Anyone who challenges the system with scientific evidence is ignored, silenced or discredited. Arpad Pusztai, who is considered to be one of the world’s most respected and well-learned biochemists, had for three years led a team of researchers from Scotland’s prestigious Rowett Research Institute (RRI) in studying the health effects of a novel GM potato with built-in Bt toxin. Much to the surprise of many, the team discovered that, contrary to industry rhetoric, Bt potato was responsible for causing severe health damage in test rats, a fact that was quickly relayed to the media out of concern for public health.

Rather than praised for their honest assessment into this genetically-tampered potato, Pusztai and his colleagues were chastised by industry-backed government authorities, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose office was discovered to have secretly contacted RRI just hours after Pusztai and his team announced the results of their study on television. For speaking the truth, Pusztai was immediately fired from his position, and his team dismissed from their positions at the school.

The U.S. Supreme Court issued rulings in 1980 and 2001 allowing living organisms, including plants, to be patented, opening the floodgates to current corporate practices. A frenzy of acquisition of seed companies and a rapid expansion of patents on seeds and plants ensued. The report by Center For Food Safety and Save Our Seeds summarises what these changes have wrought:

“As a consequence, what was once a freely exchanged, renewable resource is now privatised and monopolised. Current judicial interpretations have allowed utility patents on products of nature, plants, and seeds, without exceptions for research and seed saving. This revolutionary change is contrary to centuries of traditional seed breeding based on collective community knowledge and established in the public domain and for the public good.” [page 5]

The ETC Group, in its 2008 report, “Who Owns Nature?” also highlights the privatisation of a commons:

“In the first half of the 20th century, seeds were overwhelmingly in the hands of farmers and public-sector plant breeders. In the decades since, [biotechnology companies] have used intellectual property laws to commodify the world seed supply — a strategy that aims to control plant germplasm and maximize profits by eliminating farmers’ rights. … In less than three decades, a handful of multinational corporations have engineered a fast and furious corporate enclosure of the first link in the food chain.” [page 11]

Companies that use Monsanto produce are lobbying to prevent the labelling of ingredients in their products which contain genetically modified ingredients. Monsanto spent approximately 12 million dollars campaigning to prevent GMO labelling in Washington DC and California with PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Nestle and General Mills plunging millions in also. It raises the question why companies work tirelessly to prevent labelling if the products are safe for human consumption.

With these serious concerns surrounding genetically modified organisms, precautions should be taken to boycott companies that advocate for and/or participate in creating or funding research in the use of GMOs. Although this may limit our options, the benefits this will provide are invaluable and alternatives plentiful.

Under current EU legislation, The Food Standard’s Agency requires the labelling of all ingredients, including GMOs. However there is no inclusion of products such as meat, milk and eggs from animals fed on GM animal feed. Cows for example are fed the bovine growth hormone to stimulate the increased production of milk. There is a current debate as to whether this can be transferred to humans, and until resolved any use should be immediately halted.

Environmental Sustainability Agenda 30

Much of these changes to food and farming practices are justified under the pretext of climate change and overpopulation, and the necessity to utilise revolutionary science and technology to more effectively utilise and manage resources. Bill Gates compares the dietary transition to the electric revolution, giving clues about the interconnection of these components as part of a new world order. His investment in companies such as ‘Beyond Meat’ and ‘Impossible Foods’ aim to synthetically create meat in laboratories to transition people away from ordinary meat, which will be justified as more ethical and less environmentally damaging, using cows as the scapegoat responsible for polluting the atmosphere with their methane, as if animal flatulence somehow constitutes the ability to transform the global atmosphere to a damaging degree. 

Meanwhile Gates continues to monopolise farmland, now the largest owner of farmland in the US, whilst organic farmers are levied with hefty taxation and tighter restrictions, in an attempt to drive them to frustration and exhaustion so that they sell their land to the globalists. Those outspoken against animal cruelty and factory farming will be emotionally manipulated to endorse this genetically modified alternative that will contribute to further engineering of the human genome through the eugenics program fronted by Gates and his late father, William Gates. The anticipated date for full implementation of the optimistic ‘zero carbon’, ‘zero meat’ transition is 2050, the same projected year to institute humans into an electromagnetic prison governed by AI.

Prince Charles unveiled his new ‘Earth Charter’ courtesy of his collaboration of The World Economic Forum, and sold as the solution to many modern day issues. Under this Charter, known as the ‘Terra Carta Charter’, a convenient play on the Magna Carta, a plan is devised to ‘drastically reduce the carbon footprint’ for businesses by 2030′, perfectly in alignment with Agenda 30, the next major milestone of global control. The Prince of Wales, during the One Planet Summit (NWO summit), expresses:

“The Terra Carta offers the basis of a recovery plan that puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation – one that will harness the precious, irreplaceable power of Nature combined with the transformative innovation and resources of the private sector.”

This clever wording manipulates those attached to the agendas narrative into believing we are moving toward a sustainable future with the help of global leaders and their initiatives, completely unaware they are being led into a trap that involves sacrificing all freedoms to the state. We are seeing a push for ‘zero carbon emissions’ by 2030 and so the plans are underway to completely eliminate fossil fuels and replace them with electrical energy powered by a SMART grid known as ’the internet of things’. This involves connecting all devices to internet wifi systems so that all human activity can be monitored and all under the guise of becoming more connected and environmentally sustainable. 

In reality, the transition to electrical energy involves putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work and the chronic exploitation of children in third world countries to mine for the cobalt and lithium. As demand becomes global, this will involve pillaging more of Earth’s resources to replace others (the fossil fuels). The mineral rich continents like Africa will bear the brunt of this exploitation, as they have already, much like the war stricken Middle East who have had their oil extracted following orchestrated military coups against the leaders of those nations, under the pretext of terrorist activities that require foreign intervention. 

Attempts to bring free energy to the world have been suppressed, such as those by the late Nikola Tesla, who had his inventions stolen and perverted to create dirty and harmful electromagnetic energy. Teslas name has even been hijacked by modern day megalomanic Elon Musk with his electrical endeavours, including electrical cars and even a brain chip to interface the human mind with artificial intelligence. 

Tesla had attempted to build his Tesla tower to harness the Earths natural electromagnetic frequencies. This could have been utilised freely by the worlds population and at no expense to the body’s bio-resonance or Earths ecosystem. This project was decommissioned by investor JP Morgan during the world war under the pretext that there was a lack of funding. In reality, this was likely an attempt to sabotage the project in its tracks. Tesla died penniless and had his surviving unpublished work ransacked. A century later and energy still remains solely in the hands of special interests, and at the financial expense of the global population. 


The weather is being engineered using technologies kept purposefully outside public awareness. Secret weapons, like HAARP technologies, are able to create cataclysmic events disguised as natural disasters to target any desired industry. Floods, and even tsunamis, can be created to destroy crops, power plants or even take down the electrical grid. Artificial droughts can be manufactured to increase poverty and create scarcity. This is why we are seeing increasing incidences of these in the news, under the scapegoat of man-made climate change, the next gross deception to justify the Great Reset.

Geo-engineering is intoxicating the Earth’s atmosphere through spraying aerosols laced with heavy metals and other contaminants, including microscopic nano-particles, which are being ingested into the human body, compounding an already over toxic system. These aviation trails are commonly mistaken and misattributed as condensation trails, yet expand creating blotchy cloud looking formations that, to the non-discerning observer, are no different to clouds. Because we are so immersed in our phones and other distractions, we fail to look up and see what’s glaringly obvious.

The skies are becoming whiter and more grey. The suns warmth and orange glow are diminishing, and we are sold the farce of global warming as a justification for ‘weather management’, whilst social engineers, such as Bill Gates, express their plans to literally powder the skies in their bid to save humanity from climate disaster. This is the same unqualified man chosen as the spokesperson for global public health during an engineered medical crisis. The same man who is monopolising all the farmland, now in majority ownership in the US. The same man who has investments in synthetic meat, along with shares in Monsanto, the company modifying the genome of food and poisoning it with pesticides and other chemicals.

This quote from President Biden of the US sheds a perfect light on the distortion of purposeful man-made interferences to make them appear natural, in order to manipulate the public into accepting the necessity for benevolent intervention:

‘Climate change is all around us. From hurricanes and unprecedented flooding to historic wildfires, we’ve seen its effects firsthand all summer. We have a chance to stop climate change’s worst effects, but we have to act right now. We must pass our Build Back Better Agenda to make big investments in clean energy, cut carbon emissions, make our communities more resilient to extreme weather, and fight climate change head on. Every dollar we invest to protect ourselves saves us six dollars in the future. We cannot wait to act.’

Two Party Politics & The Illusion of Choice

The two-party politics system presents an illusion of choice through representing seemingly different, sometimes opposing ideals to the opposition party, enticing voters to elect leaders they feel best represents their interests. However, one man’s medicine is another’s poison and when the pendulum swings in one direction, this creates a resistance in the opposing direction in an attempt to try and reclaim balance. But when it swings back the other way in subsequent elections the same problem persists, just under a different guise, whilst the wider needs of the general population are not met. The population are kept distracted and divided over survival or ego based concerns, whilst the political leaders representing both parties remain in cahoots serving their own self-interests.

In the UK you have the dominant parties of the Labour and Conservative wings, both which have had a strong presence in across administrations. However, under both leaderships unjust and dishonest wars have been inflicted upon other nations and each successive government continues where the previous left off. We see the same situation with the Democratic and Republican Parties of the US.

Any leader who has tried to buck this trend and restore balance has been dealt with through assassination. Two of these were the US presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. Both were aware and attempted to raise awareness about the establishments power over citizens through financial and corporate influence, law enforcement and the military-industrial complex that acts as a barrier between the public and the elite. 

There has been no serious attempts at political reform and corporations gain immunity from the law where citizens would be prosecuted. This is enabled because the multinational corporations have so many individuals, including the politicians, reliant upon them for their income and to sustain the economy. It is rare to see a politician highlight this fact and speak with political integrity. Instead, they backtrack on their manifesto pledges and make insignificant adjustments that only benefit some people at a certain time. It has no bearing in terms of a necessary paradigm shift required to restore the environment and health and wellness of the general population who continue to suffer from mental health issues arising from a system that puts profit over well-being. 

Nearly every country in the world is now owned by the Rothschild Banks, which means that most of the politicians are restricted in their powers in order to avoid financial collapse. Leaders, like Gaddafi of Libya, who attempted to avoid participation in the global banking system through an alternative gold backed currency are infiltrated through a coup, labelled as a dangerous terrorist who need to be overthrown through foreign intervention to restore peace to that country. The leader is killed, civil violence ensues, resources are stolen and a puppet leader is installed who falls back in alignment with the elite’s plans. Others nation leaders are blackmailed, bribed or have direct affiliations with the ruling dynasties. 

Should a viable candidate ever reach a position of prominence, they are unduly slandered by the media until they step down due to public ridicule, or else they may be threatened or set up in a scandal to force their resignation. It is also not uncommon for political interference, tampering with votes through manipulation of ballots, or huge campaign funding from wealthy individuals and the tech companies, as well as celebrity endorsement, all of which have the ability to sway public opinion through advertising and propaganda, which gives that candidate an unfair and distinct advantage over their competitors.

There are few leaders left who represent the will of the people. Disillusionment in the wider population grows as people continue to feel under-represented and more familiar with the shady shenanigans of public representatives who had sworn an oath to serve and protect them.

Corruption in politics surpasses the ordinary financial greed through dishonest tax relief and inflated wages that some people are familiar with. It goes much deeper into bloody war crimes costing the lives of millions, as well as satanic ritual abuses that are committed in secrecy and involve the trafficking and abuse of young children.

Much of this darkness is being exposed thanks to whistleblowers and victims who are coming forward to name names and shed more light on the reality of the situation. This has led to a long list of politicians implicated for pedophilia, though this is seldom reported in the mainstream media. 

Though the notion of political parties and constituent leaders may sound good on paper, politics largely attracts the wrong kind of individual and many are seasoned sociopaths/psychopaths, hand picked for their ability to be master manipulators. For this reason we see a lot of convincing rhetoric that has people enthusiastic of the leaders legitimacy and loyalty to its population, yet society continues to regress under their successive authoritarian dictatorships.

As disillusionment grows and people feel discouraged from voting, this may be wrongfully classed as political apathy. Ironically, many of those who choose to disengage from the political circus are doing so because they are more engaged with the reality of politics and in good conscience do not want to invest in those they know are corrupt and deceptive.

There is an argument to be made for pledging to the ‘lesser of evils’ in order to drive out the less preferable candidate, though this doesn’t address the underlying issues that permit such candidates to run for office in the first place and still gives consent to be governed externally from someone who is not fit for such a position.

Democracy is nothing more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. Regardless of how you vote, one of the wolves is going to get in to power and guess who the sheep is. Revolution shall never come from within, but from brave people standing up and challenging the system from the outside. A vote for any of the wolves is simply legitimising their claim of authority and when you are trampled underfoot you have to live with the fact that you voted for it and by your tacit agreement.